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Yocum -- also see Yocom, Yokom, Yokum

Yocum -- Alfred Yocum [sic] of Pasqua, Sask.'s son, Flight-Lieut. F. C. Yocum died 10 Feb 1919 overseas. Mrs. Aley Boughner of Norfolk Street South, Simcoe is Alfred's brother [SR19190220p1] -- see news report

Yocom -- Amanda Catherine Yocom wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Yocum -- Arthur Yocum -- see 1908 Waterford students

Yocom -- Charles Yocom -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List

Yocum -- Clifford R. Yocum of Simcoe, machinist -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Yocum -- Clifford Russell Yocum of Simcoe (816328), 21, married Presbyterian machinist, 
born 2 Jul 1896 in Selkirk, wife: Myrtle Yocum of Simcoe. Enlisted: 18 Feb 1918.
-- see a scan of his Recruitment Particulars.

Yocum -- Private C. R. Yokom [sic] and Mrs. Yokom [sic] returned to Hamilton after visiting Simcoe [SR19180314p12]

Yocum -- Mrs. Clifford Yocum of Simcoe's brother-in-law, Howard Tomkins, died last Wednesday -- see his obituary

Yocom -- E. C. Yocom has opened a tailor shop in the store recently vacated by 
M. F. Lacell [WS19090506p8]

Yocom -- to wife of E. C. Yocom a son 5 Jul 1909 in Waterford [SR19090715]

Yocum -- E. C. Yocom, men's tailor, has moved to the Heward Block next to Hill's Grocery [WS19101013p5]

Yocom -- Edyth L., eldest daughter of C. W. Yocom, married Walter Sovereign of Lucan, formerly an employee of the Reformer, 4 Jun 1903 at home of bride's father, 54 Locomotive Street, Hamilton [SR19030612]
-- also see news reports about her death

Yocom -- Ella Mabel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Yocom of Dunnville, married Lauden D. Kelly of Glen Meyer Wednesday [22 Jun 1904] at home of bride's parents. Mr. Loyal Yocom, bride's brother, was groomsman [SR19040624]

Yocum -- Ernest Seborn Yocum born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Yocom -- Eugene Yocom of Hamilton visited his parents in Waterford [WS19011024p1]

Yocom -- Miss Gertie Yocom, 18, died 20 Mar 1903 in Waterford [SR19030402]
-- Gertie M. Yocom 1884-1903 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Yocom ---- Jessie L. Yocom wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Yocom -- [Compiler's Comment: John Yocom had a son John H. Yocom. Both lived in Waterford]

Yocom -- John Yocom, 80, formerly of Waterford, died 1 May 1898 in Dunnville. Survived by widow, two sons, four daughters [ -- John Yocom, 80, formerly of Waterford, died 1 May 1898 in Dunnville. Survived by widow, two sons, four daughters [WS18980512p1]

Yocum -- Waterford Council paid John Yocom 10 cents for fixing a bridge [WS18980707p5]

Yocum -- John Yocum of London -- see 1899 Holiday Visitors

Yocom -- John Edgar Yocom, son of John H. Yocom, a native of Waterford, is now Deputy Reeve of Dunnville
-- see Yocom profile

Yocum -- John H. Yocum of Waterford married Miss Mary Jane Saylor of Waterford, 5 May 1880 in Waterford [BC18800512p3]

Yocum -- Mr. and Mrs. J. Yocum of Waterford have their son Arthur Yocum of Philadelphia visiting [SR19170222p2] -- Mr. and Mrs. John Yocom of Waterford have their son, Arthur Yocom of Hamilton, visiting [SR19180418p2]

Yocom -- John Yocom of Waterford's sister, Mrs. E. J. Long, died last week at Pine City, Minn. [WS19170405p1]

Yocom -- Mr. and Mrs. John Yocom of Waterford have their son, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Yocom of Hamilton, visiting [SR19190529p2]

