Etc. -- Amelia McMichael wed Thomas Duncombe 31 years ago
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A lightly edited partial transcription of the Waterford column on page 2 of the 21 Aug 1919 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper. 

Thirty-one years ago last Friday, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Duncombe were were united in holy matrimony at the home of the bride's father, the late J. K. McMichael, by the late Rev. A. Slaght. During the interval the union has been blessed by four children: Gordon M., Keith L., Helen and Catherine.

Last Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Duncombe celebrated the anniversary of their wedding by inviting about 50 of their friends and relatives to their spacious and beautiful home to enjoy a social evening.
After most enjoyable time was spent in games of different kinds, music and so on, a dainty lunch was served.

An unique feature of the evening was a reading by Mrs. Gordon Duncombe of two clippings from the newspaper of 31 years ago, one giving an elaborate account of the wedding and the other of an address and banquet in honour of Mr. T. D. Duncombe by a number of his gentlemen friends at the Beemer house on the eve of his wedding day.

Mrs. Gordon M. Duncombe also donned Mrs. T. D. Duncombe's wedding dress to give an idea of the styles prevailing in those days. Rev. John McLachlan gave a short address, congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Duncombe, to which Mr. Duncombe replied in a few well chosen words.

Another interesting feature of the anniversary was the presence of 15 guests who were also present at the wedding 31 years ago. These were:
Prof. Kitchen of New York; Mrs. T. L. Lewis of Toledo;
Dr. O. H. Duncombe, Mrs. J. H. McMichael, Mr. Leamon McMichael, 
Miss Dora McMichael, Mrs. J. H. Stafford, Miss Emma Beemer, 
Mrs. F. S. Marlatt, Mrs. H. Reynolds, Miss Margaret Bowlby, 
Mrs. Stafford Kitchen, Col. I. E. York, and Miss York of Waterford and vicinity.

Many hearty congratulations were extended to Mr. and Mrs. Duncombe.

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