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Introduction to Non-Norfolk Place Names
Last updated: 18 Jan 2012

Local newspapers generally, but not always,  identified the county of further away places. Here's a partial list of non-Norfolk places mentioned in Births Marriages Deaths Etc. For a more complete list of Ontario Place names, see Ontario Locator under Links | Ontario.
Aylmer -- town in Malahide Township, Elgin County. 2002 population 7,000. Today:
"10 minutes from St. Thomas; 20 minutes from London." External Link: Aylmer, Ontario

Belleville -- small city in Thurlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario. Established 1790 as Mayer's Creek, renamed Belleville in 1819

Berlin -- former (1833-1916) name for City of Kitchener, Ontario, in Waterloo Township, Waterloo County. Name changed after Germany started World War I.

Bond's Corners -- in Blandford Township, Oxford County. Still exists

Burford --village of Burford, in Burford Township, Brant County, Ontario, the county immediately north of Norfolk. Village [GPS:4306.198/08025.771] still exists. 
On highway 52 west of Brantford. West of Hwy 24 & 52 intersection. Today site of a school, a couple of churches, two or three business, homes.

Cheapside -- in Walpole Township of Haldimand County, immediately east of Norfolk County in Ontario.

Chesley -- in Elderslie Township, Bruce County, Ontario. 
-- town in Hamilton Township, Northhumberland County, Ontario. In late 1790s until about 1820, called the pioneer settlement of "Amherst"; east of Toronto.

Corinth -- in Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario. Still exists.

Curries Crossing -- no record found. The closest we could find was the community of Curries, in East Oxford township, in Oxford County, Ontario.  (Curries still exists )
-- in Dereham Township, Oxford County, Ontario

Dereham -- Dereham Township in Oxford County, Ontario. Still exists.

Dresden -- in Camden Township in Kent County, Ontario. Still exists. Known as Fairport circa 1830, became a town circa 1881.

Dunnville -- town in Haldimand County. (Haldimand County is immediately east of Norfolk County.) Still exists.

Eden -- hamlet in Bayham Towship, Elgin County, approximately five miles west of Norfolk's western border. Post office established there in 1864, still there in 1986. Today the only thing there is a general store and a few homes.

Fingal -- village in Southwold Township in Elgin County. Still exists.

Franconia -- former community in Dunnville Township, Haldimand County. 
No longer exists

Freeman -- today part of City of Burlington in Halton County. Still exists.
-- called Shade's Mills 1817-1827, renamed after Canada Company founder John Galt, became city 1915. Town/city north of Norfolk. Today [2003] part of the city of Cambridge, Ontario, about one hour north of Simcoe by car. South of the intersection of Highways 401 and 24, in North Dumfries Township, Waterloo County

Garnet --in Walpole Township, Haldimand County. Still exists.

Hagersville -- town in Oneida Township, Haldimand County, northeast of Norfolk. Today, a 30 minute drive northeast of Simcoe; 30 minutes southwest of Hamilton.

Haileybury -- in Bucke Township, Timiskaming District, Ontario

Harriston -- in Minto Township, Wellington County, Ontario. Still Exists

Hawkesbury -- West Hawkesbury Township, Prescott & Russell United Counties. Still exists

Howard -- Howard Township in Kent County.
Jarvis -- in Walpole Township, Haldimand County, immediately east of Townsend Township, Norfolk County. Jarvis, Simcoe, and Port Dover are approximately equal distance from each other -- about 10 miles apart.

London --in London Township, Middlesex County. "The Folks" were renamed "Georgina" in 1791 by Lt.-Gov. John Graves Simcoe; renamed London in 1825; became a police village in 1840; town in 1847; city in 1855. approximately an hour's drive northwest of Simcoe in 2002. Site of University of Western Ontario.

Malton -- town in Toronto Township, Peel County, originally northwest of Toronto, today site of Pearson International Airport; today part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Marshville -- in Wainfleet Township, Welland County. Still exists

Mayfair -- hamlet in Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County

Morpeth -- community in Howard Township, Kent County. Still exists.

Nelles Corners -- in Rainham Township in Haldimand County. Still exists.
Nestleton -- hamlet in Cartwright Township, Durham County

Oakland -- village [GPS:4301.908/08019.886] in Brant County, immediately north of Norfolk County, at intersection of Brant County Road 24 and Scotland Road..

Oakville -- in Trafalgar Township in Halton County between Hamilton and Toronto. Today 75 minutes east-northeast of Norfolk County

Oil Springs -- in Enniskillen Township, Lambton County. Still exists.

Otterville -- village in South Norwich Township, Oxford County. Still exists

Onondaga -- Onondaga Township, Brant County, immediately north of Norfolk County

Owen Sound -- town in Derby Township, Grey County. Still exists

Palmerston -- in Wallace Township, Perth County

Paris -- village/town in South Dumfries Township, Brant County, north of Norfolk County founded in 1832. Today, a 40 minute north of Simcoe on Highway 24. 
2002 population approximately 8,500.

Perry -- village in Wainfleet Township, Welland County. Still exists

Port Arthur -- In Thunder Bay District. Established 1870 as Port Arthur's Landing; became a town in 1884, along with Fort Francis was one the the twin city at Lake Superior's lakehead, joined Fort Francis to became the city of Thunder Bay in 1970.

Port Stanley -- town in Southwold & Yarmouth Townships, Elgin County, Ontario

Putnam -- in North Dorchester Township, Middlesex County. Still exists. 
Rondeau -- in Harwich Township, Kent County. Still exists

Rosanna --  hamlet in South Norwich Township, Oxford County, Ontario
Scotland -- village [GPS:4301.496/08022.600] in Oakland and Burford Townships, Brant County, first village north of Norfolk on (just west of) Highway 24. About 20 minutes north of Simcoe today by car.

Selkirk -- in Walpole Township, Haldmand County, immediately east of Norfolk County

Southwold -- village in Southwold Township in Elgin County

Sparta -- village in Yarmouth Township, Elgin County

Vienna -- in Bayham Township, Elgin County, immediately west of Norfolk. Still exists

Wallaceburg -- in Chatham Township, Kent County

Weston -- city at the junction of three townships in York County. Today in the west part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)

Wingham -- town in East Wawanosh Township in Huron County
Woodstock -- in Blandford Township, Oxford County, north of west Norfolk. Founded about 1800, became a town in 1851 and a city in 1901. Still exists.

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