Yocom -- John Yockum [sic], painter, Waterford 
Mary Yockum [sic], Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Yocom -- John H. Yocom 1858-1925 | Mary J. Yocom 1863-1954
Gertie M. Yocom 1884-1903 | Mary J. Saylor 1828-1898
[Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Yocom -- Kate, daughter of John Yocom of Waterford, married Wm. Lamont of Waterford, 22 May 1878 at her father's home [Items from 1878 WS19090422p5]

Yocom -- Nellie Yocom of Jarvis married Albert Hayward, G.T.R. operator, of Jarvis, 11 Jan 1899 at home of her parents in Jarvis [SR18990119]

Yocum -- R. J. Yocum signed 1914 temperance petition

Yocom -- R. J. Yocom;s wife, Almeda Fess, 42, died 26 Feb 1918 in Simcoe. Funeral at her late residence on Kent Street this evening. Interment tomorrow at Selkirk [SR19180228p7]

Yocum -- Wm. Charles Yocum of Woodhouse married Miss Martha Boughner of Port Dover, 23 Feb 1887 in Port Dover [NR18870303]

Yoe -- Mr. and Mrs. Yoe moved to Woodstock last Friday 
[Port Dover SR18970318p1]

Yokam -- One by one our boys drift westward.  A. Yokam and T. DeWolfe left for the States 5 Sep 1892 [Walsingham Centre NR18920908]

Yokam -- Walker Yokam wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Yokom -- Mrs. Yokom of Pasqua, Sask. was a daughter of Andrew Moulton -- see his obituary

Yokom -- Alfred Yocum [sic] of Pasqua, Sask.'s son, Flight-Lieut. F. C. Yocum died 10 Feb 1919 overseas. Mrs. Aley Boughner of Norfolk Street South, Simcoe is Alfred's brother [SR19190220p1] -- see news report

Yokom -- Jacob L. Yokom's relict, Mary Doan, 73, died 20 Feb 1898 at her home in South Walsingham. She was born in Crowland Township, Welland County, Ontario, and married 21 Feb 1844. They moved to South Walsingham 24 years ago. He died 22 Jun 1896 
[obituary in B-M-D column, SR18980303] [Compiler's Comment: obit has more]

Yokom -- Jacob L. Yokom 1820-1891 | his wife Mary Doan 1824-1898
William A. Yokom 1864-1929 | his wife Rebecca Hagan Yokom-Bailey 1874-1965 
-- see photo of their cemetery stone 
-- the will of Jacob Lemon Yokum of South Walsingham was probated in 1891 [Norfolk Wills]
-- also see Bailey-Hagan's obituary

Yokom -- Miss Olive Yokom was cousin of Miss Jessie Pope

Yokom -- Thomas A. Yokom, 35, born 21 Oct 1865 in Ontario, [agricultural] agt.;
his wife Martha, 35, born 25 Oct 1865 in Ontario;
his single daughter Peril P., 13, born 4 Nov 1887 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:1]

Yokom -- Mrs. Wm. Yokom was daughter of Mrs. Hannah Hagen [sic]
[Walsingham Centre SR19150408p9] -- also see Mrs. Hagan's obituary

Yokom -- Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Boughner of Simcoe visited the former's uncle, William Yokom 
[Walsingham SR19170125p2]

Yokum -- also see Yocum

Yokum -- Alfred A. Yokum of Walsingham married Sarah Moulton of Walsingham, 19 Feb 1895 in Simcoe [NR18950228]

Yokum -- Alfred Yokum, 30, born 27 Nov 1870 in Ontario, clerk general store
his wife Sarah, 28, born 3 Oct 1872 in Ontario
his sister-in-law Victoria Moulton, 18, born 9 Feb 1883 in Ontario
his single son Frank, 1, born 18 Jan 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Yokum -- Mrs. C. Yokum of Tillsonburg died Monday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Brown of Port Royal, where she had been visiting [Port Rowan SR19160914p2]

Yokum -- Charles Yokum was stabbed by Conrad Snyder, an old man, and his son, 18, on 13 Apr 1899 in Port Ryerse. The Snyders have been arrested [WS18990420p1]

