Etc. -- 1915 Entrance Examination Results
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The following list is an alphabetically re-sequenced list of Norfolk County students who successfully completed 1915 Entrance Exams, and a similar list of their teachers . These lists were compiled from page 1 articles in the 15 Jul 1915 and 29 Jul 1915 Simcoe Reformer .
The name of the school attended follows each name in italics. (Some, but not all, school names correspond to the name of the community where the school was located. Not every school is named in this list. For more on some Norfolk school names, see
Rural Schools.)

Andrews, Mary C.; No. 13, Woodhouse
Anscombe, Beryl; Port Rowan

Bannister, Jack; Simcoe
Bannister, Roy; Port Dover
Barrett, Frank; Port Dover
Barron, Jean; Port Dover
Beatty, Seymour; No. 13, Woodhouse
Beck, Mirth; Delhi
Berger, Maude; Hemlock
Blake, Clarence; No. 13, Woodhouse
Boll, John J.; La Salette
Boughner, Augusta; La Salette
Bowyer, Mildred; No. 9 North Walsingham
Brady, Bertha; Fairground
Bridge, Marjorie; Simcoe
Brookfield, John; No. 3, Woodhouse
Brookman, George; Lynedoch
Buchner, Charlotte A.; No. 15, Woodhouse
Buck, John; Port Dover
Buckley, Claude; Simcoe
Burch, Pearl; No. 13, Woodhouse
Burke, John; La Salette
Burnham, Alden; Woodland
Burton, Fred; Williamsí Settlement
Butler, Helen; La Salette
Chrysler, Lena M.; No. 6 Townsend
Cline, Earl; Simcoe
Collyer, Ethel; No 10 Charlotteville
Corner, George S.; Cultus
Cousins, Fred; Courtland
Cousins, May; Courtland
Culver, Martha; Tyrrell
Davidson, James; No. 10, Woodhouse
DeCou, Norma; No. 3, Woodhouse
Dennis, Zella; No 7 Charlotteville
Donly, Paul; Simcoe
Downing, James; No. 4 Windham
Downing, Lelah; No. 4 Windham
Edwards, Doris; No 24 Townsend
Emsley, George; Rowan Mills
Everett, Max; Vittoria
Fortman, Mansell; No 7 Charlotteville
Franklin, Rhea; Port Rowan
Frost, Sadie; Kinglake
Froud, Enid; No 5 Windham
Gale, Gladys; No. 7 Houghton
Gerhardt, Elsie; Delhi
Gray, Florance; Simcoe
Gregory, Napoleon; No. 6 Townsend
Guiler, Vera; No 13 Charlotteville
Hare, John; Delhi
Hargrave, Mildred; Delhi
Henry, Rachel; Port Dover
Hetherington, Gordon; No. 7 Houghton
Holden, James; Simcoe
Hollman, Florence; No 5 Windham
Hooker, Lillian; Simcoe
Howe, Arthur; Port Rowan
Hunter, Olive; Wyecombe
Hunter, Vera M.; No. 16 North Walsingham
Hutchins, Clare; Port Rowan
Irwin, Jessie G.; Lake Shore
Ivey, Vera; Port Dover
Jamieson, Russell B. Simcoe;
Jaques, Freda; Port Dover
Jeffrey, Grace; No. 12 Woodhouse
Johnson, Amy; Delhi
Johnson, Dorothy; Rowan Mills
Joslin, Tom; Simcoe
Kelly, Lenore; Port Rowan
Knowles, Graydon; No. 4 Windham
Lindabury, Howard; Simcoe
Lingwood, Florence; Tyrrell
Maguire, Pearl; Kinglake
Main, Margaret; No. 6 Townsend
Mansfield, Lyle; Williamsí Settlement
Marshall, Earl; Jacksonburg
Marshall, Irene; Simcoe
Martin, Agnes; St. Williams
Mason, Percy; No. 12 Woodhouse
Mattice, Hazel; Simcoe
McBride, Evelyn; Port Dover
McIntosh, William; No. 9 North Walsingham
McKim, Vera; South Middleton
Messmore, Margaret; Simcoe
Miller, William; Port Dover
Misner, Eleanor; No. 3, Woodhouse
Misner, Hazel; No. 13, Woodhouse
Mitchell, John H.; No. 11 Woodhouse
Moyer, Edna; East Goshen
Mudford, Pearl; Walsingham
Neill, Nellie; Simcoe
Nethercott, Everette; Williamsí Settlement
Olmstead, Rose M.; La Salette
Osborne, Orland; Simcoe
Pamplin, Lillian; Vittoria
Park, Wilford; Fairground
Parker, Winnifred; Williamsí Settlement
Parr, Edith V.; Simcoe
Pettit, Claude; La Salette
Pratt, Amy; Simcoe
Quanbury, Leslie; No. 3, Woodhouse
Quance, Ralph; Delhi
Ravin, Charlie H.; Cultus
Reid, Adele; Port Dover
Robb, James; Walsingham
Robbins, Gladys; Langton
Robinson, Ruby; Courtland
Rogers, Jenne; Lynedoch
Ryckman, Leeta; Simcoe
Ryerse, Lloyd; Port Dover
Saunders, Belle; Delhi
Scidmore, Ilene; Fairground
Secord, Mary; No. 10, Woodhouse
Sidway, William; Doanís Hollow
Silverthorn, Lillie; No. 7 Houghton
Simpson, Alice; Port Dover
Sloan, Harold; Port Dover
Smith, Andrew J.; Vittoria
Smith, Annie O.; Nixon
Smith, Jennie; Port Rowan
Smith, Morley; Port Rowan
Smith, Nellie; Lynedoch
Spain, Jessie; Port Dover
Stewart, Delbert; No. 14, North Walsingham
Stipe, Harry; Delhi
Streeter, Nina Mildred; No. 9, Charlotteville
Stuart, Kenneth; Tyrrell
Swart, Howard; Simcoe
Taylor, Harvey; Port Dover
Taylor, Marguerite; Wyecombe
Thompson, Gladys; No. 4 Townsend
Thompson, Reeve; Simcoe
Toombs, Earl; Simcoe
Turnbull, Pearl; Gothic
Turnbull, Willie; Delhi
Waffle, Van; No. 3, Woodhouse
Walker, Rhea; No. 13, Woodhouse
Watt, Bella; Langton
Weaver, Kathleen M.; Lynedoch
Welch, Blanche; Erie View
Whitehead, May; No. 17 North Walsingham
Whitside, Pauline; Delhi
Wilson, Orpha No 24 Townsend
Wingrove, Ida; Port Rowan

