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Jaap -- Agnes J. Jaap 1882-1959
her husband John McLeod 1881-1970 [Wilsonville Cemetery stone]

Jack -- to the wife of Hardy Jack a daughter 9 May 1909 in Simcoe [SR19090513]

Jack -- Thomas Jack 1894-1965
his wife Annie Elizabeth White 1903-1978 also wife of Glen McWilliam [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Jack -- Vesta M. Jack married Robert L. Wood [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Jackew -- William Jackew [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Jackman -- Charlotte Jackman, 66, wife of James McKnight, died 4 Oct 1900 at Windham Centre. Interred Saturday in Toronto [SR19001011]

Jackman -- Sidney S. Jackman, Woodhouse farm laborer, killed by Port Dover Railway train, buried 1909 [sic] in Old Woodhouse Cemetery [St. John's Registers] -- Sidney Jackman, an Englishman employed by Fred Doan of Woodhouse was killed when struck by a train 
-- see his complete obituary  
-- Sidney B. Jackman 1875-1910 [St. John's Cemetery stone]
-- also see "Sidney Jackman Instantly Killed" SR19100113p1

Jackson -- [Compiler's Comment: during the 1930s there were over a dozen apparently unrelated Jackson families living in Norfolk County. One of those families was that of George Jackson Sr. who brought his first and second families from northern England to Canada in 1836. His descendents are noted with the initials [GJsr] following the entry]

Jackson -- Mr. Jackson, Norfolk Lodge -- see January 1862 News

Jackson -- [...] Jackson [male] born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Jackson -- several Jacksons attended Gibson-Livingstone wedding [GJsr]

Jackson -- at the home of Mrs. Jackson in Port Rowan: Ida, 12, daughter of A. Helmer, died 23 Nov 1881 [BC18811214]

Jackson -- [unnamed], 2 weeks, infant daughter of Henry Jackson, died 11 Dec 1883 at [Osshicke], Mich. [BC18840116]

Jackson -- [unnamed], 10, a colored lad, son of William Jackson was crushed to death in an accident last Saturday at the G.B. & L.E.R. station in Simcoe [BC18900521p1]

Jackson -- Mrs. Jackson, 76, mother of Mr. F. Jackson and sister of J. L. Earl of Simcoe died 1 Jun 1907 in Langton [SR19070614]

Jackson -- one of the workman in the employ of Messrs. Jackson, cabinet makers, Mr. D. Sullivan, was working at the roof of L. G. Sovereen's store on Thursday last, when he fell from the scaffolding, breaking his leg [NR18621113 reprinted SR19121114p14]

Jackson -- to the wife of A. Barlett Jackson, a son, 1[3] Apr 1915 at Simcoe [SR19150422p6]

Jackson -- A. H. Jackson -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List

Jackson -- A. S. Jackson was a nephew of Quinton H. Fick -- see Q. H. Fick's obituary

Jackson -- Abraham Jackson, 40, born 15 Oct 1860 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Lillie M., 28, born 11 Jul 1872 in Ontario
his single daughter Vera M., 2, born 22 Aug 1898 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Houghton:1]

Jackson -- Miss Ada Jackson of Walsh married John Laid of Walsh 30 Jan 1889 at Walsh [BC18890213]

Jackson -- Adolphus Jackson -- see Changes on 1897 Waterford Voters List

Jackson -- Adolphus Jackson, 22, formerly of Simcoe, died 20 Apr 1899 in Hamilton [SR18990427] -- Adolphus Jackson died of consumption lat Thursday in Hamilton. Funeral was Sunday in Simcoe. Dolph worked for D. A. Marlatt for two years. He also worked at the Teeter Hotel and Beemer House for some time [WS18990427p1]

Jackson -- Ainsley Jackson of Jarvis and Miss Marion Davidson of Jarvis married Sat 23 Mar 1916 at home of her cousin, Rev. H. L. Roberts in St. Catharines, attended by Miss Alzena Jackson and Chas. Davidson. Mrs. Jackson taught school in Walpole and Simcoe for a number of years [SR19160406p5]

Jackson -- Ainsley Quinn Jackson, an ardent worker in the Methodist church, died Thursday after a brief illness. Funeral Saturday was largely attended [Jarvis SR19160622p8]

Jackson -- Alan B. Jackson:
-- passed 1910 Junior Matriculation [GJsr
-- donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141126p1] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Lieut. Allan Jackson of Toronto University is spending holidays with his parents, 
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jackson [SR19151230p1] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Simcoe High School graduate Alan Jackson has passed his finals in medicine at Toronto University [SR19160518p1] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Captain Alan Bart Jackson of Simcoe married Miss Gertheal Eileen Hamilton, 14 Dec 1916 in Simcoe -- see showered and wed [GJsr]

