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Robinson -- Robinson and J. and B. Woodley, Lot 10, Concession 3, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Robinson -- [unnamed], 5 months, infant daughter of Samuel Robinson, died 22 Aug 1894 in Woodhouse [NR18940906]

Robinson -- Capt. Robinson -- see Norfolk's 1919 Victory Loan Committee.

Robinson -- Mrs. Robinson of Langton was a daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Daboll

Robinson -- Mrs. A. Robinson of Langton's sister, Mrs. Mabel Swain, and her children visited [Wyecombe SR19150408p2]

Robinson -- Mrs. A. Robinson of Marlett, Mich. was daughter of Mrs. John Messecar
-- see Mrs. Messecar's obituary

Robinson -- A. E. Robinson is training Chas. Bentley barbering [WS18981208p1]

Robinson -- A. W. Robinson of Waterford has purchased the Maple Leaf grocery of D. J. McLeod in Tillsonburg [WS18990112p1]

Robinson -- A. W. Robinson of Round Plains visited Chicago in 1909 
-- see Off to learn telephones

Robinson -- Abagail, 52 years 2 months 2 days, wife of Hiram Robinson, died 25 Dec 1886 in Waterford [WS18870106]

Robinson -- Ada Elizabeth Robinson, 17, of Simcoe, born in Simcoe, daughter of [...] Robinson and Mary Shaw, married C[ecil] R]oy[e] Thompson, 23, of Simcoe, born in Norfolk County, son of Lawrence Thompson and Susannah Butler, 25 Dec 1907 in Simcoe. Witnesses: Frank McE[as]on of Saskatoon; Edyth Hasley of Simcoe [Ontario Vital Stats 015375]

Robinson -- Adam Robinson, laborer, RR2 Vanessa  
Emma Robinson, housewife, Lot 13, Concession 5, Windham 
A. R. Robinson, R. S., RR2 Vanessa [1919 Voters List]

Robinson -- Adelina Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Robinson -- Adeline Robinson, relict of Lewis A. Taylor, died 22 Dec 1917 in Hagersville -- see her obituary

Robinson -- Albert Robinson died [Ontario Vital Stats] 

Robinson -- to wife of Albert Robinson a daughter 19 May 1884 in Waterford 
[WS18840522] [BC18840528] -- Elva, daughter of A. & E. Robinson, May 1884 - Sep 1884 [Bloomsburg Cemetery stone]

Robinson -- Albert E. Robinson of Crichton, Sask., formerly of Waterford, was buried 25 Mar 1920 at Bloomsburg -- see his funeral

Robinson -- Albert E. Robinson 1860-1920 [Bloomsburg Cemetery stone]

Robinson -- Albert Edward Robinson, 171871, Bn. Sgt.-Major [1916 Norfolk's Own
-- Albert Edward Robinson, 39, married Church of England, painter, born 10 Mar 1876 
in Hastings Sussex England, wife: Elizabeth Robinson of Toronto
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- also see photo from microfilm

Robinson -- Sergt.-Major A. E. Robinson's 6 Nov 1918 letter from France [SR19181205p11]

Robinson -- Albert H. Robinson of New Jersey, son of Mrs. James Robinson of Toronto, married Ella, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brearley of Simcoe, 16 Sep 1919 in Toronto -- see wedding review

Robinson -- Albert Lorne Robinson of Houghton married [Lizana], daughter of Cecil Kennedy of Bayham, 26 Mar 1909 in Tillsonburg [SR19090401]

Robinson -- a brother of Mrs. Alem Robinson of Waterford, Henry M., 19, youngest son of Benjamin and Miriam Woodley, formerly of Boston, died 23 May 1887 in Ypsilanti, Mich. [BC18870629] [WS18870623] [Compiler's Comment: B-M-D column in WS18870623 has much more]

