Etc. -- Alem Robinson's 1925 obituary
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 26 Feb 1925 Waterford Star newspaper. 

Well-known M.C.R.R. man passes away

On Tuesday, 17 Feb 1925, Mr. Alem Robinson of Welland, after an illness of only a few days duration, passed peacefully away to his eternal home.

Mr. Robinson was well known about Waterford and vicinity, having been born near Boston, 7 Jun 1853. 
He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Robinson, who for many years was a barber here. He had three sisters: 
Mrs. Herbert of Michigan, Mrs. N. Henry of Bealton, 
and Mrs. Mary Shepherd of Leslie, the latter being the only surviving member of the family.

On 1 Mar 1894 he married Miss Ella Woodley, daughter of Benjamin and Miriam Woodley of Boston, and from this union were born three children: Alma (now Mrs. George Sigman of Brantford), Elda (deceased), and Melvin of Vancouver.

After the death of Mrs. Robinson, 1 Apr 1896, he married Miss Matilda Lennox on 17 Aug 1897, and from this union was born one daughter, Rhea (now Mrs. Clark Harper of Welland).

The funeral was held at the Welland home on Thursday, 19 Feb 1925 and was beautifully conducted. Solos were rendered by Mrs. C. W. Owen and Mrs. George Malcolm. 

The secretary of the Railway Brotherhood spoke very feelingly concerning the high esteem in which the deceased was held by officials and men during his service of over 30 years as brakeman and conductor, as he was considered one the most faithful men on the road.

This was evidenced by the many beautiful wreaths and other flower designs.

Messrs. O. U. and Wilby Robinson of this place, and Mr. W. A. Robinson of Brantford are nephews and cousins of the deceased.


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