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Jander -- W. Jander and George Crane, Lot 21, Concession 5, Windham [1857 Sketch]

Janero -- James Janero wed Mary Elise Hilliker [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Janes -- Ella Bradt Janes 1879-1952 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Janes -- Milton Janes married Ella Bradt, 5 Jun 1912 at home of her sister, Mrs. S. Fick in Port Dover [SR19120606p6]

Janes -- Capt. Milton Janes and wife escaped death but she was considerably injured by piece of glass, and their residence was totally destroyed by the Mont Blanc explosion that destroyed Halifax last month [SR19180103p3]

Janes -- Milton Janes, carpenter, Port Dover  
E. Janes, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jans -- Miss Caroline [Jans/Jaus] of Middleton married George Unverzagt of Middleton, 28 Jul [1890] at Rev. Rural Dean Gemley's Rectory [BC18900917] [Compiler's Comment: Bride's surname listed as both Jans and Jaus]

Jans -- John George Jans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873 page 7]

Jans -- John George Jans wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873 page 50]

Jaques -- [Compiler's Comment: this surname is frequently misspelled Jacques in the local historical record, particularly by newspapers]

Jaques -- Councillor Augustus Jaques -- see Lela L. Jaques

Jaques -- to wife of Augustus Jaques, a daughter, 30 Jul 1917 in Simcoe [SR19170802p7]

Jaques -- A. Jaques spoke at the presentation of a special watch to Private Vincent Ripple [SR19180516p1]

Jaques -- A. Jaques was pallbearer -- see Mrs. John Bamforth's obituary

Jaques -- to the wife of Augustus Jaques, a daughter, [8] Dec 1918 in Simcoe [SR19181212p9]

Jaques -- Augustus Jaques was a pallbearer -- see Ira Beemer's death

Jaques -- Augustus Jaques,  junk dealer, 169 Owen Street, Simcoe 
Myrtle Jaques, 169 Owen Street, Simcoe 
Jessie Jaques, single, 169 Owen Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Jaques --Charles Jaques wed Eva Dennis [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Jaques -- Chas. Jaques passed Form II Arithmetic at Port Rowan High School [NR18920407]

Jaques -- Charles Jaques, 24, single, born 20 Oct 1876 in Ontario, student, resided in the household of his mother Annie M. Smith [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Jaques -- Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Jaques of Ottawa are visiting his mother, Mrs. Annie M. Smith of Port Rowan [SR19160902p3] -- C. W. Jaques of Ottawa is visiting his mother, Mrs. A. M. Smith at Port Rowan [SR19170906p5]

Jaques -- Edmond D. Jaques, retired farmer, Main, Port Dover  
Elizabeth Jaques, Main, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jaques -- Elizabeth Ellen, 45, wife of William Jaques, died 19 Jan 1900 in Simcoe [SR19000125]

Jaques -- Fositt Jacques of Jarvis married Harriet Mabel, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Newman, 15 Nov 1919 in Jarvis [SR19191127p7] [Compiler's Comment: Jarvis is in Haldimand County]

Jaques -- Francis Henry Jaques wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Jaques -- Francis Henry Jaques of Middleton married Miss Julia Losee of Middleton, 1 Aug 1880 in Teeterville [NR18800806p3] 

Jaques -- Francis H. Jaques, 45, born 1 Sep 1855 in Ontario, mill hand
his wife Julia Ann, 46, born 5 Feb 1855 in Ontario
his single daughter Mary Bell, 20, born 8 Feb 1881 in Ontario, domestic [1901 Census of Delhi]

Jaques -- Freda Jaques -- see 1915 Entrance Exams

Jaques -- Mr. and Mrs. Gus Jaques, 169 Owen St., Simcoe, hosted 30 young people of Trinity church Monday at a post-nuptial shower [SR19150916p1]

Jaques -- Harriet Louisa Jaques born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Jaques -- Jacob Jaques wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Jaques -- James Jaques, gentleman, Main, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jaques -- Jessie Jaques was promoted from grade 7 to grade 8 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Jaques -- Miss Jessie Jaques of Simcoe was sister of Dr. Samuel Jacques -- see his obituary