Robinson -- Alem Robinson of St. Thomas -- see 1899 Holiday Visitors

Robinson -- Alem Robinson died 17 Feb 1925 in Welland -- see his obituary

Robinson -- [Alc.] M. Robinson, 32, born 17 Jun 1868 in Ontario, hotel keeper
his wife Annie, 19, born 18 Jan 1882 in Ontario
his single servant Alice Farr, 21, born 30 Oct 1879 in Ontario, domestic
his single servant Nora Wheeler, 20, born 16 Apr 1881 in Ontario, domestic
his single hostler Charles Hazen, 54, born 3 May 1846 in Ontario
his widower boarder Murray Harp, 73, born 26 Nov 1826 in Ontario, shoe maker
his single boarder Dana McNarama, 25, born 10 Mar 1876 in Ontario, engineer
his married boarder Harry Humphrey, 31 [sic], born 18 Dec 1879 [sic] in England, immigrated 1883, engineer
his single boarder [Charles] [Potacarry], 26, born 11 Oct 1874 in Ontario, brakeman
his single boarder George Hadden, 23, born 9 Apr 1878 in Scotland, immigrated 1884, barber
his single boarder George Baird, 35, born 10 Apr 1866 in Ontario, threshing
his single boarder Edgar Sheppard, 21, born 24 Oct 1879 in Ontario, [clockmaker]
[1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Robinson -- Alfred Allen, only child of R. K. and Maud W. Robinson, died Sun 24 Sep 1916 at Waterford [SR19161005p6] -- Alfred A. Robinson 1914-1916 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Robinson -- Alice, 64, wife of Richard Robinson, died 20 Jan 1916
 -- see our online Glen Meyer Cemetery video

Robinson -- Alice F. Robinson, 50, born 14 Apr 1850 in England, immigrated 1871
her single daughter Mary E., 27, born 22 Nov 1873 in Ontario, mill hand
her single son Wm. R., 22, born 2 Dec 1878 in Ontario, mill hand
her single son John H., 17, born 5 Feb 1884 in Ontario, tin smith
her single son David, 13, born 18 Jan 1888 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Dover:1]

Robinson -- Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson of Simcoe, married Clara, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gee of Silver Hill, 3 Jul 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070705]

Robinson -- Miss Alma Robinson, former resident of Waterford, daughter of Conductor Alem Robinson of the M.C.R. of St. Thomas, and neice of A. E. Robinson, married Floyd H. Slaght, 7 Mar 1899 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Slaght of Onondaga [WS19880413p1]

Robinson -- Alonzo Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Robinson -- Alva Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Robinson -- Alvin Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Robinson -- Amy Maud Robinson, 24, wife of Edmond D. Jamieson, died 11 Mar 1908 in Woodhouse [SR19080319]

Robinson -- Amy Robinson: 
-- see 1914 Elementary School Grads
-- see 1917 Simcoe High Honor students
-- Form III student Amy Robinson was on Simcoe High School's Apr 1918 Honor Roll [SR19180509p1]
-- also see 1918 High School Honor Roll
-- also see 1919 Normal School Results

Robinson -- Anna Robinson of Townsend, 19, daughter of James and Bridget Robinson, married lumberman Charles Hazelton, 28,  son of Henry and Lucinda Hazelton, 13 Nov 1869 
[Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Robinson -- Anne Elizabeth, 80, relict of Frederic Robinson of North Walsingham, died [..] Jan 1916 in Victoria, B. C. Interment later in Greenwood Lynedoch [sic] [SR19160127p7
-- Daughter of Joshua Brown, she was born in 1835 at Manchester, England. She lived in the old Robinson place near Lynedoch until 1911. Her husband died in 1879. Two sons, three daughters survive, all in British Columbia [SR19160127p11]  [Compiler's Comment: see Frederick Robinson, below; also see our online Evergreen Cemetery video]

Robinson -- Anson M. Robinson, 25, single, born 21 Jun 1875 in Ontario, bank clerk, lodged in the household of Chuck T. Niblett [1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Robinson -- Miss Aphalda Robinson of Townsend Centre married Nathaniel A. Lemon of Townsend, 13 Jul 1875 in Simcoe. Their daughter Pearl and his 93 year old mother attended their golden wedding anniversary 50 years later [WS19250723p1] [Compiler's Comment: this entry corrected 9 Dec 2014]

Robinson -- The stork has been busy this past week, leaving daughters at the homes of W. Cowan, W. Anger and Arthur Robinson [Langton SR19161012p8]

Robinson -- Arthur Robinson, farmer, RR1 Langton  
Vida Robinson, RR1 Langton [1919 Voters List]