Jackson -- Alan Bart Jackson, born 15 Apr 1894 in Simcoe, son of John Bart Jackson of Simcoe, Presbyterian, physician, wife: Mrs. Gertreal Hamilton Jackson of Simcoe, Medical Corps Captain, attested 3 Jun 1916 
-- see World War I Service Record 1 
-- see World War I Service Record 2
-- see World War I Service Record 3 [GJsr]

Jackson -- Captain Alan Jackson, now attached to the hospital at Camp Niagara, spent the past week-end in town [SR19160622p7] -- also see 1916 Simcoe Personals [GJsr]

Jackson -- Mrs. Alan B. Jackson is visiting the Misses Kathleen and Jean Brock of St. Williams [SR19180808p10]
-- see Emergency Hospital
-- see Women Honored [GJsr]

Jackson -- Mrs. A. B. Jackson leaves Saturday -- see Leaving for England  [GJsr
-- Mrs. Alan B. Jackson left Saturday [SR19190206p12]

Jackson -- Capt. A. B. Jackson, son of J. B. Jackson, arrived in Halifax on the S.S. Adriatic on Monday [SR19190807p10] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Dr. Allan Jackson addressed about 70 men and boys in the Presbyterian Sunday School room on Sunday. His subject: "The Christian Call in the Professional Field." Raymond Williams sang two solos. A second meeting on "The Christian Call in the Business Field" will be held next month [SR19200115p7] [GJsr]

Jackson -- to the wife of Dr. Alan Bart Jackson, a son: John Robert, 24 Jan 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200129p7] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Alan B. Jackson: 
-- see Photos & Bios [GJsr]
-- see his Family Group Sheet

Jackson -- Dr. Alan B. Jackson was a pallbearer of Nina (Ferguson) Wallace

Jackson -- Dr. Alan Bart Jackson, 68, a son of J. B. Jackson, died 20 Aug 1962 in Simcoe -- see his obituary

Jackson -- Alan Bart Jackson, MD, 1894-1962
his wife Gertheal E. Hamilton 1895-1961 [Oakwood Cemetery stones]

Jackson -- to wife of Alex. H. Jackson a daughter: Alison Margaret, 25 Aug 1910 in Buffalo [BC19100921p14] [SR19100922p5] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Alfred Jackson, machinist, 221 Maple Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters' List]

Jackson -- Alice Jackson died [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Jackson -- Mrs. Alicia S. Jackson of Port Rowan married Capt. Thos. Cowan of Port Huron, 27 Mar 1889 at Port Rowan [BC18890403] -- Mrs. Alicia Jackson was an aunt of William G. Pennington [GJsr] [Compiler's Comment: Alicia Stevenson married Edmund Jackson then Thomas Cowan. She is recorded as Alicia Jackson before and after her second marriage]

Jackson -- Mrs. Alicia Jackson of Port Rowan visited Miss Annie Hayes-Jackson of Simcoe [SR19100818p1] -- Miss Eleanor McCool of Simcoe visited Mrs. Alicia Jackson of Port Rowan [SR19180613p12]

Jackson -- Mrs. Alicia Jackson of Port Rowan has Mrs. Lundy Jackson of Duluth visiting [SR19181114p5] [Compiler's Comments: David Lundy Jackson of Norfolk married Lela Miller of Norfolk]

Jackson -- Alicia Jackson, College Avenue, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List[GJsr] -- Alicia attended the funeral of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Jane (Jackson) McCool -- see McCool obituary

Jackson -- Miss Allie A., daughter of Sidney Jackson, married Wallace A. Murray of Townsend 4 Dec 1883 at her father's home in London [BC18831212]

Jackson -- Altha Jackson of Charlotteville married Richard Ferris, 19 Dec 1853.
Witnesses: James Ferris; Wm. Spain [GJR-SR19010321]

Jackson -- Andrew Jackson's wife Phena, 23, died 5 Dec 1893 [Jacksonburg Cemetery stone]

Jackson -- Andrew Jackson, 36, widower, born 15 Dec 1864 in Ontario, farmer
[1901 Census of Houghton:1]

Jackson --  Andrew Jackson:  
-- was an officer of 1913 Houghton Township Council
-- donated to Belgium Relief at Simcoe [SR19141224p1]

Jackson -- Andrew Jackson and Mrs. A. Alton attended the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. John Wardrop at Sarnia, recently 
[Houghton SR19150401p6]

Jackson -- Andrew Jackson, farmer, RR2 Port Burwell 
Maud C. Jackson, RR2 Port Burwell [1919 Voters' List]