Young, Eva; No. 4 Townsend


Alexander, H. J.; Langton
Armitage, Annie B.; Cultus
Barry, Kathleen; Lake Shore
Blayney, Lela F.; No 5 Windham
Burger, Edna; Walsingham
Burgess, Myrtle; Jacksonburg
Campbell, Miss C. M.; No. 10, Woodhouse
Campbell, Miss E. E.; Vittoria
Clancy, Annie; No. 17 North Walsingham
Cole, Gladys; South Middleton
Dimond, Miss G.; No. 3, Woodhouse
Donovan, Clara E.; No 7 Charlotteville
Durward, Margaret; No. 9 North Walsingham
Eakius, Beatrice; Hemlock

Fairbairn, Elliott; Courtland
Foster, Mrs. Jennie M.; Erie View
Hagerman, Edna; Lynedoch
Haines, Ida M.; Gothic
Hair, Margaret J., B.A.; East Goshen
Hambly, Elsie W.; No 24 Townsend
Hill, Abigail; Wyecombe
Hume, Anne E.; Kinglake
Kelly-Tyrrell, Mrs. A.; La Salette
Knowles, W. Morley; Port Rowan
MacDonald, Annie; No. 11 Woodhouse
MacPherson, H. S.; Simcoe
Marshall, George W.; No. 7 Houghton
McCallum, Lillian; No 13 Charlotteville
McMahon, M. Clair; Woodland
Meeham, Helen I.; No 10 Charlotteville
Murphy, Annie E.; No. 16 North Walsingham
Palmer, C. Josephine; No. 15, Woodhouse
Ponting, J. Lloyd; Rowan Mills
Price, Clarence B.; Delhi
Price, F. Maude; St. Williams
Short, Thos. A.; Williamsí Settlement
Sinclair, Thos. L.; Tyrrell
Smith, Irene; No. 4 Windham
Smith, William H.; Port Dover
Sparling, Isabel L.; No. 9, Charlotteville
Waffle, Myrtle M.; Nixon
Walker, E. L.; No. 12 Woodhouse
Walker, Ethel R.; No. 13, Woodhouse
Walker, Vira G., Doanís Hollow
Ward, Alice M.; No. 6 Townsend
White, Mrs. M. M.; No. 4 Townsend
Williams, Hattie I.; Fairground
Willis, Vera E. F.;
No. 14, North Walsingham

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