Etc. -- Normal School Entrance Examination Results
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 1 article in the 28 Aug 1919 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Normal School Entrance

E. Muriel Anderson -- Waterford
Edith M. Anderson -- Waterford
Angela M. Beal -- Simcoe
F. C. Caldwell -- Waterford
L. H. Caldwell -- Waterford
Minto R. Collver -- Simcoe
Margaret D. England -- Port Dover 
Alice M. Goodale -- Simcoe
Vera Guiler -- Simcoe
Florence A. Hollman -- Simcoe
Clare Hunter -- Simcoe
Ella P. Jull -- Simcoe
M. J. Main -- Waterford
Florence M. Masecar -- Simcoe
P. W. Mason -- Waterford
Helen M. Owen -- Simcoe
Dorothy A. Perry -- Simcoe
Amy I. Robinson -- Simcoe
B. R. Seldon -- Waterford
Margaret A. Sharp -- Simcoe
E. L. Smith -- Waterford
Rhea M. Snider -- Simcoe
Kenneth Stuart -- Simcoe
C. L. Swift -- Waterford
R. W. Teeter -- Waterford
William L. Turnbull -- Simcoe

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