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Carholme -- former hamlet on banks of Big Creek in Walsingham Township on Regional Road 16, west of Silver Hill. The 12 Dec 1912 Simcoe Reformer reported the Carholme Post Office had revenue of $49.35 and salaries of $45. Never huge, non-existent today. Church site now a vacant lot. Site of Sipprell Cemetery which survives on private property [GPS:44.386/30.767]
Catfish Creek
-- rises southeast of Waterford in Townsend Township, flows southeast through hamlet of Tyrell to Woodhouse Township. Empties into Black Creek north of Marburg.

Cattle’s Corners -– see Wyecombe

Cedar Creek -- small stream near east end of Long Point in Walsingham Township.

Centreville – see Bealton

Charlotteville Centre – see Walsh.

Charlotteville -- aka Charlottevilla, former capital of the London District which included Norfolk County. Was located on Lots 13 and 14, Concession A, historic Charlotteville Township, the present site of Turkey Point Golf Course on Front Road immediately east of Old Turkey Point Road on the Bluffs. The village of Charlotteville had a brief history from 1802 to 1815. No longer exists. Included Fort Norfolk.

Charlotteville Township -- west-southwest of the county town of Simcoe. Runs from Woodhouse Township in the east to Walsingham Township in the west and from Windham Township in the north to Long Point Bay in the south. Name derived from "Charlotte Villa" at the time Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe had the area surveyed in 1795. Name honored Queen Charlotte, consort of King George III of England. Prior to regional government, the township seat was at Vittoria. Other important villages are Walsh and St. Williams [on Norfolk County Communities Map]

Cherry Valley -- area south of Waterford north of Bloomsburg in Townsend Township on Lots 5 and 6, Concession 10, on Regional Road 24. Enigmatic name as there is no valley there. May have been named for Cherry Valley in New York State. Once site of Townsend S. S. 6 school house.

Circularville – see Hartford

Clarks Bluffs -- a point of land near east end of Long Point in Walsingham Township.

Clear Creek -- (1) hamlet on Lake Erie in southeast Houghton Township on Lot 18, south of Lake Road Concession, on Regional Road 42. Named for stream flowing through it. The 8 Mar 1882 British Canadian reported the Clear Creek Post Office had revenues of $178.08 and salaries of $46. The 12 Dec 1912 Simcoe Reformer reported the Clear Creek post office had revenue of $198.02 and salaries of $141.21. The 30 Nov 1916 Simcoe Reformer's Clear Creek Personals reported residents there felt the shock of the gas well explosion at Mabee's Corners the week before. In 1919 Floyd Franklin was the hotelkeeper at Clear Creek. Today (2002) the hamlet has one operational general store / post office / gas bar / drycleaning depot [GPS:34.929/35.483] -- see photo of Clear Creek Cemetery
(2) small stream rising in Lot 10, Concession 2, Houghton Township and flowing southeast to Lake Erie at the hamlet of Clear Creek.

Coal Road -- road, extends from northeast Middleton Township southeast to town of Delhi.

Cockshutt Road -- road, present Regional Road 5, runs from Highway 3 on the northern border of Woodhouse Township at the hamlet of Renton south to Lake Erie at Port Dover.

Coho's Corners -- in Middleton Township. Appears to have been more dream than reality. In the 26 Aug 1852 Norfolk Messenger newspaper, N. S. Coho advertised village lots for sale. In 1859, H. E. Fisher advertised the mill at Coho's Corners for sale.

Colborne -- (aka Colborne Village) former hamlet, straddled Highway 24 in Townsend Township on Lot 1, Concession 13, and Lot 1, Concession 13 in Windham Township, a short distance north of Simcoe. Named for provincial Lieutenant-Governor Sir John Colborne. Started when railway went through in 1916 on land subdivided by Sylvanus Nelson Culver from his farm. Now the northern part of the town of Simcoe [GPS:51.392/18.625]

Coletta Bay  -- small arm of Long Point Bay at the neck of Long Point, Walsingham Township.

Cope’s Landing -- small nineteenth century community in Walsingham Township, on Lot 24, Concession 1. On Long Point Bay south of St. Williams where Regional Road 16 meets the bay. William Cope settled 200 acres stretching from the Bay to St. Williams. Began when small collection of fishing shanties erected on the lot's Bayshore flats. Cope’s Landing did not develop to formal status.

Courtland -- village  [GPS:50.640/37.787] in centre of historic Middleton Township on Highway 3 at Regional Road 38, on Lots 22 and 23, North and South of Talbot Road Concessions. Originally named Middleton Centre. In 1864, the local court was moved from Delhi to this place giving rise to its current name. The 8 Mar 1882 British Canadian reported the Courtland Post Office had revenues of $319.53 and salaries of $90. The 12 Dec 1912 Simcoe Reformer reported the Courtland post office had revenue of $464.25 and salaries of $366.91. There was still a post office at Courtland in 1919. Both Courtland and Goshen claim to have once been the site of S. S. 2 Middleton school house. Village still exists. Home of Trackless Vehicles. Site of Baptist, Methodist/United, and Roman Catholic cemeteries. Home of a popular retail bakery. -- on Norfolk County Communities Map

Courtwright Ridge -- rise of land halfway along Long Point in Walsingham Township. On the west side of Doctor Inlet.

Cox’s Corners -- former community in Windham Township on Lot 12, Concession 6, on Regional Road 25 north of Windham Centre. Named for Joseph Cox who kept a hotel there circa 1867.

Cranberry Creek -- small stream, rises in southeast Middleton Township, flows through northeast Walsingham Township into Train Creek in Charlotteville Township.

Cranbrook -- a neighbourhood in Walsingham Township, on Lot 24, Concession 14, east of Wycombe on the Charlotteville Township line. Named for Cranberry Creek on which it is located.

Cresent Bay --  hamlet in Woodhouse Township on Lot 22, Concession 1. On Lakeshore Road, about 5 miles west of Port Dover.

Cross and Fisher’s Landing -– see Fisher’s Glen

Croton Mills -- former hamlet, in Middleton Township on Big Creek, south of Delhi. Community no longer exists. 

Cultus -- community in southeast Houghton Township. North of Lake Road, north of Clear Creek. Site of Cultus Methodist Churchyard Cemetery. Originally called Laycock Settlement for family who lived there. About 1877 John L. Buck and Thomas Chamberlain named it Cultus for the cultured class of people there. The 8 Mar 1882 British Canadian reported the Cultus Post Office had revenues of $21.09 and salaries of $10. The 12 Dec 1912 Simcoe Reformer reported the Cultus Post Office had revenue of $169.80 and salaries of $79.09. There was no post office in Cultus by 1919. Once site of Houghton S. S. 11 school house. Community still Exists. [GPS:38.014/36.812] -- on Norfolk County Communities Map

Culver Plains -- see Bloomsburg

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