Robinson -- Austen Robinson, farmer, RR1 Wilsonville 
Laurie Robinson, wife, Lot 19, Concession 3, Townsend 
Fern Robinson, single, RR1 Wilsonville 
Clifford Robinson, farmer, Lot 19, Concession 3, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Robinson -- Mr. and Mrs. Austin M. Robinson of Bealton announce the engagement of their second daughter, Violet Elnore, to Ray [sic] N. Hall of Rockford, the marriage to take place quietly at the end of September [SR19200902p12] [Compiler's Comment: according to the next issue of the Reformer, the marriage took place 4 Sep 1920 to Leroy N. Hall]

Robinson -- Austin Robinson's wife, Lottie Davey, died 20 Feb 1925 at Bealton. Funeral 22 Feb 1925 to Greenwood Cemetery, Waterford [WS19250226p1]

Robinson -- Bassette Robinson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Robinson -- Br[a]ce Powell -- see 1920 S.S. 7 Woodhouse promotions
[Compiler's Comment: The a in Brace is difficult to make out in the source document.  If it should be a u, that would make this fellow the second Bruce Robinson in this school of 12 students]

Robinson -- Bridget, 60 years 11 months 7 days, wife of James Robinson, died 5 Dec 1887 in Townsend [BC18871214]

Robinson -- Bruce Powell -- see 1920 S.S. 7 Woodhouse promotions

Robinson -- C. E. Robinson, 31, born 18 Oct 1869 in Ontario, hotel keeper;
his wife Florence G., 30, born 13 May 1870 in Ontario;
his widower domestic, Charles Biffin, 74, born 4 Mar 1827 in England, immigrated 1832, stable boy [1901 Census of Woodhouse:1]

Robinson -- C. H. Robinson's store in Waterford was robbed Monday night by safecrackers who made off with $850 and silver watches after dynamiting the safe [SR19121212p8]

Robinson -- Catherine Jane Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Robinson -- Charles Robinson, William Dall and John Chambers, Lot 7, Concession 2, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Robinson -- Charles Robinson and L. L. Sovereen, Lot 10, Concession 8, Windham 
[1857 Sketch] [Compiler's Comment: 1857 Sketch lists C. Robinson and L. Sovereen; 1856 Map lists Chs. Robinson and L. L. Sovereen]

Robinson -- Charles Robinson, 70, died 9 May 1904 in Jarvis [SR19040520]

Robinson -- Charles Robinson married Mary Pooley 18 Feb 1914 in Simcoe [SR19140219p5]

Robinson -- to wife of Charles Robinson of John street, a son 2 Mar 1915 in Simcoe [SR19150211p11]

Robinson -- to wife of Charles Robinson, a daughter, Saturday [..] Jul 1916 in Simcoe [SR19160713p7]

Robinson -- Charles Robinson -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Robinson -- Charles Robinson, 796123, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own
-- Charles Robinson of Simcoe, 21, married Church of England, farmer, 
born 10 Sep 1899 in Nistley Essex, wife: Mrs. Mary Robinson of Simcoe
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Robinson -- C. Robinson is a Norfolk soldier expected to arrive in Simcoe by the end of the week [SR19190227p12]

Robinson -- Charles Robinson, policeman, 315 Norfolk St. S., Simcoe 
Mary Robinson, 315 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe, Ontario [1919 Voters List]

Robinson -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson of Buffalo are visiting at Bloomsburg due to the death of his sister, Mrs. Andrew Slaght at Scotland [SR19170510p8]

Robinson -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson of Bloomsburg have their daughter, Mrs. L. McCallum and little daughter of Dorchester, visiting [SR19180314p2]

Robinson -- Charles Robinson of Langton married Nora Estelle Swain of Langton, 5 Feb 1919 in Langton [SR19190213p7] -- also see full wedding review [SR19190220p9] 

Robinson -- Charles Robinson, farmer, Wyecombe 
Nora Robinson, Wyecombe [1919 Voters List]

Robinson -- Charles E. Robinson 1857-1933 | his wife Della Culver 1858-1945 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Robinson -- Chas. J. Robinson of Langton will marry Nora Estelle, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swain of Langton, the first week of Feb 1919 [SR19190130p16]

Robinson -- Charles Jacob Robinson of North Walsingham 
-- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Robinson -- Charlton D. Robinson of Waterford married Miss Fannie Mitchell, 23 Oct 1901 at the home of her father, George Mitchell of Scotland -- see news item

