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Jacksonburg -- hamlet in Houghton Township on Lots 11 and 12, North and South of Lake Road Concessions. Named for a Jackson family who lived there. Today the only store has been converted to a private home [GPS:35.444/37.924]

Jericho -- hamlet in Walsingham Township, on Lot 24, Concession 6, and in Charlotteville Township on Lot 1, Concession 4, on Regional Road 16 at intersection with Regional Road 3, north of Highway 24, south of Silver Hill, north of St. Williams. Name from Methodist church formerly on the southeast corner where Jericho Cemetery is located. Today, an intersection surrounded by a dozen homes and an auto parts business [GPS:43.890/27.945] 
-- also see photo of Jericho Cemetery
-- also see our online video of Jericho Cemetery

Junction see Atherton

Junctionville see Atherton

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