Etc. -- 1919 Waterford Junior High entrance exam
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A lightly edited page 2 article in the 31 Jul 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Following are the successful candidates 
who wrote the junior high school 
entrance examination at Waterford:
Aileen Anderson
Margaret Arnold
Marguerite Bannister
Ida M. Bauslaugh
Maud A. Bertran
Mildred C. Bertran
Muriel Birdsell
Kenneth Collver
Mildred Cunningham
Ethel Depew
George Goold
Hattie Grinver
Irene Hall
Muriel Hayes
Willie Hocken
Josie Jarvis
Charles Kidder
Earl Kidder
Jack Learmouth
Mary Leeming
Helen McKnight
Eva Mercell
Lloyd Moore
Harry Mott
Marjorie Nelles
Douglas Penhalt
Marion Perry
Harold Persall
Evelena Rand
Helen Robinson
Edith Saul
Laura Schooley
Louie Stewardson
Margaret Stuart
Grace Walker
Melha Westbrook
Ruby Wharton
Gladys Woodley
Reginald Woodley

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