Etc. -- 1882 Middleton Township Officers
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The following list was compiled, based on lists presented in an article in the 22 Feb 1882 British Canadian. It merges three lists, resequenced alphabetically

Middleton Council

"Council met pursuant to adjournment on the 6th Feb.; members all present. Minutes of the former meeting were read and on motion approved. The following persons were appointed Poundkeepers, Fenceviewers and Pathmasters for the ensuing year:"

Michael Ackerman, poundkeeper
John Armstrong, pathmaster
Israel Axford, pathmaster
Hamilton Birdsall, fenceviewer
John J. Brook, pathmaster
R. T. Brown, pathmaster
W. A. Byarley, pathmaster
J. Church, pathmaster
Charles Clark, pathmaster
Conrod Cole, pathmaster
Michael Cole, pathmaster
Luke Cook, pathmaster
John Connor, fenceviewer, pathmaster
J. Cornell, pathmaster
Albert Cowan, pathmaaster
J. L. Cowan, pathmaster
James Cowan, pathmaster
R. M. Davis, pathmaster
Perez Dean, fenceviewer
R. C. Dean, fenceviewer, pathmaster
Wm. Dick, fenceviewer
Gideon Eagles, pathmaster
Wm. Earle, pathmaster
Thomas Eastman, pathmaster
Henry Eitel, pathmaster
Wm. Fisher, pathmaster
James Fletcher, pathmaster
Walter Fletcher, pathmaster
Michael Fluhrer, fenceviewer
Charles Garnett, pathmaster
Wm. Garnett, pathmaster
Alex. Garnham, pathmaster
Thomas Gilmore, pathmaster
Solmon Griffin, pathmaster
Squire Haley, pathmaster
James Hampton, poundkeeper
J. M. Hanselman, pathmaster
Wm. Helsdon Jr., pathmaster
Thomas Herron, fenceviewer
Thomas Ireland, pathmaster
Walter Jeffrey, pathmaster
A. H. Kemp, pathmaster
Charles Kinsley, pathmaster
Lewis Kinsley, pathmaster
Henry Knab, pathmaster
Nelson Lefler, pathmaster
Chris. Livingstone, pathmaster
Martin Livingstone, pathmaster
Edward Longstreet, pathmaster
G. H. Mabee, poundkeeper
Wm. Mackay, pathmaster
John Manary, poundkeeper
Conrod Manthe, pathmaster
James May, pathmaster
Wallace McCoy, poundkeeper, pathmaster
Anson McCrimmon, pathmaster
Eri McCrimmon, pathmaster
James McDonald, fenceviewer
David McQueen, pathmaster
R. Morrow, pathmaster
David Moyer, pathmaster
Wm. Nethercott, pathmaster
Oliver Oatman, fenceviewer
Jacob Ostrander, pathmaster
Robert Peck, fenceviewer
D. C. Phelps, pathmaster
Robert Pick, pathmaster
Robert Powell, poundkeeper
Robert Power, pathmaster
Robert Quance, pathmaster
John Richardson, poundkeeper, fenceviewer, pathmaster
John Robinson, pathmaster
J. W. Ronson, pathmaster
James Ronson, pathmaster
James Ronson Sr., pathmaster
H. J. Ryder, poundkeeper
J. N. Sanders, poundkeeper, pathmaster
Wm. Sandham, pathmaster
W. Schooley, pathmaster
John Secord, pathmaster
Wm. Shephard, fenceviewer
J. Sovereen, fenceviewer
Lewis Sovereen, pathmaster
Wm. Steel, pathmaster
David Stillwell, pathmaster
John Stillwell, poundkeeper
Wm. Stillwell, pathmaster
John Sutton, pathmaster
S. S. Swayze, pathmaster
George Tisdale, pathmaster
W. Turnbull, pathmaster
George Voigt, pathmaster
Matthias Voigt, pathmaster
John Walburg, pathmaster
James Wallace, fenceviewer
Edwin Wallis, pathmaster
James Walsh, pathmaster
John Walther, pathmaster
Walter Weeks, pathmaster
Samuel Wilson, poundkeeper, fenceviewer, pathmaster
Jacob Winger, pathmaster
Matthew Wittet, pathmaster
George Youse, poundkeeper
Adam Zimmer, pathmaster

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