Etc. -- 1910 Wilsonville Elementary School students
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Compiler's Comment: The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically 
re-sequenced list of names in an article on page 4 of the 3 Nov 1910 Waterford Star. 


Teacher B. McKerlie's report of Wilsonville Public School for the month of Oct 1910:

Claude Bannister -- senior II
Liala Bannister -- senior IV
Kenneth Barnes -- senior II

Hazel Churchill -- senior primer
Vernie Churchill -- junior II
Chas. Clark -- class III

Davie Duncombe -- junior primer

Eula Godby -- senior IV

Lena Hall -- senior IV
Melba Hall -- senior II
Edith Harvey -- senior II
Johnnie Harvey -- junior primer
Russel Harvey -- senior II
Lawrence Hill -- class I
Mina Hill -- junior primer

Helen Messecar -- senior II

Marion Nelles -- junior IV
Reba Nelles -- senior IV

Charlie Ormsbee -- junior primer
Norman Ormsbee -- junior II

Leo Persall -- class III

Elmo Riddle -- senior IV
Wefley Riddle -- junior primer
Frank Robinson -- junior II
Violet Robinson -- senior primer
Norris Roszel -- junior IV

James Skinner -- senior IV
Mervyn Skinner -- senior II

Charles Thomas -- senior IV
Sherman Thomas -- junior IV

Oral Westbrook -- senior primer
Verna Westbrook -- int. primer
Annie Wilks -- junior IV
Willie Wilks -- class I
Albert Wilson -- senior II
Arnold Wilson -- senior II
Bruce Wilson -- senior IV
Cecil Wilson -- senior IV
Roma Wilson -- int. primer

Howard Young -- junior IV
Maunsell Young -- senior IV
Winnifred Young -- senior IV

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