Etc. -- Aug 1890 Surrogate Court News
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A lightly edited transcription of a page 3 article in the 21 Aug 1890 issue of the Norfolk Reformer.

Surrogate Court News

12 Aug 1890 -- Letters probate of the will of Hiram Robinson, late of the township of Walsingham, deceased, were granted to Mary Robinson, the executrix. The will directs that after payment of the debts of deceased, the real estate shall got to that widow during her lifetime, then to their two sons George and Arthur, who shall pay to each of the daughters, the sum of $50.
-- Tisdale, Tisdale & Reid, Solicitors for Executrix.

14 Aug 1890 -- Letters probate were granted to the estate of Joshua Austin, late of Simcoe, merchant, deceased, personally sworn at $3,370. The executors are Oliver Austin of Woodhouse and Wallace Anderson of Simcoe. The will makes provisions for the widow during her lifetime, and directs the balance to be invested for the benefit of the children of the deceased, and directs the testators business to be closed up.
-- Ansley & Slaght for Executors.

15 Aug 1890 -- Letters of administration of the personal estate of Eliza Ann Clement, deceased, valued at $1,135, were granted to James Durham Clement of Windham, farmer, a son of said deceased.
-- C. C. Backus for Administrator.

20 Aug 1890 -- Letters probate of the will of Rodney Nelson, late of Houghton, deceased, were granted to John Malcolm, the executor therein named. This will leaves his real and personal property to two sons, Edward Henry and Gordon Lawson, and directs $50 each to be paid to the other sons and daughters of the deceased.

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