Jaques -- John Jaques of Port Huron, Mich., eldest son of William Jaques of Simcoe, married Maud Lawrence of Bookton, 24 Dec 1902 at home of her father, J. Lawrence [SR19030101]

Jaques -- John Jaques, 32, Church of England, clerk, born 30 Aug 1883 in Leeds England, wife: Lillian of Slona Road Edmonton
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Jaques -- John Jaques, son of Wm. Jaques of Simcoe,  is serving in Egypt [SR19170118p1] 
-- Capt. John Jaques of the Imperial Veterinary Service in Palestine is seriously ill with malarial fever [SR19180725p1] -- see Coming Home

Jaques -- Joseph Jaques of Port Dover married Marion Elizabeth (Minnie) Gerrard of Port Dover, daughter of J. Gerrard, 21 Jan 1913 in Port Dover [SR19130130p7]

Jaques -- Joseph Jaques, mason, First Ave., Port Dover  
Mary Jaques, First Ave., Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jaques -- Karl Jaques: 
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- was a 1919 Junior High Candidate

Jaques -- Miss Lela L. [sic] Jaques, daughter of William Jaques and sister of Councillor Agustus [sic] Jaques, a well-known resident of Simcoe died yesterday of appendicitis [SR19170315p1] 
-- Lela [sic] Ellen, 22, sixth daughter of William Jaques, died 14 Mar 1917 in Simcoe [SR19170315p7] -- Leila E. Jaques 1895-1917 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Jaques -- Miss Louise Jaques of Simcoe married Walter Forse of Simcoe 24 Jun 1903 in Simcoe. Married by bride's cousin, Rev. A. Truax of Brantford [SR19030626]

Jaques -- Maggie, second daughter of Wm. Jaques, Esq., married Rev. Albert Truax, 4 Jul 1888 in Woodhouse [BC18880718]

Jaques -- Miss Maggie Jaques of Jarvis married Francis Marr Jr. of Port Dover 10 Oct 1905 at home of her brother-in-law, Wm. Robinson, in Jarvis [SR19051020]

Jaques -- Miss Mary Jaques of Simcoe married Charles Dove of Simcoe, 3 Nov 1896 in Simcoe [SR18961119]

Jaques -- Mary Jaques, 76, widow, born 14 Mar 1825 in England, immigrated 1867, resided in the household of her son-in-law John Hall [1901 Census of Woodhouse:2]

Jaques -- Mrs. Mary Jaques, 78, widow of John Jaques of Walpole, died 7 Apr 1902 at home of her son-in-law, John Hall, at Simcoe [SR19020410]

Jaques -- Miss Mary E., third daughter of last Thos. Jaques, married W. E. Lemon of Rockford, 18 Jul 1888 at home of her mother in Jarvis [BC18880801]

Jaques -- Miss Mattie Jaques of Simcoe married Charles G. Rowe of Dundas, 8 Jul 1909 in Hamilton [SR19090715]

Jaques -- S. Jaques of Simcoe -- see Norfolk Students banqueted

Jaques -- Samuel Jaques (830067) of Emo, 23, single Church of England veterinary surgeon, born 30 Apr 1890 in Simcoe, son of William Jaques of Simcoe. Enlisted: 7 Jan 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper: side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper: side 2.

Jaques -- Dr. Samuel Jaques, son of William Jaques of Simcoe, died 1 Feb 1918 in Emo 
-- see his obituary

Jaques -- Samuel Christopher Jaques (796706) Private [1916 Norfolk's Own] -- Samuel Christopher Jaques of Port Dover, 43, Methodist, builder, born 15 May 1872 in Jarvis [Haldimand County], wife: Gertrude of Box 125, Port Dover
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Jaques -- Pte. S. C. Jaques, 133rd Battalion, has returned from overseas and will be engaged for some time at least on necessary war work in Canada. probably not receiving his discharge till the end of the war [Port Dover SR19170222p6]

Jaques -- Sarah Jaques of Middleton married Jonas McDonald of Waterford, 16 Dec 1885 in Delhi [NR18851231]

Jaques -- to wife of Thos. Jaques a son 18 Nov 1898 in Walpole [SR18981124]

Jaques -- Verda Jaques was a 1919 Junior High Candidate

Jaques -- W. Jaques & Son donated to Ag. Society in 1916.

