Etc. -- Woodhouse Council Officers, etc. for 1914
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A re-writng from a page 5 article from 2 Apr 1914 Simcoe Reformer.
[The original lists those owed payment (not necessarily Woodhouse residents) and those appointed Pathmasters, Poundkeepers, and Fenceviewers. These lists were merged then alphabetically sequenced by the Compiler]

Woodhouse Council 

 The following municipal officers were appointed for 1914. 

Aitken, A. E. poundkeeper
Anderson, G. W. owed payment
Andrews, Geo. poundkeeper
Austin, Frank poundkeeper
Austin, Judson sheep valuator
Austin, Walter poundkeeper
Backus, Alex poundkeeper
Baker, John. fenceviewer
Barker, Wm. poundkeeper
Belback, W. H. poundkeeper
Bowlby, J. H. . fenceviewer
Brookfield, C. M. poundkeeper
Brown, John poundkeeper
Buchner, Alfred owed payment
Buchner, Frank owed payment
Buchner, G. W. owed payment
Buchner, George poundkeeper
Buchner, John owed payment
Buchner, W. H. owed payment 
Burch, Dan poundkeeper
Butler, Nathan poundkeeper
Bye, [Mr.] poundkeeper
Carpenter, W. J. fenceviewer
Caswell, R. W. sheep valuator
Church, Jos. poundkeeper
Crosbie, Geo. poundkeeper
Cruickshank, Arthur owed payment
Culver, Chas. poundkeeper
Culver, John fenceviewer
Decou, Alex poundkeeper
Dixon, J[a]s. owed payment
Dosser, Robt. poundkeeper
Edmonson, Thomas poundkeeper
Edwards, Geo. poundkeeper
Elliott, G. poundkeeper
Exelby, Chas. poundkeeper
Exilby, Wm. poundkeeper
Fader, Thos. poundkeeper
Falloon, Jas. poundkeeper
Farr, Elisha Jr. . fenceviewer
Fields, Jas. poundkeeper
Fields, Wesley fenceviewer
Fleming, J. G. poundkeeper
Ford, E. G. poundkeeper
Fox, Robert poundkeeper
Freeland, Delbert poundkeeper
Gee, John. fenceviewer
Gilbertson, Jos. poundkeeper
Hancock, Sidney owed payment
Henderson, Geo. fenceviewer
Hodgson, David poundkeeper
Holloway, Wm. poundkeeper
Horn, Thomas sheep valuator
Horne, Clark owed payment

Jarvis, Frank owed payment
Kent, F. H. fenceviewer
Kinchsular, Chas. poundkeeper
King, Jack poundkeeper
Kitchen, Alvey poundkeeper
Kniffen, Ed. . fenceviewer
Kniffen, Geo. poundkeeper

Law, Geo. poundkeeper
Lawrie, Herb poundkeeper
Leitch, Robt. poundkeeper
Long, Joseph poundkeeper
Marshall, Lea poundkeeper
Mathews, Wm. poundkeeper
McBride, Geo. poundkeeper
McCarthy, Chas. fenceviewer
McCarty, J. poundkeeper
McInally, Cameron poundkeeper
McPherson, S. poundkeeper
Misner, Chauncey poundkeeper
Misner, Jas. poundkeeper
Mitchell, Arthur poundkeeper

Nixon, Robert poundkeeper
Nunn, Edwd. . fenceviewer
Porter, Milton poundkeeper
Post, Russell poundkeeper
Potts, George poundkeeper
Powell, Al poundkeeper
Quanberry, C poundkeeper
Reynolds, Geo. poundkeeper
Roberts, Enoch poundkeeper
Roberts, Lorne owed payment
Sebils, Mathias Sr. poundkeeper
Shand, Harvey poundkeeper
Shepp[a]rd, John owed payment
Shoff, Albert poundkeeper
Smith, Harry poundkeeper & owed payment
Smith, John poundkeeper
Smith, Sol. poundkeeper
Smith, W. A. poundkeeper
Smith, W. F. poundkeeper
Smith, Wm. poundkeeper
Sowden, Samuel poundkeeper
Stalker, R. S. poundkeeper
Steinhoff, Isaac poundkeeper
Teeple, Guy poundkeeper
Thompson, Ham. . fenceviewer
Trinder, Chas. poundkeeper
Trinder, Thos. poundkeeper
Tupper, Clement poundkeeper
Waddle, J. R. poundkeeper
Walker, Art poundkeeper
Walker, Jas. poundkeeper
Watson, Jas. poundkeeper
Watson, Wm. poundkeeper
Williams, [Mr.] poundkeeper
Woolley, C. D. fenceviewer

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