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Jameson -- also see Jamieson, Jamison

Jameson -- Sophia, daughter of late Wm. Jameson of Point Fortune, Quebec, married 
Captain James Allan of Port Dover married 16 Apr 1879 in Hamilton [BC18790430p3]

Jameson -- Sophia J. Jameson, born 1844, died 1911
her husband Capt. James Allan, 68, died 12 Dec 1907 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Jameson -- Whitson Jameson, farmer, RR1 Walsingham 
Sarah Jameson, RR1 Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- Miss Jamieson -- see March 1914 changes to Simcoe Exchange

Jamieson -- Mrs. Jamieson of Simcoe and Miss Jamieson of Toronto -- see Oshawa bound

Jamieson -- Albert Clarence. Jamieson of Welland married Miss Theresa Carr of Forestville, 
20 Mar 1901 in Fenwick [SR19010328, repeated with errors in SR19010404]

Jamieson -- to wife of Alex. Jamieson a son 1 Mar 1901 in Woodhouse [SR19030312]

Jamieson -- Alex. Jamieson, farmer, RR3 Port Dover 
Eugene Jamieson, Lot 19, Concession 1, Woodhouse 
Bernice Jamieson, single, RR3 Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- Alexander Jamieson of Woodhouse was a son of James Jamieson -- see James' obituary

Jamieson -- Amy Maud Robinson, 24, wife of Edmond D. Jamieson, died 11 Mar 1908 in Woodhouse [SR19080319]

Jamieson -- Andrew Jamieson was brother-in-law of James Andrews of Woodhouse 
-- see his sister's profile

Jamieson -- Andrew Jamieson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Jamieson -- Andrew Jamieson was an officer of 1887 Charlotteville  

Jamieson -- Andrew Jamieson, 27, died 27 Mar 1909 in Springford [SR19090401]

Jamieson -- Miss Annie, daughter of Hugh Jamieson of South Walsingham, married John Wesley Scott of Michigan, [33] Sept 1895 in Langton [SR18951017]

Jamieson -- Annie M. Jamieson, 16, single, born 26 Oct 1884 in B.C., lodged in the household of Jas. Allan [1901 Census of Port Dover:1]

Jamieson -- Bella Jamieson -- see List of 1885 teachers

Jamieson -- Bruce Jamieson, 30, died 3 Jan 1915 at Langton -- see his obituary

Jamieson -- Mrs. Bruce Jamieson of Langton was a daughter of Alex. Alward 
[Langton SR19150624p2]

Jamieson -- to wife of C. Jamieson a daughter 15 Aug 1897 in Charlotteville [SR18970826]

Jamieson -- Calista Whitehead, 57, wife of John Jamieson, died 25 [sic] Oct 1912 in Windham [SR19121031p7] -- also see her obituary

Jamieson -- Miss Carrie Jamieson of Windham married Wm. J. McBride of Woodhouse, 25 Dec 1900, at Colborne [SR19010103]

Jamieson -- Chas. Jamieson of Charlotteville married Miss Jessie Balmer of Simcoe, 17 Mar 1897 in Delhi [SR18970325]

Jamieson -- Charles Jamieson
-- see 1908 Charlotteville Officers
-- see 1909 Charlotteville Officers

Jamieson -- Charles Jamieson, farmer, RR5 Simcoe  
Jessie Jamieson, Lot 12, Concession 14, Townsend 
Millie Jamieson, single, RR5 Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- Mr. D. Jamieson -- see Norfolk Boxing

Jamieson -- Edith Leota, 8 months, daughter of James Jamieson of old plank road, died 5 Apr 1900 in Woodhouse [SR19000412]

Jamieson -- Edmond D. Jamieson of Woodhouse married Alma Maude Robison of Woodhouse 21 Dec 1905 at Nanticoke [SR19050113]

Jamieson -- Edmond D. Jamieson, retired farmer, Main, Port Dover  
Annie Jamieson, Main, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- Edmon D. Jamieson 1868-1951
his wife Amy M. Robinson 1883-1908
his wife Annie E. McNeilly 1874-1945 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: same stone as James Jamieson]

