Etc. -- 1920 Houghton Township Officers
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The following is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of those appointed, according to a page 11 article in the 29 Apr 1920 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Houghton Council

Houghton Council met 24 Apr 1920 at Fairground and passed bylaw 442 appointing the following  pathmasters, fence viewers, or/and herd commissioners:

C. Abbott
J. Alderson
A. Alton
G. Aspen
W. Ball
C. Beamon
F. Berger
D. Brinn
N. Brisseau
M. Brooks
M. Buchner
G. Butcher
J. A. Butcher
T. Campbell
O. Carson
R. Carson
R. Corner
P. Culp
J. Dickenson
J. Dunlop
B. Fick
E. Finch
J. Finch

Lafe Finch
A. Fleullen
J. Fort
J. Frost
G. Francis
S. Franklin
T. Godby
M. Hepburn
J. Hurley
F. Kelly
W. Kennedy
N. Kyle
C. Loucks
E. Loucks
J. Lucas
C. Marshall
J. Marshall
J. Marshman
Bert Matthews
C. Matthews
J. Matthews
W. McCord
W. Meharg

C. Millard
O. Millen
L. Mitchell
F. Moore
W. J. Nethercott
J. W. Nunn
E. Ostrosser
W. P. Piddle
W. Roberts
G. Rutledge
W. N. Rutledge
A. Smith
C. Spore
E. B. Stansell
G. Stansell
W. Stansell
J. Swart[z]
J. Underhill
N. Underhill
A. West
G. Whitsell
S. Wiley
A. Winkworth

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