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Nelson -- Mrs. Nelson, mother of John Hueston, died Wednesday at Townsend Centre 
[Bealton WS18981229p8]

Nelson -- Abe Nelson -- was a 1912 Charlotteville Official

Nelson -- to Aellie Nelson, wife of mechanic Birtley Alfred Mattice, a son: Andrew, 3 Jun 1884 
[Ontario Vital Stats 022245]

Nelson -- Christopher Nelson, 30, died 16 Apr 1907 in Woodhouse [SR19070426]

Nelson -- to wife of Edward Nelson a son 11 May 1896 in Houghton [SR18960521]

Nelson -- Edward H. Nelson of Houghton married Miss Elizabeth R. Heron of Houghton, 23 Apr 1890 at Kingslake [sic] parsonage at Vienna [BC18900430
[Compiler's Comment: also see Rodney Nelson, below]

Nelson -- Eva Dedrick, 28, daughter of late A. C. Dedrick of Port Rowan, wife of S. Nelson, died 7 Jun 1911 in Sal[amanes], N.Y. [SR19110622p7]

Nelson -- George H. Nelson, 27, born 12 Oct 1873 in Ontario, cook
his wife Catharine M., 20, born 25 Sep 1880 in Ontario
his single child [sic] Mamy, 3, born 12 Apr 1897 in U.S., immigrated 1898 
[1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Nelson -- H. Nelson donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141126p1]

Nelson -- to wife of H. B. Nelson a son 21 Apr 1901 in Simcoe [SR19010502]

Nelson -- H. B. Nelson signed 1914 temperance petition

Nelson -- Harry Nelson of Simcoe married Miss Annie Misner of Woodhouse, 3 Jul 1900 in Simcoe [SR19000705] [WS19000719p1] -- see her mother's obituary

Nelson -- Harry Nelson, 35, born 7 Jul 1865 in Ontario, mason
his wife Annie, 34, born 25 Mar 1867 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Nelson -- Harry Nelson:
-- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List
-- see Emergency Hospital 

Nelson -- Mrs. Harry Nelson donated to Belgium Relief at Simcoe [SR19141210p7]

Nelson -- Harry Nelson, farmer, RR5 Simcoe 
Annie Nelson, Lot 15, Concession 5, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Nelson -- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson and the latter's father, Mr. Misner, have retired from farm life to take up their residence in town [SR19191127p12]

Nelson -- Harry Nelson, mason, 100 Head St. North, Simcoe 
Annie Nelson, 100 Head Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Nelson -- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson of Head Street, Simcoe have her brother, Arthur Misner, his wife and children of Detroit, visiting [SR19200729p8]

Nelson -- Henry Nelson Sr., 9[1], died Sun 21 May 1916 in Simcoe [SR19160525p6]

Nelson -- Harry B. Nelson 1863-1950
his wife Annie Misner Nelson 1867-1961 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Nelson -- to the wife of James Nelson, a daughter, 25 Nov 1894 in Houghton [NR18941206
-- to the wife of J. Nelson, a daughter, Nov 1894 at Houghton Centre [TO]

Nelson -- James Nelson, 48, born 17 May 1852 in Ontario
his wife Christine, 40, born 1 Mar 1860 in Ontario
his single daughter Margret [sic] A., 4, born 11 Jan 1897 in Ontario
his single son Wilfred L., 2, born 19 Mar 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houhton:3.7]

Nelson -- Jennie, only daughter of late John Nelson of Scotland and niece of John Cowan of Cheshire, married Rev. P. Clifton Parker, pastor of Simcoe Baptist Church, 17 Jun 1885 at Derbyshire, England [NR18850702]

Nelson -- Mrs. Jessie (McLean) Nelson wed Andrew Ostrander -- see A Love Story

Nelson -- John Nelson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Nelson -- to wife of laborer John Wylie Nelson, nee Margaret Bush, a son: James Abram, 28 Apr 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022234]

Nelson -- Joseph Nelson -- see 1899 Townsend Accounts

Nelson -- Kenneth Nelson -- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions

Nelson -- Margaret B. Neilson, 63, wife of John Trinder, died 24 Dec 1917 in Woodhouse. Interment today in Port Dover Cemetery [SR19171227p5] -- Margaret Nelson, wife of John Trinder 1853-1917 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Nelson -- M. Nelson's wife Lillian Rutherford died at her home in Saskatchewan. She was born and lived at Port Rowan, with her grandmother, Mrs. Austin Dedrick until grown. Lillian leaves two small children, one a babe [SR19180627p3] -- Lillian, 25, wife of Maurice Nelson, died Thu 20 Jun 1918 at Moose Jaw, Sask. [SR19180627p5] -- Mrs. Maurice E. Nelson of Chaplin, Sas., nee Lillian Rutherford, 22, died 19 Jun 1918 in Providence Hospital at Moose Jaw, Sas. Survived by husband, son Verlin, 4, and an infant son, her mother Mrs. Charles Lansing of Cleveland, Ohio. She was a granddaughter of Mrs. Austin Dedrick of Port Rowan [SR19180711p9] 

