Etc. -- 1901 Waterford High Entrance
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The following is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of students, according to a page 1 article in the 25 Jul 1901 Waterford Star newspaper.

Entrance Examination

A complete list of the successful candidates at the recent Entrance examination held at the Waterford High school will be found below.

Out of 62 pupils who wrote, no less than 52 have passed. That's about 84 percent. Eleven of the successful pupils are from the Waterford school, out of the 15 who tried. Out of a pass list of 52 pupils prospects look encouraging for a large attendance at our high school during the coming term. 

Ernie Anderson
Arthur Appleton

Effie Bauslaugh
Mildred Beemer
Linnie Bertran
Alma Birdsell
Pearl Butcher
Challen Courtnage
Ralph Courtnage
Pearl Cunningham
Sabie Cunningham
Frederick Davey
Nellie Davis
Abbie Ewing
Alice Ewing
Alma Graham
Beatrice Hall
Vernon Hall
Viola Halligan
Audrey Hellyer
Jessie Heron
Alice Hill
Harry Honey
Maggie King
Harry Lutes
Clara McIntosh

Ella Nicholson
Ola Pegg
Dora Peters
Frank Pratten
William Robinson
Nina Ross
Gertie Schuyler
Roy Silcox
Nettie Smale
Ada Smith
Annie Smith
Maud Strohm
Mabel Tench
Herbert Thayer
Grace Tupper
William Walker
Lena Wallace
Edith Whittaker
Mahlon Wiedrick
Frederick Wilson
Harold Wilson
Jennie Winslow
Verna Witham
Howard Woodley
Howard S. York

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