Jaques -- W. C. Jaques, M.A., Dominion Astronomer, born at Delhi, educated at Port Rowan, Simcoe, and Aylmer high schools and Toronto University, was a son of Mrs. Smith-Jaques of Port Rowan [photo caption, SR19160810p1] 
[Compiler's Comment: compare with Mrs. Jaques-Smith, below]

Jaques -- William Jaques, 46, born 1 Dec 1846 in England, immigrated 1865, junk dealer
his single daughter Louisa H., 19, born 13 Apr 1881 in Ontario
his single son John, 17, born 2 Oct 1883 in Ontario
his single son Agustus [sic], 16, born 29 Jan 1885 in Ontario
his single daughter Martha, 13, born 15 Jul 1887 in Ontario
his single son Samuel, 10, born 30 Apr 1890 in Ontario
his single daughter Leila, 7, born 3 Nov 1893 in Ontario
his single daughter Jessie, 5, born 23 Oct 1895 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Jaques -- William Jaques of Simcoe married Miss Sarah Ann Potts of Townsend 19 Aug 1903 in Colborne [SR19030828]

Jaques -- Wm. Jaques of Simcoe has two sons in khaki, Lieut. John is serving in Egypt, Sergt. Sam in Port Arthur, expecting to go overseas very soon [SR19170118p1]

Jaques -- Wm. Jaques of Simcoe was brother of Mary Jaques Hall -- see her obituary

Jaques -- William Jaques, junk dealer, 36 Water Street, Simcoe 
Sarah Jaques, 36 Water Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Jaques -- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jaques had their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dove of Dundas, visit [SR19200826p12]

Jaques -- William Jaques -- see Photos & Bios

Jaques -- Jacques' Auto Parts, 34 Water Street, Simcoe [ad SR19330112p7]

Jaques -- William Jaques 1846-1933 | his wife Elizabeth E. 1855-1900 | his wife Sara A. 1863-1939 | Samuel Jaques 1893-1918 | Leila A. Jaques 1895-1917 [Oakwood Cemetery stones]

Jaques -- William Fawcett Jaques of Jarvis married Miss Lizzie Mowat of Simcoe, 4 Jul 1900 at her parents' home in Simcoe [SR19000712]

Jaques-Smith -- Mrs. Jaques-Smith was a sister of Miss Saunders of Walsingham 
-- see Successful Norfolk Boy 
-- see Mrs. Smith's obituary
[Compiler's Comment: compare with Mrs. Smith-Jaques, listed as mother of W. C. Jaques]

Jardine -- Miss Beatrice Jardine of Reading, England, married Joseph H. McMichael of Waterford 30 Oct [1895] in Buffalo [SR18951121] [Compiler's Comment: announcement has more]

Jardine --Martha Girwan, daughter of Jas. Jardine of Waterford, married Samuel Ling Aquire, 26 Jun 1913 at Rexton, N.B. [WS19130703p1]

Jardine -- Rheva Jardine, 26, single, born 24 Apr 1874 in Ontario, dressmaking, lodged in the household of  Isaac A. Wilcox [1901 Census of Townsend:3]

Jarvis -- Affaline Jarvis, 23, born in Woodhouse, resident of Woodhouse, daughter of Hiram and Mary, married Richard Berry, 29, fisherman, born in Brant County, resident of Simcoe, son of John and Christy, 5 Sep 1883 in Woodhouse Gore. Witnesses: R. G. Jarvis of Vittoria, Nettie Wood of Buffalo [Ontario Vital Stats 008050]