Robinson -- Mrs. Charlton Robinson of Waterford was a daughter of George F. Mitchell 
-- see George's obituary -- also see Villa Nova WS19090513p8

Robinson -- to wife of Charlton Robinson a son 24 Nov 1910 in Townsend 
[BC19101207p6] [SR19101208p7]

Robinson -- Charlton D. Robinson, farmer, RR4 Waterford 
Fannie Robinson, part Lot 11, Concession 7, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Robinson -- Charter Robinson of Woodhouse married Pearl Smith of Woodhouse, 21 Dec 1904 in Simcoe [SR19041223 repeated SR19041230]

Robinson -- Chester Robinson-- was an officer of 1915 Woodhouse Council

Robinson -- Chester Robinson, farmer, RR3 Port Dover 
Pearl Robinson, Lot 19, Concession 1, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Robinson -- Cle[m] Robinson of Simcoe married Miss Iva [D]ell Robins, daughter of Chas. E. Robins of Walpole, 24 Dec 1913 in Hagersville [SR19140115p7]

Robinson -- to the wife of Clem. Robinson, a daughter, 13 Jun 1920 at Springvale [SR19200708p7]

Robinson -- Congratulations to Clifford Robinson and bride [Vanessa SR19171108p10] 

Robinson -- Cora Mabel Robinson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Robinson -- David S. Robinson 1811-1895 | his wife Lucinda Nichols 1819-1890
-- see our online Glen Meyer Cemetery video

Robinson -- Mrs. E. Robinson of Windham Centre was a sister of Mrs. Richard Fish of Franklinville, N.Y. [WS18990126p8] -- Mr. and Mrs. E. Robinson of Windham Centre have their daughter, Mrs. Henry Denison of Cleveland, visiting [SR19100922p10] -- Mrs. E. Robinson of Windham Centre is visiting her son, J. W. Robinson and family at Port Rowan [SR19200909p5]

Robinson -- E. S. Robinson of Detroit married Elizabeth, daughter of J. Awde of Delhi, 30 Aug 1910 in Delhi -- see wedding review

Robinson -- Edelbert Robinson -- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Robinson -- Edelbert Robinson, 36, born 13 Aug 1864 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Margaret, 33, born 4 Sep 1867 in Ontario
his single son Earnie [sic], 12, born 24 Dec 1888 in Ontario
his single son Charles, 10, born 21 Feb 1891 in Ontario
his single son Frank, 7, born 15 Aug 1893 in Ontario
his single daughter Edith G., 2, born 7 May 1898 in Ontario
his widowed mother Mary, 67, born 26 Jun 1833 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:1]

Robinson -- Edward and Margaret Robinson's first daughter Alde E., died 18 Apr 1868 
their son Albert James [OGS/Norfolk's transcription of Zion United Cemetery]

Robinson -- Edward Robinson was a 1889 Windham overseer of highways [BC18890403p1]

Robinson -- Edward Robinson, 55, born 21 Jul 1845 in Ontario, merchant
his wife Margret [sic], 55, born 22 Oct 1845 in Ontario
his single daughter Jessie M., 15, born 23 Nov 1885 in Ontario
his single daughter Erie L., 13, born 6 Jan 1889 in Ontario
his widowed father William, 77, born 18 Jul 1828 in Ontario [1901 Census of Windham:4]

Robinson -- Mr. and Mrs. Edward Robinson of Windham Centre had their daughter, Mrs. Dennison of Cleveland, Ohio, visiting [WS19100929p8]

Robinson -- to wife of Edward Robinson a daughter 3 Sep 1914 in Houghton [SR19140917p5]

Robinson -- Edward Robinson, postmaster, Windham Centre 
Margaret Robinson, Lot 12, Concession 7, Windham [1919 Voters List

Robinson -- Edward Robinson of Windham Centre and his daughter, Mrs. Pursley, were in Buffalo last week, attending the funeral of his son, George [SR19200212p2]

Robinson -- Edward Robinson 1845-1927 | his wife Margaret Sheppard 1845-1926
Jessie M. Robinson 1885-1979 | her husband William Pursley 1882-1953
Morley M. Robinson 1881-1908 [Windham Centre Cemetery stone]

Robinson -- Eleota Clows, 33 years 11 months 21 days, wife of Walter Robinson, died 26 Feb 1889 in Townsend [BC18890306]

