Etc. -- 1880 Simcoe Volunteer Firemen
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Taken from from page 1 in the Thursday 10 Apr 1902 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.
[Source document's list modified and alphabetical sequenced by  transcriber.] 

New Fire Company

Whereas the fire brigade of Simcoe has disbanded and decline to reorganize, [and] it is imperative in the public interest that prompt action should taken for protection of property [from] fire; the undersigned, therefore, do hereby enroll themselves members of a new volunteer fire company of the town of Simcoe.
Dated: Simcoe, 4 Jun 1880

Allgeo, Jas.
Allgeo, John
Atkinson, T. R.
Avichouser, H. M.
Barber, C. E.
Barnes, J. H.
Bates, Luther
Battersby, W. D.
Black, Joseph Jr.
Brander, A. B.
Brander, Will.
Bray, James
Bridgeman, T. R. E.
Brook, Joseph
Chadwick, B. F.
Chadwick, J. T.
Cook, C. M.
Counter, W. R.
Cron, W. F.
Curtis, F. Evans
Curtis, Geo. A.
Cutting, James
Dixon, John
Donly, A. J.
Donly, Hal B.
Dunkin, John
Dunlop, Wm.
Durward, John

Falls, H. S.
Fisher, Donald
Foley, B. F.
Foley, C. M.
Ford, E. E.,
Gatingher, P. S.
Hardy, H. R.
Harper, Ben.
Haskett, D.
Haskett, Thomas
Haskett, Wm. C.
Healey, W. H.
Hodgson, E.
Holmes, Hugh
Hunter, R. F.
Jackson, C. C.
Jackson, G. B.
Jackson, Geo.
Jackson, L. L.
Jones, William
[Kestell], J. R.
King, Frank
Lawrie, Robert
Lawson, Isaac
Lear, Henry
Lee, Thos. C.
Lemon, John
Livingstone, R. T.
Livingstone, W. W.
Madden, John
Marter, H. P.
Martin, Robt. G.
Matheson, W.
McCall, Alexander
McDonald, Peter
McKay, John
McKiee, R. J.
Mead, Robert
Moore, Robt.
Murphy, J. Thomas
Nickerson, J.
Osborne, Robert
Pennington, W. S.
Perry, Geo. R.
Polley, A. Y.
Pursel, H. B.
Sinden, W. F.
Smith, J. F.
Sovereen, S. M.
Spedding, H.
Stewart, Geo.
Townley, Thomas
Vincent, H. J.
Wilkinson, Wm.
Williamson, John
Wisson, James F.

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