Nelson -- Robert W. Nelson of Chicago married Emma S. J., daughter of late John Alexander Buckus of Walsingham and sister to Jarvis barrister C. C. Backus, 9 Dec 1880 at home of her brother A. H. Backus [BC18801215p3] [NR18801217p3]

Nelson -- Rodney Nelson, 71 years 3 month 28 days, died 15 Jul 1890 
his wife Amy Ann Will, 61 years 1 month 5 days, died 13 Jul 1889 
Edward H. Nelson, 31, died 13 Apr 1897 [Hemlock Cemetery stone] 
-- the will of Rodney Nelson of Houghton was probated in 1890 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Rodney Nelson of Houghton -- see 1890 Surrogate Court News

Nelson -- Russell Jacob Nelson 1909-1993 | his wife Mary Gray 1909-1975 | their sons
Bryan Russell 1937-1976 | Lloyd Denton 1939-1957 | Grant Jacob 1943-1972
[Oakwood Cemetery stones]

Nelson -- Samuel Spencer Nelson of Salamandca, N.Y. married Miss Eva Grace Dedrick, third daughter of late Austin C. Dedrick, 5 Sep 1907 at home of her mother in Port Rowan  
[SR19070916] [BC19070911]

Nesbitt -- Emma, daughter of J. W. Nesbitt of Norwich, married Lewis R. Sovereen of Waterford, 19 Jun 1878 at her father's home [BC18780628p3]

Nesbit -- Robert and Henrietta Nesbit's son Victor S., 6 years 1 day, died 13 Apr 1886
[Hemlock Cemetery stone]

Nesbit -- Samuel Nesbit of Walsingham married Catherine Allmond of Woodhouse, 
17 Mar 1853. Witnesses: Edward P. Ryerse; F. Ryerse [GJR-SR19010321]

Nesbitt -- Miss Evelyn Nesbitt, daughter of W. H. Nesbitt of Eastwood, Oxford County, married Lloyd Cook, son of Mrs. John Harper of Simcoe, 30 Jun 1914. After summering in Normandale the couple will reside in Simcoe [SR19140702p1]

Nesbitt -- John Milo "Jack" Nesbitt of Stratford, Ontario, born 24 Apr 1897 in Brantford, Ontario, son of Jack Nesbitt c/o Henry Davis of Stratford, occupation: brass worker, attested 25 Mar 1916 at Simcoe -- see his World War I Service Record

Nesbitt --Mary Wallace, 79, widow of John W. Nesbitt,  died [28] Jul 1896 at home of son-in-law L. L. Soverign [sic] in Waterford [SR18960730]

Nethercott -- Mrs. Nethercott of Houghton attended her youngest daughter's 9 Aug 1917 graduation of the two-year Bible course at Moody Bible Institute. Daughter hopes to leave soon to work in Africa [SR19170823p10]

Nethercott -- C. F. Nethercott of Houghton married Miss Mary Frain of South Norwich, Oxford County, 24 Jun 1885 at her mother's home [NR18850702]

Nethercott -- Charles F. Nethercott, 42 years 2 months 5 days, died 29 Jun 1902
his wife Mary Frain 1864-1945 [Cultus Cemetery stone]

Nethercott -- Everette Nethercott -- see 1915 Entrance Exams

Nethercott -- George William Nethercott born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Nethercott -- Harold Vernon Nethercott, 797078, Corporal [1916 Norfolk's Own]
-- see Carillon Tower's WWI plaque
-- see Houghton Township War Memorial 

Nethercott -- Pte. H. V. Nethercott's letter from France to his brother Everette [SR19170405p8]

Nethercott -- Misses Joyce and Jessie Nethercott of Clear Creek, recent grads of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, who lost a brother on Vimy Ridge and have another on his way overseas, left Tuesday for Africa, missionaries in the Soudan [SR19180711p2] -- Misses Joyce and Jessie Nethercott have arrived safely in Lagos, Africia [SR19180919p12]

Nethercott -- Mabel Clair Nethercott died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Nethercott -- Mary Nethercott, widow, Clear Creek 
Sylvia Nethercott, spinster, Clear Creek 
Arthur Nethercott, farmer, Clear Creek 
Lucy Nethercott, farmer's wife, Clear Creek 
Wilfred Nethercott, soldier, Clear Creek [1919 Voters List]

Nethercott -- Wilfred H. Nethercott of Houghton, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]
-- Wilfred Harvey Nethercott of RR 1 Clear Creek, 21, single Baptist farmer, born 25 Aug 1896 at Clear Creek, son of Mary Nethercott of RR1 Clear Creek
-- see a scan of his Recruitment Particulars.

