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A lightly edited transcription of a page 1 article in the 1 Apr 1920 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

50 Years Ago

Someone left a copy of  the Norfolk Reformer of the date 31 Mar 1870 on the editor's table one day recently and this morning we spent half an hour or so dippling into its four time faded pages.

[It's] Not much mechanically, compared with modern samples of news printing, still the Reformer was a good local paper 50 years ago and carried a generous quantity of county news and a couple of long columns of editorials on parliamentary and other matters.

Careful examination of its well patronized advertising columns revealed, so far as our present knowledge goes, the names of only two men still alive. 

Mr. C. C. Rapelje signs, as clerk of the County Court, a notice of sessions to be held without a jury, on 4 Apr 1870. 

The largest mercantile advertisement in the paper is a three-column spread notifying all that Simcoe is to have a new store called "The Golden Beehive," conducted by Walsh & Hendry. 

The latter members of  this firm is, of course, Mr. Oscar Hendry, who, though he is well over the four score mark, is still hale and hearty, and performs, every working day in the year, full service for his employers, as the oldest active commercial traveller in Canada.

But while the advertising columns exhibit a depressing mortality, it is possible that a string of births may have interest for some of our present-day readers. The following are chronicled:

To the wife of Henry Cook, a son, 
20 Mar 1870 in Delhi.

To the wife of R. S. Javy, a daughter, 
23 Mar 1870 in Delhi.

To the wife of Duncan McIntosh, a son, 
21 Mar 1870 in Woodhouse.

To the wife of John Norris, a son, 
20 Mar 1870 in Simcoe.

To the wife of J. Sensebaugh, a son, 
22 Mar 1870 in Windham.

To the wife of Jacob Shepherd, a son, 
26 Mar 1870 in Simcoe.

To the wife of P. J. Wintermute, a daughter, 
15 Mar 1870 in Windham.

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