Yokum -- Miss Pearl Thressa Yokum of Simcoe married Frank A. Shaw of Simcoe 30 Oct 1904 at Walsingham Centre [SR19041118]

Yokum -- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Yokum of Walsingham moved to Tillsonburg on Monday [SR19180613p2]

Yong -- Miss Edith Yong of Renton visited her aunt, Mrs. Calvin Hoover of Delhi [SR19180815p2]

Yonger -- Mrs. Yonger is attending her mother's funeral at Burk's Falls
[Teeterville SR19161012p2]

Yongson -- Mary E. Yongson -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List

Yonman -- James Yonman subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Yonson -- Mrs. Yonson -- see List of 1885 teachers

Yonson -- Alexander Yonson attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Yonson -- Elgin Yonson of Montreal has been in Simcoe, visiting his mother [SR19200304p12]

Yonson -- Mrs, Elizabeth Yonson, eldest daughter of Samuel T. Potts, married Oliver Austin of Simcoe, 21 Nov 1907 in Toronto [SR19071121p1]

Yonson -- Elizabeth Mildred, 4, daughter of T. Elgin Yonson, died 14 Jan 1914 at her parents' home in Ottawa [SR19140122p6]

Yonson -- Emma A., 84, wife of George Yonson, died 23 Feb 1902 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Yonson -- George Yonson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Yonson -- George Yonson, 69, died 18 Oct 1899 in Forestville [SR18991026]
-- the will of George Yonson of Charlotteville was probated in 1900 [Norfolk Wills]

Yonson -- to wife of [H]. Yonson a son 4 Mar [1908] in Ottawa [SR19080326]

Yonson -- James Yonson of Woodhouse married Miss Ella Young of Charlotteville 26 Jun 1895 in Charlotteville [NR18950704] -- Mrs. J. Yonson of Toronto was daughter of Burton Young of Atherton -- see Burton's obituary -- also see Young family marriage transcriptions

Yonson -- to wife of Jas. Yonson, a son, 5 Aug 1900, in Windham [SR19000809]

Yonson -- James G. Yonson subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Yonson -- Marion, daughter of George Youson of St. Williams, married Charles Harrison of St. Williams, 20 Mar 1877 at Vittoria [BC18770328p3] [Compiler's Comment: bride's surname listed as both Yonson and Youson] -- Marion Yonson wed Charles Harrison [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Yonson -- Mary E. Yonson, 50, born 6 Nov 1850 in Ontario, widow, dressmaker
her single lodger Mabel Giles, 17, born 25 Jun 1883 in Ontario
her single roomer Margaret A. Tisdale, 63, born 17 Feb 1838 in Ontario
her single roomer Barbara [Thysme], 41, born 22 Aug 1859 in Ontario [
1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Yonson -- Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Yonson, eldest daughter of late Samuel T. Potts, married Oliver Austin 21 Nov 1907 in Toronto [SR19071121]
[Compiler's Comment: Mary was previously married to Walter Yonson]

Yonson -- Sarah Yonson wed George W. Price [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Yonson -- to wife of T. Elgin Yonson:
-- a daughter, 22 Jan 1910 in Ottawa [SR19100127p5]
-- a son, 9 Mar 1913 in Ottawa [SR19130313p1]

Yonson -- T. E. Yonson of Ottawa -- see 1910 Visitors to Simcoe

Yonson -- Thomas Elgin Yonson of Ottawa, formerly of Simcoe, son of late Capt. Walter Yonson of Simcoe, married Clara Mildred, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin Cole, 25 Jun 1907 in Ottawa [SR19070705]

Yonson -- W. Allan Yonson has graduated County Model School with Professional Certification as teacher [SR18961224]

Yonson -- to wife of W. Allan Yonson a son 28 Mar 1904 in Omaha, Neb. [SR19040408]

