Etc. -- 1920 Norfolk Golf Match
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of golfers in a page 1 article in the 20 May 1920 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

The Seniors vs. Juniors Golf Match
Monday, 24 May 1920.
18-holes, match play, no handicaps
Each individual loser treats his winning partner to tea at the club house.

L. Brady
F. T. Brook
Geo. W. Brown
J. D. Christie
G. N. Counter
F. E. Curtis
H. B. Donly
W. O. Franklin
H. P. Innes
W. L. Innes
W. C. J. King
I. D. Lawson
A. C. Lea
O. H. Mabee
P. G. Marshall
Dr. McGuire
Dr. McIntosh
Dr. Meek
W. H. Meek
G. J. McKiee
E. S. B. Moore
Thos. Muir
John Porter
Fred Pursel
F. Reid
F. W. M. Ross
H. L. Shelby
Dr. Sihler
R. H. Stinson
W. Y. Wallace
Bev. Anderson
A. Benwell
T. Boles
Clarence Brady
H. J. Brook
T. Chadwick
G. S. Curtis
Paul Donly
J. Farrar
D. Gilbertson
H. E. Harris
Pat Innes
Bruce Jackson
D. Jackson
G. Jackson
G. F. King
Harvey Lea
W. P. Mackay
Dr. McGilvery
D. McIntosh
Jack McKiee
D. A. Nelles
Harold Osborne
H. A. Pursel
E. Ramey
Francis Reid
David Selby
G. K. Tomlinson
A. Tracey
B. Whitside

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