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Preface to Norfolk Place Names
by Robert Mutrie and John Cardiff

Maps and Place Name descriptions are fundamental building blocks for understanding any community, particularly if you have never visited. Herein we present an alphabetical listing of Norfolk County place names, including towns, villages, hamlets, rivers, roads, landmarks, and major points of interest. 

Click on the first letter of the community's name above for descriptions of communities that start with that letter. For example, click D above for Delhi.

This list is incomplete, an ongoing work in progress. It is always being fine tuned. For example, in Nov 2007 we added 1919 post office stats to our descriptions of places that had post offices. Contributions are welcome.

Upper Canada's first Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe named Norfolk and its townships. Early hamlets and villages were frequently named by pioneer residents. Later place names were issued or changed by the post office or railway company. Many Norfolk place names hark back to Britain, some to American colonies.

Regional Government merged the counties of Norfolk and Haldimand in the early 1970s, retiring historic township names. Our place name descriptions include these old township names as well as current road references, to aid researchers working with both historical documents and modern maps.

Five area communities share names with famous places elsewhere, causing some confusion. Boston is both a city in Massachusetts and a village in Norfolk County's Townsend Township. Hartford is both a hamlet in Norfolk and a city in Connecticut. Oakland is both a city in California and a hamlet northeast of Norfolk County in Brant County. Paris is both a city in France and a town north of Norfolk County in Brant County. Scotland is both the country north of England and a village north of Norfolk in Brant County. 
Roads between townships were called Township Line(s), or less formally, Town Line(s).  These designations appear herein.

Norfolk by Global Position System
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