Etc. -- 1925 Townsend Township Council mentions
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Compiler's Comment: The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically re-sequenced  list of names appearing in an article discussing payment of outstanding 1924 township bills and appointing township officials for 1925. The source document for this list is an article on page 5 of the 19 Feb 1925 issue of the Waterford Star. 

Townsend Council

Anderson, E. T. – fence viewer
Anderson, Jos. – council member
Anderson, W. R. – road overseer
Andrews, [E]. – fence viewer

Baird, James – road overseer
Baldwin, Milton – road overseer
Barber, C. – road overseer
Barnes, John – road overseer
Bates, W. F. – road overseer
Bauslaugh, Carl – road overseer
Beemer, H. E. – fence viewer
Beemer, Louis – fence viewer
Beemer, Peter A. – pound keeper
Bertran, D. – fence viewer
Billo, Joseph – road overseer
Blayney, Thos. – fence viewer
Boyt, Geo. – fence viewer
Brenner, L. – sheep inspector
Buck, Andrew – road overseer
Buck, Joseph – fence viewer 

Campbell, Wm. – road overseer
Caswell, Ira – road overseer
Chambers, Walter – fence viewer
Cline, R. L. – reimbursed
Collver, Clayton – reimbursed
Cooper, William – road overseer
Culver, C. H. – fence viewer
Culver, Lewis E. – reimbursed 

Davis, L. – fence viewer
Deming, J. W. – road overseer
Duckworth, D. – road overseer
Duncan, E. E. G. Jr. – road overseer
Duncombe, G. M. – reimbursed
Dunlop, J. – fence viewer
Durham, J. – fence viewer 

Easton, C. – road overseer
Erwin, Lloyd – sheep inspector
Erwin, Robert – fence viewer
Ewing, A. R. – road overseer 

Forse, Joseph – road overseer 

Giles, N. – road overseer
Glover, E. N. – reimbursed
Goble, J. F. – fence viewer
Golding, Ralph – road overseer 

Hall, T. – janitor
Hall, Wm. – road overseer
Haviland, J. D. – fence viewer
Haviland, John – fence viewer
Hayes, Ed. – road overseer
Hayes, James – road overseer
Hellyer, R. H. – fence viewer
Hett, Geo. – road overseer
Hill, D. A. – Clerk
Honey, Wilton – fence viewer
Huffman, Alex. – road overseer
Hyde, A. – fence viewer
Hyde, Merle – fence viewer 

Jackson, C. – road overseer
Jeffrey, E. – council member 

Kemp, W. C. – road overseer
King, Joshua – road overseer
Kitchen, S. C. – fence viewer

Learmouth, Peter – sheep inspector
Lefler, Willard – road overseer
Logan, David – road overseer
Logan, Wm. – road overseer
Lubrick, Geo. – road overseer 

Mason, W. E. – road overseer
Mason, Wallace H. – road superintendent
McEwan, Herman – sheep inspector
McIntosh, John – fence viewer
McKerlie, Albert – road overseer
McLaren, J. A. – sheep inspector
McMahon, Harold – road overseer
McMann, G. H. – fence viewer
McMichael, J. H. – road overseer
Merrill, Lewis – fence viewer
Messecar, D. – fence viewer
Miller, Nathan – sheep inspector
Misner, G. A. – road overseer
Misner, Harvey G. – road overseer
Moore, Alton – road overseer
Moore, Archie – fence viewer
Murray, T. – to county home 

Norrie, Alex. – road overseer

O’Mahoney, W. H. – road overseer
Ormsbee, C. H. – road overseer
Overholt, James – sheep inspector

Padden, Ishmael – road overseer
Pake, F. – road overseer
Parmer, Arza – fence viewer
Perney, W. – fence viewer
Petheram, Chas. – road overseer
Petheram, D. – road overseer
Pettit, Albert – road overseer
Priest, James – fence viewer 

Renner, Clyde – Reeve
Renner, J. M. – fence viewer
Riddle, F. – council member
Ross, James – reimbursed 

Saul, Aaron – fence viewer
Schuyler, Walter W. – road overseer
Schuyler, Wesley – road overseer
Schuyler, Wm. W. – fence viewer
Shaw, J. H. – sheep inspector
Shaw, Wm. – reimbursed
Smith, Geo. – road overseer
Smith, James – fence viewer
Smith, Lewis L. – road overseer
Snively, Dudley – road overseer
Spencer, Harry – road overseer
Spencer, Walter – road overseer
Stuart, A. T. – fence viewer
Stuart, H. E. – council member
Swanton, W. J. – fence viewer
Swift, James – road overseer
Swift, Joseph – fence viewer 

Taggart, Mrs. A. – reimbursed
Thompson, Tom – fence viewer
Townsend, Geo. – road overseer
Tuck, C. – fence viewer
Veil, A. – fence viewer
Vince, Melvin – fence viewer
Wallace, C. – fence viewer
Ward, Fred – sheep inspector
Watt, Wm. – road overseer
Westbrook, C. H. – fence viewer
Westbrook, W. H. – road overseer
Wilcox, James – road overseer
Wilson, E. P. – fence viewer
Wilson, H. H. – road overseer
Woodley, B. – fence viewer
Woodley, Fred W. – road overseer
Woodley, Wesley – S. A. Officer

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