Yonson -- A petition has been filed in the U.S. district courts by Walter Allen Yonson, his wife and three sons, requesrinf permission to change their name to Sinclair, the maiden name of Mr. Yonson's mother. The reason given is the frequent confusion of their name with Johnson [SR19180425p7]

Yonson -- Capt. Walter Yonson, 39, son-in-law of Samuel Potts Sr. of Woodhouse, died 24 Dec 1883 near Forestville [NR18831227] -- Walter Yonson, 39 years 4 months 11 days,  died 24 Dec 1883
his relict Mary Elizabeth, 69, wife of Oliver Austin, died 4 Aug 1920 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

York -- [female] York died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]
[Compiler's Comment: this may be Emma York, see below]

York -- Clement York, blacksmith on Kent street in Simcoe, has long experience in England and elsewhere [14 Aug 1841 ad in NO18420101p3]

York -- Clemintine York, 28, born in Simcoe, resident of Simcoe, daughter of Clement and Maria; married James Hervey McCall, 35, widower, yeoman, born at Vittoria, resident of Simcoe, son of Duncan and Frances; 11 Oct 1870 at Simcoe. Witnesses: Dr. Winford York of Simcoe, Benjamin Franklin Chadwick of Simcoe [Ontario Vital Stats]

York -- Elizabeth, 37, wife of Dr. Winford York, formerly of Simcoe, died 7 Mar 1878 in Toronto [BC18780313p3] -- Winford York, M.D., 39 years 9 months, died 13 Apr 1880 | his wife Elizabeth H., 37 years 5 months, died 7 Mar 1878 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

York -- Emma, 5, daughter of Winford and Elizabeth York died 20 Oct 1872 
[Oakwood Cemetery stone]

York -- Florence York born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870] -- to wife of Winford York, M.D., a daughter, 9 Sep 1870 [NR1870922p3]

York -- G. B. York was a 1910 Waterford high school student

York -- G. W. York -- see Early Waterford [pdf]

York -- George York, farmer, Main Street, Waterford 
Alice S. York, Main Street, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

York -- Gordon Becker York -- see Early Waterford [pdf]

York -- Gordon B. York of Townsend, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]
-- Gordon Becker York of Waterford, 27, farmer, born 3 Apr 1891 in Waterford, 
son of Col. I. E. York of Waterford (799437)
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper.
-- see Waterford & Townsend Cenotaph

York  -- "Capt. C. A. Marlatt and Private Gordon B. York have left for Siberia." [SR19181003p2]

York -- Edward York, father of Lt.-Col. York, died Wednesday of last week at his home in Brownsville, after an illness of some two years [WS19000426p1]

York -- Mr. Geo. York of Buffalo visited Mrs. I. E. York who is seriously ill, yesterday [WS19210512p5]

York -- Howard S. York passed 1901 Waterford High entrance exam

York -- Howard S. York of Waterford -- see Norfolk Students banqueted

York -- Dr. Howard Sovereign York, 28, died Sun 22 Oct 1916 in Waterford 
[SR19161026p7] -- see Howard's obituary

York -- I. E. York of Waterford married Alice Louise, daughter of Leonard Sovereign of Waterford, 1 Oct 1884 at home of her brother-in-law, L. Becker [BC18841008] [NR18841002p3]

York -- Colonel Isaac E. York -- see Early Waterford [pdf]

York -- I. E. York & Co. purchased the stock of drugs, stationery, etc. from Mr. J. R. Kestell in 1885 [WS19100915p1]

York -- to the wife of I. E. York:
-- a son 27 Feb 1887 in Waterford [BC18870309]
-- a son 3 Apr 1891 in Waterford [BC18910415] [TO]

York -- I. E. York has purchased the stock of J. F. Aitken, who is leaving Waterford  
-- see 1897 Waterford Star items

York -- I. E. York & Co., druggists and stationers [WS18980707p8]

York -- Lt.-Col. York has his mother, Mrs. E. York of Brownsville, visiting [WS19000222p1]

York -- Lieut.-Col. I. E. York's son, Dr. Howard York of New York, formerly of Toronto, died 22 Oct 1916 at his father's home in Waterford -- see Howard's obituary -- also see York Block

