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The following is not a transcription. Rather it is an alphabetically re-sequenced list of Norfolk's 1919 Canada Victory Loan committee members. The source article for this list appeared on page 1 of the 
23 Oct 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer. 

Victory Loan, 1919
Norfolk County Organization

D. F. Aiken -- Transportation Committee & Canvasser, Simcoe
W. H. Bartholomew -- Canvasser, Windham
C. W. Barwell -- Honorary Executive
Judge Boles -- Chairman & Finance Chairman & Subscriptions Committee
F. T. Brook -- Publicity Committee
H. J. Brook -- Employers Committee
C. S. Buck -- Canvasser, South Walsingham & Port Rowan
John L. Buck -- Honorary Executive
T. P. Campbell -- Canvasser, South Walsingham & Port Rowan
H. A. Carter -- Honorary Executive
H. Frank Cook -- Secretary & Finance Committee
John Cope -- Canvasser, South Walsingham & Port Rowan
Colonel H. B. Donly -- Honorary Executive & Publicity & Names Committees
Warden O. H. Duncombe -- Honorary Executive
Walter B. Durward -- Canvasser, Simcoe
H. S. Falls -- Honorary Executive & Publicity Committee
L. C. Gibson -- Honorary Executive & Employers Committee
H. Glover -- Canvasser, Waterford & Townsend
R. E. Gunton -- Honorary Executive
R. M. Hamilton -- Canvasser, Simcoe
O. Haviland -- Canvasser, Waterford & Townsend
Russell Hellyer -- Canvasser, Waterford & Townsend
E. A. Holtby -- Canvasser, North Walsingham
Chas. E. Innes -- Honorary Executive & Transportation Committee
H. P. Innes, K.C. -- Honorary Executive & Sales Committee
W. L. Innes -- Honorary Executive & Employers Committee
J. B. Jackson -- Honorary Executive & Transportation Committee
Geo. Jeffries -- Canvasser, Charlotteville
H. A. Johnson -- Publicity Committee & Subscriptions Committee
Jas. E. Johnson -- Honorary Executive
W. E. Kelly, K.C. -- Honorary Executive
J. P. Laing -- Canvasser, Windham
R. C. Laing -- Canvasser, Waterford & Townsend
T. E. Langford -- Honorary Executive
A. C. Lea -- Honorary Executive & Sales Committee (Simcoe)
Geo. H. Luscombe -- Honorary Executive 
H. S. Macpherson -- Canvasser, Simcoe
Frank Marlatt -- Canvasser, Waterford & Townsend
Guy R. Marston -- Honorary Executive
C. Martin -- Publicity Committee
John S. Martin -- Honorary Executive
J. A. McBride -- Canvasser, Woodhouse and Port Dover
Hon. Alex. McCall -- Honorary Executive & Sales & Names Committees
R. R. McCall -- Canvasser, Charlotteville
W. C. McCall -- Honorary Executive
L. C. McConnell -- Canvasser, Windham
Dr. Wm. McGuire -- Honorary Executive
W. P. McKay -- Canvasser, Simcoe
Geo. J. McKiee -- County Organizer & Finance Committee
A. R. McKnight -- Canvasser, Windham
Dr. E. Meek -- Honorary Executive
W. H. Meek -- Honorary Executive
Robert Meharg -- Canvasser, North Walsingham
Grover C. Murdoch -- Honorary Executive & Publicity Committee 
E. F. Neff -- Honorary Executive
D. Nelles -- Employers Committee
Jas. Peachey -- Employers Committee
P. Geo. Pearce -- Honorary Executive & Publicity Committee
Jno. Porter -- Honorary Executive & Names Committee
Christian Quanbury -- Canvasser, Woodhouse and Port Dover
P. Quance -- Honorary Executive & Sales Committee (Delhi)
Frank Reid of Simcoe -- Canvasser
Capt. Robinson -- Honorary Committee, Port Dover & Woodhouse
T. C. Savage -- Sales Committee (Waterford)
Frank Shearer -- Canvasser, Charlotteville
Mayor A. T. Sihler -- Honorary Executive
A. H. Smith -- Honorary Executive
Dr. Bruce Smith -- Canvasser, Woodhouse and Port Dover
Sherman Strout -- Honorary Executive
W. E. Sutherland -- Canvasser, Middleton & Delhi
Wm. Sutton -- Honorary Executive
Albert Swinn -- Canvasser, Middleton & Delhi
A. M. Taylor -- Sales Committee (Port Rowan)
Capt. R. L. Tibbetts -- Canvasser, Woodhouse and Port Dover
D. R. Tisdale -- Subscriptions Committee
Sheriff W. Tisdale -- Honorary Executive
D. W. White -- Canvasser, Middleton & Delhi
B. Whitside -- Employers Committee
W. R. Williams -- Canvasser, Houghton
Geo. Williamson -- Honorary Executive
Frank T. Wilson -- Publicity Organizer
Wm. Woodley -- Honorary Executive
I. E. York -- Vice-Chairman 

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