Jackson -- Ann Jackson died [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Jackson -- Annie H. Jackson, 37, single, born 5 Dec 1863 in Ontario, librarian
her single cousin John Rutherford, 19, born 30 Aug 1881 in Ontario, plumer [sic]
[1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Jackson -- Miss Annie Hayes-Jackson [sic] had Mrs. Alicia Jackson of Port Rowan, visit [SR19100818p1]

Jackson -- Annie H. Jackson, single, housekeeper, 32 Union Street, Simcoe 
[1919 Voters List]

Jackson -- Miss Annie Hayes Jackson, 55, died in Brantford [GJsr]-- see her obituary

Jackson -- Anne Menzie Jackson, 19, spinster, born and raised in Simcoe, daughter of George Jackson and Margaret Chadwick, married Robert T. Livingstone, 33, bachelor, barrister, born Scotland, raised Simcoe, son of Martin W. Livingstone and Margaret Thompson, 20 Jun 1872 in Simcoe. Witness: Martin W. Livingstone Jr. [Ontario Vital Stats]

Jackson -- Ann Menzie Jackson, 28, wife of Robt. T. Livingstone, mayor of Simcoe, died 1[5] Nov 1881 in Simcoe [NR18811117p3]  
-- Annie Menzie Jackson, born 17 Aug 1853, died 15 Nov 1881, wife of Robert T. Livingstone [Oakwood Cemetery stone] [GJsr] 

Jackson -- Arthur William Jackson of Port Arthur, son of Hugh Jackson, married Miss Annie Grace Livingstone, sister of Sidney Livingstone of Simcoe and youngest daughter of late Judge Robert T. Livingstone, 23 Jun 1909 at home of bride's sister, Mrs. Wm. Howell, in Port Arthur [SR19090708] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Berdie Jackson of Simcoe married William Osborne of Simcoe, 24 Dec 1886 in Simcoe [NR18861230] [WS18870106]

Jackson -- Miss Bertha A. Jackson of Jarvis married David O. McNeilly of Woodhouse, 24 Sep 1902 at home of bride's sister, Mrs. Brown, in Jarvis [SR19021009]

Jackson -- Bessie R. H. Jackson died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872] -- Bessie Rutherford Hayes Jackson, 8 months 11 days, daughter of Edmund Jackson, died 16 Feb 1871 in Simcoe [NR18720222p3] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Scout Master Donald Henderson and Assistant Scout Master Bruce Jackson led the local troop to No. 4 schoolhouse, Townsend on Saturday [SR19130501p1]

Jackson -- Bruce Jackson:
-- was promoted from Form 1 to Form 2 at Simcoe High [SR19100701p1]
-- see 1914 SHS Form Four photo
 -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Jackson -- Bruce Thornley Jackson, 796079, Sergeant [1916 Norfolk's Own
--  Bruce Thornley Jackson, 18, of Simcoe, Church of England, druggist, born 
29 Sep 1895 in Simcoe, son of E. H. Jackson of Simcoe [GJsr]
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Jackson -- Bruce Jackson's letter provided news of several Simcoe boys. Frank Hewgill took two stripes, Ritchie Lane is taking out a commission, Clarence Brady is looking well, Bob Prentice and Jack Buchanan have rejoined the unit [SR19181003p12]

Jackson -- Bruce T. Jackson was an usher at his cousin Harold M. Jackson's wedding to S. Jeannette Brock
-- see Jackson-Brock wedding
-- see
1920 golf match

Jackson -- Bruce T. Jackson -- see Photos & Bios [GJsr]

Jackson -- Mr. B. T. Jackson was pallbearer for Mrs. Emma Brook Donly -- see her obituary

Jackson -- Mrs. C. Jackson of Middleton had her sister, Miss Ella Underhill of Otter Valley, visiting [SR19180425p11]

Jackson -- C. Jackson -- see 1925 Townsend Officers

Jackson -- C. C. Jackson -- see 1883 Tavern and Shop Licenses [GJsr]

Jackson -- to wife of grocer C. C. Jackson a son 1 Apr 1884 in Simcoe [BC18840409] [repeated BC18840416] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Caroline Jackson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Jackson -- Catharine Eddington Jackson, 11 months, only daughter of G. H. Jackson, died 6 Jan 1884 at Simcoe [BC18840109] -- Catharine Eddington, 11 months, only daughter of George H. Jackson, Esq. died 6 Jan 1884 in Simcoe [NR18840110p3] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Charles Jackson of Nanticoke married Sarah, daughter of Septimus Hambleton of Woodhouse, 14 Apr 1880 in Dunnville [BC18800505p3]

Jackson -- Charles Jackson, 67, born 5 Apr 1832 in England, immigrated 1839, farmer
his wife Margarite [sic] A., 69, born 1 Jun 1832 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:3]