Jarvis -- Andrew Jarvis, 61, widower, born 2[9] Jun 1839 in Ontario, farmer
[1901 Census of N.Walsingham:3]

Jarvis -- Clare Jarvis and Wm. Newland left this week to work in the harvest in Saskatchewan [Vittoria SR19200819p2]

Jarvis -- E. K. Jarvis donated to Belgium Relief at Simcoe [SR19141210p7]

Jarvis -- to wife of Ed. Jarvis a daughter 30 Jul 1888 in Charlotteville [BC18880808] [NR18880809]

Jarvis -- to wife of Ed. Jarvis a daughter 20 Dec 1889 in Charlotteville [BC18900101]

Jarvis -- Edgar Jarvis, eldest son of Oliver Jarvis, Esq. of Windham, married Miss Mary N., eldest daughter of J. W. Barber, Esq., 28 Nov 1888 at her father's home in Townsend [BC18881212]

Jarvis -- Edward [sic] Jarvis of Windham married Miss Mary M. Barber of Townsend, 28 Nov 1888 [Items from 24 years ago, WS19131211p1]

Jarvis -- Mrs. Edgar Jarvis was a sister of Aaron M. Barber -- see A. M. Barber's obituary

Jarvis -- Edgar Jarvis, gentleman, St. James, Waterford 
Mary Jarvis, St. James, Waterford 
Rosie Jarvis, single, St. James, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- Edward Jarvis, farmer, RR1 Langton 
Zelna Jarvis, RR1 Langton 
Charles Jarvis, farmer, RR1 Langton [1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- Edward R. Jarvis wed Zelima Rossell [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Jarvis -- Edward R. Jarvis signed 1914 temperance petition

Jarvis -- Eliza Jarvis, widow of John Russell Gunton, died Saturday in Simcoe -- see her obituary

Jarvis -- to Etheline Jarvis, wife of Simcoe merchant Richard Berry, a daughter: Edna May Berry, 11 Aug 1883 [Ontario Vital Stats 022166]

Jarvis -- Miss Eva May Jarvis of North Walsingham married William John Davis of North Walsingham, 29 Jan 1913 in Simcoe [SR19130130p7]

Jarvis -- Ezekiel Jarvis, farmer, RR1 Langton 
Elsie Jarvis, RR1 Langton [1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- Mr. and Mrs. F. Jarvis -- see 1916 Simcoe Personals

Jarvis -- Frank Jarvis of Windham married Emma Bell, daughter of Alanson Hart, 13 Jul 1904 at her parents' home, Fairview Farm in Townsend [SR19040722]

Jarvis -- Frank Jarvis -- see 1914 Woodhouse Council

Jarvis -- Frank Jarvis, farmer, Waterford 
Emma Jarvis, Lot 1, Concession 10, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jarvis of Simcoe visited her sister, Miss Ada Hart of Bloomsburg [SR19200205p2]

Jarvis -- Gilford Jarvis, 19, of Charlotteville, born in Vittoria, bachelor, blacksmith, son of Rupert Jarvis and Sarah Wilson, married Florence North, 18, of Charlotteville, born in Charlotteville, spinster, daughter of Orlando North and Alberta Foss, 7 Jan 1903 in Charlotteville [Ontario Vital Stats 013512]

Jarvis -- to the wife of Gifford L. Jarvis a son 1[8] Apr 1904 in Tillsonburg [SR19040422]

Jarvis -- Gilford Jarvis of Villa Nova visited his parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Jarvis at Vittoria [SR19180523p2]

Jarvis -- Grace Jarvis, widow, RR2 Vanessa; Lot 11, Concession 5, Windham
[1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- H. Jarvis -- see 1879 Court

Jarvis -- Harriet E. Jarvis wed Archibald Thompson [Ontario Vital Stats 1877] 

Jarvis -- Hiram Jarvis was son-in-law of Mrs. Mary Fredrickson

Jarvis -- Hiram Jarvis, husband of Mary A. Frederickson, born 1830, died 1901. Buried Old Woodhouse Church [OWC]
-- Hiram Jarvis 1830-1901 | his wife Mary A. 1825-1898 [Old Woodhouse Cemetery stone]