Jamieson -- to Elizabeth Jamieson, wife of farmer Delos Myers, a son: Andrew D., 25 May 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022235]

Jamieson -- Miss Ella Jamieson, daughter of W. Jamieson  of North Walsingham, married Reginald Loucks of South Walsingham married 31 Dec 1913 at home of her parents [SR19140129p5]

Jamieson -- Ethel Jamieson, housekeeper, Langton [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- Mrs. Ethel Jamieson married John Russell 24 Sep 1919 in Langton [SR19191002p2]

Jamieson -- George Jamieson: 
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- was a 1919 Junior High Candidate

Jamieson -- Miss Grace Maud Jamieson of Simcoe married John Elgin Neidaurer of Simcoe 18 Oct 1905 in Simcoe [SR19051020]

Jamieson -- Graham Jamieson -- see 1920 Delhi Public School pupils

Jamieson -- Hugh Jamieson, 73 years 6 months 29 days, died 11 Mar 1898 | his wife Mary Jane, 64 years 11 months 19 days, died 26 Mar 1896 
-- see second treatment of their stones
-- see photos of their cemetery stones  
-- the will of Hugh Jamieson of South Walsingham was probated in 1899 [Norfolk Wills]

Jamieson -- Irene C. Jamieson, Simcoe -- see 1919 Lower School Results

Jamieson -- Isabell Sidway, 75 years 2[8] days, wife of James Jamieson, died 28 Apr 1913 in Woodhouse [SR19130508p12]

Jamieson -- Isabella Jamieson 1867-1942 | her husband Robert Edward Tufford 1864-1940 [Bookton Cemetery stone]

Jamieson -- to wife of J. Jamieson a daughter 13 May 1905 in Acacia [SR19050526]

Jamieson -- J. Jamieson: 
-- was a 1915 Windham Officer
-- was a 1920 Windham officer

Jamieson -- to wife of J. W. Jamieson a daughter 23 Jun 1889 at Langton [BC18890612]
[Compiler's Comment: birth reported before it is said to have occurred.]

Jamieson -- James Jamieson: 
-- was an officer of 1887 Woodhouse Council
-- was acclaimed 1890 Reeve of Woodhouse [BC18900115p1]
-- was acclaimed 1897 Reeve of Woodhouse [SR18961231p1]

Jamieson -- to wife of James Jamieson, a daughter, 7 Aug 1899 in Woodhouse [SR18990824]

Jamieson -- James Jamieson, 41, born 1[8] Nov 1859 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Elizabeth, 35, born 4 Dec 1865 in Ontario
his single son Ivan W., 14, born 1 Aug 1886 in Ontario
his single daughter Olive, 11, born 23 May 1889 in Ontario
his single daughter Lulu, 8, born 1 Jul 1892 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:2]

Jamieson -- James Jamieson, 33, formerly of the Plank Road in Woodhouse, died 18 Oct 1901 in Simcoe [SR19011024]

Jamieson -- James Jamieson, 82, died 7 Jun 1920 in Port Dover [SR19200617p7] 
-- James Jamieson, died 7 Jun 1920 -- see his obituary

Jamieson -- James Jamieson 1838-1920
his wife Isabell Sidway 1838-1913 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: same stone as Edmon D. Jameieson]

Jamieson -- Jane Jamieson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Jamieson -- Jane Jamieson, widow of James Andrews, celebrated her 88th birthday 16 Feb 1915 in Woodhouse -- see celebration review

Jamieson -- Jane A. Jamieson, single, farmer, RR2 Port Dover 
Ruth Jamieson, single, Lot 8, Concession 4, Woodhouse 
Wilhelmina Jamieson, single, farmer, RR2 Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- Jessie Jamieson -- see Doan's Cemetery Monument

Jamieson -- Notice: Per writ from the Queen's Bench, Sheriff H. V. A. Rapelje has seized the land and tenements of Nathaniel Hughson (Lot 24, 7th Concession, Townsend, 200 acres; and Lot 15, 3rd Concession, Windham, 200 acres) at the suit of Hon. George Moffatt and John Jameison [sic]. Property will be offered for sale 15 Jan 1842 at the Court House in Simcoe 12 Oct 1841 [ad in NO18420101p4]