Jackson -- Charles Jackson, 70, died 16 Aug 1903 at Langton [SR19030828]
-- Charles Jackson, 70, died 16 Aug 1903 | his wife Margaret, 76, died 2 Jun 1907
[Langton Baptist Cemetery stone]

Jackson -- Chas. Jackson and Miss Maud E. Collver were married last week 
[Wyecombe SR19160120p1] -- Charles, only son of Edward Jackson of Townsend, married Miss Maude, daughter of the later Robert Collver of Port Dover, Wed 12 Jan 1916 in Waterford [SR19160127p7]

Jackson -- Charles Jackson, farmer, RR4 Simcoe
Maud Jackson, Lot 3, Concession 13, Townsend [1919 Voters' List]

Jackson -- C. C. Jackson -- see 1880 Simcoe Firemen

Jackson -- Chas. C. Jackson announced his purchase of late Geo. Allan's  Red Star Grocery in Simcoe in the 31 May 1882 British Canadian newspaper -- see Chas. C. Jackson's ad [GJsr]

Jackson -- merchant Charles C. Jackson of Simcoe married Maggie S., eldest daughter of G.T.R. station master Alexander Ferguson of Simcoe, 29 May 1883 at Simcoe [NR18830531
-- Charles C. Jackson, 25, grocer, born in Simcoe, resident of Simcoe, son of George Jackson and Margaret Chadwick, married Maggie S. Ferguson, 20, born in Simcoe, resident of Simcoe, daughter of Alexander Ferguson and Margaret R. Kerr, 29 May 1883 in Simcoe. Witnesses: Harry Bain of Tillsonburg, R. T. Livingstone of Simcoe 
[Ontario Vital Stats 007920] 
-- also see his Family Group Sheet [GJsr

Jackson -- Charles Chadwick Jackson, 29, died 28 Apr 1887 in Simcoe 
[BC18870504] [NR18870505p3] [WS18870512
-- Charles Chadwick Jackson, 28 years 5 months, died 28 Apr 1887 
[Oakwood Cemetery stone GPS:49.970/17.489] [GJsr] -- see his obituary
-- the will of Charles Chadwick Jackson of Simcoe was probated in 1887 [Norfolk Wills]

Jackson -- Charles Chadwick Jackson's widow Margaret Ferguson Jackson McCall, died 21 May 1937 in Edmonton -- see her obituary

Jackson -- Charles G. Jackson, RR1 Tillsonburg  
Ethel L. Jackson, RR4 Tillsonburg [1919 Voters' List]

Jackson -- Mrs. Charles R. Jackson, nee Maude Collver, died Friday at her home in Townsend [her obituary SR19461219p6]

Jackson -- Mrs. Charlotte Jackson of Toronto married James McKnight of Windham, 16 Oct 1895 in Toronto [SR18951031]

Jackson -- Charlotte Jackson, housewife, Courtland 
Rose Jackson, teacher, Courtland [1919 Voters' List]

Jackson -- Clair Jackson, [29], died Wed 25 Oct 1916 in Port Dover [SR19161102p6]
-- Clair Jackson 1887-1916 [Port Dover Cemetery stone] 

Jackson -- Clarence Jackson is winning billiard games [GJsr] -- see news report

Jackson -- Clark Jackson and wife of Burford attended 1921 Teeterville Reunion

Jackson -- Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Jackson of Goderich visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McCall of Stanley Street, Simcoe [SR19151230p1] 

Jackson -- to wife of Clayton L. Jackson, a son, Wed 27 Sep 1916 in Goderich [SR19160928p6]

Jackson -- Mrs. Clayton Jackson and little son, of Sarnia, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. McCall [SR19170705p10] -- Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Jackson and little son have returned to Goderich [SR19170816p6] -- Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Jackson of Goderich visited his ill mother, Mrs. Walter C. McCall. Mrs. Jackson is staying a bit longer [SR19180606p12] -- Clayton Jackson of St. Catharines visited his mother, Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCall [SR19190424p9] -- Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Jackson and two children of St. Catherines visited Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McCall [SR19190828p1] [GJsr]

Jackson -- Mrs. Constance Lewis of Montreal, nee Constance Jackson of Simcoe, married Ralph Arthur Williams, M.D. of Ingersoll, 3 Sep 1913 in New York City [SR19130911p4] [GJsr
[Compiler's Comment: from independent research, Constance's ancestors include several families of Long Point Settlers, including Chadwick, Fairchild, McCall and Welch/Walsh]

Jackson -- Cora A. Jackson of Goshen, eldest daughter of J. V. Jackson, married Ronald G. Herron of Goshen 18 Sep 1907 at her parents' home in Goshen [SR19070927]

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