Jarvis -- Ila Georgina Jarvis born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Jarvis -- Mr. Jarvis' funeral at Langton was attended by his granddaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborne of Blayney [SR19100721p6]

Jarvis -- Isaac Jarvis 1832-1910 | his wife Rosetta 1833-1907
[Langton Baptist Cemetery stone]

Jarvis -- Mrs. Isaac Jarvis of Teeterville's funeral was Wednesday -- see Jarvis funeral

Jarvis -- Ivey Jarvis wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880
-- Ivey, daughter of Hiram Jarvis of Woodhouse, married John Force of Colborne, 15 Dec 1880 at Woodhouse Gore [NR18801224p3] [BC18801229p3]

Jarvis -- Janie Pretty, 43 years 8 months 2 days, wife of Wilson Jarvis died 9 Sep 1906 in Waterford [SR19060921]

Jarvis -- Josie Jarvis -- see 1919 Waterford junior high

Jarvis -- Mary A. Frederickson, wife of Hiram Jarvis, born 1825, died 1898. Buried Old Woodhouse Church [OWC]

Jarvis -- Miss Lillie, second daughter of O. Jarvis, married Arthur A. Sterling, merchant tailor of Simcoe, 13 Sep 1893 at her father's home in Windham [NR18930914]

Jarvis -- Minnie, daughter of Oliver Jarvis, deputy reeve of Windham, married Horace F. Widner of Windham 28 May 1884 at her father's home [BC18840604] [WS18840612]

Jarvis -- Mrs. O. Jarvis -- sent flowers to Saltzberry funeral

Jarvis -- O. Jarvis: 
-- was a 1909 Windham Officer [WS19090401p6] 
-- was a 1910 Windham Officer [WS19100331p4]

Jarvis -- Oliver Jarvis died Sunday at his home in Windham. Funeral was Tuesday 
[Colborne SR19160203p2] -- Oliver Jarvis, 74, died Sun 30 Jan 1916 in Windham [SR19160203p5] -- also see his obituary

Jarvis -- Mr. and Mrs. R. Jarvis of Vittoria attended
-- see Walker's 25th anniversary

Jarvis -- to the wife of R. G. Jarvis:
-- a son 5 Apr 1883 in Vittoria [NR18830426]
-- a daughter 20 Mar 1885 in Vittoria [NR18850326]
-- a son 10 Feb 1887 at Vittoria [NR18870217]
-- a daughter 24 Oct 1888 in Vittoria [BC18881031] [NR18881101p3]
-- formerly of Vittoria, a son, 5 Feb 1891 in Staples [BC18910211]

Jarvis -- R. G. Jarvis' wife Sarah A. Wilson, 30 years 2 months 2 days, died 20 Feb 1891 
[Vittoria Baptist Cemetery stone]

Jarvis -- Rupert G. Jarvis of Staples, Essex County, married Miss Sarah E. Nicholas of Charlotteville, 3 Nov 1891 in Simcoe [BC189111111] [NR18911105]

Jarvis -- R. G. Jarvis, 42, born 28 Jul 1848 in Ontario, blacksmith farmer
his wife Sarah E., 41, born 9 Oct 1859 in Ontario
his single son Gilford, 18, born 5 Apr 1882 in Ontario
his single daughter Ester D., 16, born 20 Mar 1885 in Ontario
his single daughter Alma E., 12, born 24 Oct 1888 in Ontario [1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]

Jarvis -- Rupert Jarvis of Vittoria -- see 1909 Rural Phone Directory

Jarvis -- R. G. Jarvis 
-- donated to Belgium Relief at Vittoria [SR19141210p7]
-- see 1915 elections

Jarvis -- R. G. Jarvis of Vittoria, certified undertaker, dealer in furniture, carpets, rugs [SR19170531p8]