Jamieson -- John Jamieson wed Calista Whitehead [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Jamieson -- John Jamieson of Charlotteville married Miss Nellie, oldest daughter of Alfred Walker of Townsend; and Jas. Ribble of Townsend married Miss Eliza Ella Sensabaugh of Townsend; 20 Feb 1884 at Villa Nova [WS18840228] [BC18840305]

Jamieson -- John Jamieson of Port Dover married Miss Cinderella Smith of Otterville, 14 Oct 1884 in Port Dover [BC18841022]

Jamieson -- to wife of John Jamieson a daughter 14 Oct 1884 in Windham 
[BC18841029] [NR18841023p3]

Jamieson -- to wife of John Jamieson a son 3rd inst., in Townsend [BC18911021]

Jamieson -- Mrs. John Jamieson of Bethel's mother died 9 Mar 1910 -- see her obituary

Jamieson -- John Jamieson, 41, born 10 Jul 1859 in Ontario, stationary engineer
his wife Nellie, 34, born 30 Jun 1866 in Ontario
his single son Walker S., 15, born 7Jan 1886 in Ontario
his single son Andrew R., 9, born 3 Oct 1891 in Ontario [1901 Census of Delhi]

Jamieson -- John Jamieson of S.S. 16, North Walsingham donated to Belgium Relief [SR19150114p9]

Jamieson -- John Jamieson of Langton has his sister, Mrs. Wilkins of Sandusky Michigan, visiting [SR19180627p2] -- Mr. and Mrs. John Jamieson of Langton have their son, Clark Jamieson of Regina, visiting [SR19180905p2]

Jamieson -- John Jamieson, farmer, RR1 Langton 
Mary Jamieson, farmer's wife, RR1 Langton [1919 Voters List

Jamieson -- John Jamieson, farmer, RR4 Tillsonburg 
And. Jamieson, farmer, RR4 Tillsonburg 
Nellie Jamieson,  RR4 Tillsonburg 
Laurena Jamieson, RR4 Tillsonburg [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- John Jamieson:
-- see 1909 Rural Phone Directory
-- was a 1918 Windham Officer

Jamieson -- John Jamieson, farmer, RR1 Nixon 
Kenneth Jamieson, farmer, Lot 8, Concession 13, Windham 
Mabel Jamieson, single, RR1 Nixon [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- John A. Jamieson, farmer, RR2 Port Dover 
Ethel E. Jamieson, Lot 9, Concession 4, Woodhouse 
Mary E. Jamieson, single, teacher, RR2 Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Jamieson -- Kenneth L. Jamieson of Windham -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Jamieson -- [Lasorea] Jamieson, 18, single, born 13 Nov 1882 in Ontario, resided with her adopted father Geo. Albert Crossett [1901 Census of Middleton:2]

Jamieson -- Lewis Jamison [sic], farmer, RR1 Walsingham
Mary Jamison [sic], farmer, RR1 Walsingham [1919 Voters List] 

Jamieson -- Mrs. Lewis Jamieson, need Margaret Conklin, was daughter of James T. Conklin and Mary Mooney -- see her mother's obituary

Jamieson -- Lewis William Jamieson 1888-1956
his wife Mary Margaret Conklin 1875-1982 [Mouont Pleasant Cemetery stone]

Jamieson -- Lorne Jamieson, farmer, RR1 Langton 
Olive Jamieson, RR1 Langton [1919 Voters List

Jamieson -- Miss M. Jamieson donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141203p1]

Jamieson -- M. A. Jamieson -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Jamieson -- Mabel Lazell Jamieson, died 20 Jul 1920 in Windham [SR19200722p7]

Jamieson -- Miss Maggie E., daughter of John Jamieson of Windham, married James Baldwin of Simcoe, 21 Oct 1896 in Colborne [SR18961029]

Jamieson -- Mamie, 22, daughter of John Davidson, died 4 Nov 1903 after a lingering illness in Windham [SR19031120]

