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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Rockford column in the 25 Jan 1900 issue of the Waterford Star newspaper.

Description of the village

Rockford is a pleasant little hamlet situated near 
Mt. Peter, so named after an old gentleman called 
Peter Powell, who lived on the top of it many years ago. 

The village commands a fine view of the river Nanticoke at the east, which flows at the top of the hill. The river is crossed by an iron bridge.

The principle streets are: 
Main Street, running from east to west, 
Mud street, running from the top of the hill to the north, 
Oxford street, on which is situated the shoe shop, 
Squirrel street, running from the top of the hill to the southeast. The brick school house is the chief building on this street.

As we enter at the west, on the left, the Methodist church is the first building that meets our view. We next notice a dwelling house, then a wagon shop. After this a couple of dwelling houses again and a shoe shop. As we proceed we come to a blacksmith shop, where all kinds of work is done. 

On the corner of Maid and Mud streets stands the store in which the post office is. Opposite the store is a wagon and blacksmith shop. On Mud street there are several dwellings and a barber shop. 

The grist mill is situated at the north of the village.



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