Robinson -- Eli Robinson, 33 years 5 months, died 23 Oct 1873 [Greenwood Cemetery stone] 
-- the will of Eli Robinson of Townsend was probated in 1873 [Norfolk Wills]

Robinson -- Elias and R. Robinson and C. Olmstead, Lot 10, Concession 2, Townsend 
[1857 Sketch]

Robinson -- Eliza E. Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882]

Robinson -- Elizabeth, 70 years 4 months 8 days, wife of William Robinson, died 26 May 1881 
-- see photo of her cemetery stone

Robinson -- Elsie Robinson:
-- see 1919 Simcoe elementary students
-- see 1920 S.S. 12 Woodhouse promotions

Robinson -- Elvira Robinson, daughter of James Robinson, wife of H. N. Vanderburgh, died 1 Mar 1900 -- see her obituary

Robinson -- Miss Elva Robinson of Townsend married Thomas Aspbin of Townsend, 25 Dec 1876 at home of her sister [BC18770110p3]

Robinson -- Emily Lillie, daughter of William Robinson of Palmerton, married Hubert Alexander Croll, D.D.S., 27 May 1899 in Palmerton [SR18990601]

Robinson -- Emma Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Robinson -- Erie Robinson -- see 1900 Windham Centre students

Robinson -- Esther M. Robinson, 1837-1907 | her husband Gilbert Taylor, 81 years 6 months 1 day, died 1 Dec 1896 | their daughter Florence, 10 years 18 days, died 13 Nov 1871 | his wife Lucinda, 39 years 9 months 28 days, daughter of Lewis and Sarah Smith, died 17 May 1857 [Hartford Cemetery stones]

Robinson -- Emma Robinson, 63, wife of Andrew Slaght, died in Scotland [SR19170510p7]

Robinson -- Elsie Robinson -- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Robinson -- Euceba Robinson wed John Young [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Robinson -- Miss Evelyn Robinson was daughter of Austin Robinson and sister of Mrs. Leroy N. Hall
-- see wedding review

Robinson -- Ezra Robinson, formerly of Waterford, died 29 Sep 1897 at Oil Springs, Ont. Deceased was paralysed for several days previous to his death. Funeral Friday from home of Elijah Kitchen of Waterford [WS18970930p5] -- also see his obituary  
-- Ezra S. Robinson, 46, died 28 Sep 1897 | his wife Elsie T. Robinson, 46, died 1 Oct 1903 [Greenwood Cemetery stone] 

Robinson -- Ezra Sprague Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882]

Robinson -- F. B. Robinson donated to Belgium Relief [SR19150121p1]

Robinson -- Floyd Powell -- see 1920 S.S. 7 Woodhouse promotions

Robinson -- Francis Robinson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Robinson -- Frank Robinson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Robinson -- Frank Robinson, died in North Walsingham, burial permit issue 30 Aug 1903, buried Aug 1903 [LCL]  -- F. Francis Robinson 1863-1903 
-- see our online video of Evergreen Cemetery

Robinson -- Frank Robinson -- see 1910 Wilsonville students

Robinson -- Frank R. Robinson -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf] [Compiler's Comment: There are two Frank R. Robinsons on this exemptions list, exempted for different reasons]

Robinson-- Frank R. Robinson of North Walsingham -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Robinson -- Frederick Robinson 1831-1880; his wife Anne Elizabeth 1835-1916
-- see our online video of Evergreen Cemetery

Robinson -- Fred Robinson, born on homestead just west of Waterford, son of late George Robinson, died Saturday. Funeral Wednesday. Interment: Greenwood cemetery. Survivors: widow, brothers Ro[maine] of Buffalo, Wm. P. of Port Huron, Edmund of Minn., sisters: Mrs. Loundsberry of New York state; Mrs. Lewis Taylor of Waterford 
[News of Waterford SR19110309p2] [Compiler's Comment: article has more]

Robinson -- Mrs. Fred Robinson was sister of Hiram Beemer -- see Hiram's obituary

Robinson -- Frederick Robinson was a 1885 Townsend Officer 

Robinson -- Frederick Francis Robinson, 40, son of Mrs. A. Robinson and late Frederick Robinson, died 30 Aug 1903 at his home in North Walsingham [SR19030911]

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