Nethercott -- Wilfrid H. Nethercott of Clear Creek married Miss Carrie E. Kelly of Glen Meyer, 28 Jan 1920 in Glen Meyer -- see wedding review

Nethercott -- W. J. Nethercott -- see 1920 Houghton Officers

Nethercott -- Wm. Nethercott -- see 1882 Middleton Officers

Netherly -- Jennie Netherly -- see List of 1885 teachers

Netherly -- William Netherly, 68, born May 1832 in Ireland, immigrated 1847, farmer
his wife Martha J., 71, born 14 Nov 1829 in Ireland, immigrated 1846
his single laborer Arthur Noble, 18, born 28 May 1882 in England, immigrated 1896
his single laborer James E. Powell, 58, born 9 Jul 1842 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:3]

Netherly -- William Netherly 1831-1907 | his wife Martha J. 1828-1914
[Courtland Baptist Cemetery stone]

Nettleton -- Alice Annie Nettleton, 20, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Nettleton of Strathroy, and a niece of Mrs. Robert E. Gunton of Norfolk Street South in Simcoe, died [30] Nov 1918 in Alberta [SR19181128p7] [Compiler's Comment: announcement has more bio]

Nettleton -- Wm. Nettleton of Strathroy, Ont. married Emma M., second daughter of J. S. Austin of Simcoe, 5 Jan 1887 at her father's home, "Cedar Lodge" [NR18870106] [WS18870113]

Nettleton -- to wife of W. Nettleton a daughter 28 Nov 1898 at Strathroy [NR18911210]

Nettleton -- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nettleton's son, Fred Austin Nettleton, 30, has died -- see Gunton-Austin news

Neureiter -- to wife of Benjamin Neureiter a daughter 1 Apr [1908] in Simcoe [SR19080402]

Neureuter -- to wife of Ernest M. Neureuter a daughter 9 Oct 1904 in Simcoe [SR19041014]

Neureuther -- to wife of Michael [B]. Neureuther, car inspector for Welland Junction, a son, 13 May 1903 in Simcoe [SR19030522]

Neurst -- Ellwood Neurst of Woodhouse, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Nevett -- "The Misses Walsh of Simcoe spent Sunday with Mrs. Nevett." 
[St. Williams NR18911112]

Nevett -- Mr. Nevett-- see 1870 Death of Miss. P. M. Tisdale

Nevett -- Elsie Nevett, 71, widow, born 16 Oct 1829 in Ontario, R. Lady 
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:3]

Nevett -- Mrs. Elsie Nevitt and Miss Edith McCall of St. Williams are visiting relatives in Port Rowan [SR19180926p3]

Nevett -- Mrs. Elsie Nevitt, widow, St. Williams; Lot 1, Concession B, St. Williams 
[1919 Voters List]

Nevett -- Wm. Nevett of St. Williams sought to rent a small brick house or cottage in Simcoe or Dover in Sep 1883 [ad NR18830927]

Nevett -- William Nevett, 77, died 3 Nov 1898 at his residence in St. Williams [SR18981110
-- see his Simcoe Reformer obituary 
-- see his British Canadian obituary 
-- the will of William Nevett of St. Williams was probated in 1898 [Norfolk Wills
-- William Nevett born 19 Oct 1821 at Kensington, London, England, died 3 Nov 1898 at St. Williams | his wife Elsie Jane McCall, born 16 Oct 18[3]9, died 14 Oct 1921 
-- see photo of their cemetery stone  
-- see her obituary  
-- see William Nevett's biography [pdf
-- see their Family Group Sheet

Nevill -- James Nevill, son of James & Mary Nevill, wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Neville -- James M. Neville died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872

Nevills -- to wife of E. L. Nevills twins, son and daughter, 4 Aug 1904 in Houghton [SR19040826]

Nevills -- J. and Sarah Nevills' daughter Eliza Jane, 3 May 1873
[St. John's Cemetery stone]

Nevills -- Margaret M., 4 years 4 months 25 days, daughter of James and Mary Nevills, 
died 26 Feb 1831 -- see her Hemlock Cemetery stone

Nevills -- Myrtle Alice Nevills born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Nevills -- to wife of Thomas Nevills a son 19 Nov 1878 in Houghton [BC18781204p3]

Nevills -- at Mr. Z. Nevill's in Charlotteville, Ethel, 2 years 3 months, eldest daughter of Elmer Pritchard of Charlotteville, died of an accident [BC18910701]

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