Jarvis -- Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Jarvis has the daughter and young son from the West visiting for the first time in 15 years [SR19180314p5]

Jarvis -- R. G. Jarvis of Vittoria visited his son and family at Burford [SR19190220p9] 

Jarvis -- R. G. Jarvis, undertaker, Vittoria 
Sarah Jarvis, Lot 20 Concession 3, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- R. G. Jarvis, funeral director, Vittoria, Ontario. Finest Motor Funeral Car and Horse Equipment. Day and Night Calls Promptly Attended To [ad, SR19200115p10]

Jarvis -- Rupert G. Jarvis 1858-1950 | his wife Sarah E. 1859-1941 
[Woodhouse United Cemetery stone]

Jarvis -- Reuben Jarvis' wagon shop was consumed by fire Saturday at Nixon  [WS18980224p1]

Jarvis -- Sarah Ann Jarvis of Vittoria married William H. Lemon of Port Darlington, 27 Apr 1867. Witnesses: Amos Thompson; Isaac Jarvis [GJR-SR19010321]

Jarvis -- Walter Jarvis -- see Carillon Tower's WWI Plaque

Jarvis -- William H. Jarvis, 34, single, born 29 Aug 1866 in Ontario 
[1901 Census of Woodhouse:1]

Jarvis -- W. H. Jarvis, gentleman, RR2 Port Dover; Lot 4 Gore of Woodhouse
[1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- William Jarvis, laborer, RR3 Waterford
Emma Jarvis, Lots 7 and 8, Concession 10, Townsend
Verne Jarvis, gardener, RR3 Waterford
Mabel Jarvis, Lots 7 and 8, Concession 10, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Jarvis -- Wilson Jarvis died [BC19060919]

Jaszembowsky -- Joseph Jaszembowsky died [BC19060207]

Jaus -- Caroline Jaus died [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Jaus -- Miss Caroline Jans/Jaus of Middleton married George Unverzagt of Middleton, 28 Jul [1890] at Rev. Rural Dean Gemley's Rectory [BC18900917
[Compiler's Comment: bride's surname listed as both Jans and Jaus.]

Javy -- to the wife of R. S. Javy, a daughter, 23 Mar 1870 in Delhi 
-- see 31 Mar 1870 Norfolk Reformer

Jax -- John D. Jax of Buffalo married Miss Sarah R. Messecar of Townsend 12 Jan 1892 in Simcoe [NR18920114]

Jax -- J. D. Jax, 53, died 9 Apr [1898] in Buffalo [WS18980414p5] 

Jax -- Mrs. Ara Jax of Buffalo was a daughter of Aaron Messecar [WS18980512p1]

Jay -- to wife of Charles Jay a son 27 Oct 1914 in Simcoe [SR19141029p4]

Jay -- Eliza Jay 1868-1947 | her husband Thomas Sage 1862-1909 
[Evergreen Cemetery stone]

Jay -- Ivel Jay -- see 1920 Delhi Public School Promotions

Jay -- Levi L. Jay of Middleton married Miss Maggie Voight of Middleton, 16 Oct 1894 in Delhi [NR18941108] -- [Eli] Jay married Margaret Voight -- see Mathias Voight's obituary

Jay -- to wife of Levi Jay a son 22 Aug 1904 in Windham [SR19040826]

Jay -- Levi Jay and family have moved back to Delhi after 11 years in the Canadian west. Mr. Jay has purchased the Messecar house on Railway Street and the Smith house on William Street [SR19200415p8]

Jay -- Rebecca Jay of Rhineland married James Williams of Norwich 3 Jul 1907 in Rhineland [SR19070719]

Jay -- Reginald Jay -- see 1920 Delhi Public School Promotions

Jay -- Sarah Ellen Jay born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Jay -- Mrs. William Jay of Windham was daughter of Norman Pursel of Windham
-- see her mother's 80th birthday celebration
Jays -- Grace Jay[s], 20, single, born 2 Mar 1881 in England, immigrated 1886, domestic servant resided in the household of Rev. Arthur Shore [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

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