York -- Colonel I. E. and Mrs. York attended his mother's funeral Monday at Brownsville. She died suddenly Saturday at the home of her son Dr. George York, in Buffalo [Waterford SR19170412p7]

York -- Colonel I. E. York of Waterford 
-- see Norfolk's 1917 Victory Loan Committee.
-- see Norfolk's 1918 Victory Loan Committee.
-- see Norfolk's 1919 Victory Loan Committee.
-- was a 1920 pallbearer of Rhoda (Bezzo) Jorgenson -- see her obituary
-- contributed to the G.W.V.A. Fund
-- was a 1921 pallbearer of Mary (Clows) Beam -- see her obituary

York -- I. E. York: 
-- see 1919 Townsend Officials
-- see 1921 Waterford Officers

York -- Colonel and Mrs. I. E. York of Waterford have Dr. York of Buffalo visiting [SR19180912p2]

York -- I. E. York was pallbearer -- see Robinson funeral

York -- Col. I. E. York and Miss York attended both the wedding and the 31st anniversary 
-- see McMichael-Duncombe 31st anniversary celebration.

York -- Mrs. I. E. York's funeral was Friday -- see York-Sovereign

York -- Lt.-Col. I. E. York died Tuesday [4 Feb 1930] in Waterford -- see his obituary

York -- Lt.-Col. I. E. York 1855-1930 | his wife Alice L. Sovereign 1855-1921
their son Howard S. York 1887-1916 | George W. York 1849-1932
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

York -- Louie, eldest daughter of late Winford York, M.D. of Simcoe, married Edwin E. Davis of M.C. Railway 16 Jul 1889 at Aylmer [BC18890724]

York -- Louie York, daughter of the late Dr. York of Simcoe and relict of Edward E. Davis of Aylmer, died Fri 28 Jan 1910 in London -- see her obituary

York -- Winford York, M.D., office north side of Peel Street, Simcoe [NR18700414p1]

York -- Winford York, M.D. married Eva Rose, daughter of Rev. H. P. Fitch, 14 May 1879 at home of her father in Simcoe [NR18790515p3] -- Winford York, 37, widower, physician, born in Simcoe, resident of Simcoe, son of Clement and Maria, married Eva Rose Fitch, 20, born in Harwich, Ont., resident of Simcoe, daughter of Rev. Herman Parker Fitch and Melissa, 14 May 1879 in Simcoe. Witnesses: John Dixon of Simcoe, J. H. McCall of Waterford 
[Ontario Vital Stats 006920]

York -- Winford York, M.D., 39, died 13 Apr 1880 in Simcoe [BC18800414p3] 
-- Winford York, M.D., 39 years 9 months, died 13 Apr 1880 
his wife Elizabeth H., 37 years 5 months, died 7 Mar 1878 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]
-- the will of Dr. Winford York of Simcoe was probated in 1880 [Norfolk Wills]

York -- the funeral of Mrs. Washington Elliott of Brownsville, daughter of Mr. York of Brownsville and sister of Major York of Waterford, took place Monday [WS18980106p1]

Yorks -- Miss Delia, oldest daughter of Capt. M. Yerks of Waterford, married Thomas F. Clark, oldest son of Frederick Clark of St. Thomas, married 15 Apr 1890 at her father's home [BC18900423] [Compiler's Comment: she is both Yerks and Yorks. Yerks is assumed correct]

Yorks -- William Yorks had mail waiting at Simcoe in Dec 1840

Yorks -- William Yorks born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Yerks, William]

Yorston -- Miss Charlotte Yorston, daughter of Rev. John Yorston, married Frank Oliver of Tillsonburg, 11 Mar [1908] at the home of her parents in Houghton. Married by bride's father [SR19080326]

Yorston -- Robert Yorston, 31, died 25 Feb 1906 in Glen Meyer
[SR19060309p1] [also see Robert Yorkston in BC19060307]

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