Jamieson -- Margaret Jamieson, 72, relict of Peter Watt, died at her home near Newpitaligo, Aberdeenshire, Scotland [BC18901105]

Jamieson -- Mary Jamieson wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Jamieson -- Mary, 44, wife of Wm. Jamieson, died 1 Jun 1883 in Woodhouse [NR18830607
-- Mary, wife of Wm. Jamieson and daughter of Aaron Austin, died 1 Jun 1883 in Woodhouse [WS18830607]

Jamieson -- to Mary Jamieson, wife of farmer John Kelly, a son: Frank Stanley, 15 Sep 1884 [Ontario Vital States 022274]

Jamieson -- Mary Jamieson, wife of John Kelly, was mother of Mrs. William Elliott

Jamieson -- Mary Jamieson, 81, widow of John Jamieson, died 25 Sep 1894 at home of her brother-in-law Mr. M. Richie in Hamilton [NR18941004]

Jamieson -- Mary Austin Jamieson died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]

Jamieson -- Mary Maria Jamieson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Jamieson -- Myrtle Irene, 6 months, infant daughter of Jas. Jamieson died 29 Aug 1901 in Woodhouse [SR19010905]

Jamieson -- Miss Nancy Priscilla Jamieson of Woodhouse married John Davis of Woodhouse 26 Oct [1904] in Nanticoke [SR19041118]

Jamieson -- Miss Nellie Jamieson played at the Burgess-Andrews wedding

Jamieson -- Norma Ann Jamieson, daughter of Wm. Jamieson, married Alex. Terry of Walsingham Centre "Wednesday" at her father's home, in Walsingham [SR18961210]

Jamieson -- to wife of P. Jamieson a daughter 20 Nov 1894 in Woodhouse [NR18941213
-- to wife of P. Jamieson a daughter 29 Nov 1894 in Woodhouse [ML18941206]

Jamieson -- Mrs. Robert Jamieson, 51, died 23 Dec 1876 in Port Dover [BC18770110p3]

Jamieson -- Robert Jamieson, 68, brother of county counciller James Jamieson, died 28 Jan 1906 in Woodhouse [SR19060209] [BC19060207] -- see Doan's Cemetery Monument

Jamieson -- Russel Jamieson:  
-- see
Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- see 1915 Entrance Exams

Jamieson -- Russell Jamieson married Vera Woolley, 14 Jan 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200122p12]

Jamieson -- to the wife of Russell Jamieson, a son, 12 Sep 1920 at Langton [SR19200923p7] -- to the wife of Russell Jamieson, a son, born 13 Sep 1920 in Langton -- see 6 Norfolk Briefs

Jamieson -- W. H. Jamieson:
-- was a 1916 North Walsingham official
-- was a 1918 North Walsingham official

Jamieson -- Whitson Jamieson's wife Margaret, 25 year 5 months, died 13 Jul 1884
[Hazen Cemetery stone]

Jamieson -- Whitson Jamerson [sic], 47, born 2 Sep 1853 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Sarah, 35, born 12 Nov 1865 in Ontario
his single son Joseph W., 14, born 1 Apr 1886 in Ontario
his single son Lewis W., 12, born 4 Apr 1888 in Ontario
his single daughter Ella M., 6, born 13 Sep 1894 in Ontario
his single daughter Lory, 3, born 24 May 1897 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:1]

Jamieson -- Whitson H. Jamieson, born 1849, died 1928
his wife Sarah Dair 1865-1961 [Mount Pleasant Cemetery stone]

Jamieson -- Rev. W. J. Jamieson, PhD., 54, died Sat [20] Nov 1915 in Trinidad [SR19151125p9]

Jamieson -- Wm. Jamieson of Woodhouse married Miss Mary Austin of Woodhouse, "16th inst." [EN18600419p3]

Jamieson -- Wm. Jamieson wed Emma Jane Trembly [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Jamieson -- William Jamieson, 52, born 5 Aug 1848 in Ontario, mason;
his wife Emma J., 45, born 9 Jan 1856 in Ontario;
his single son Clarence E., 21, born 2 Dec 1889 in Ontario, druggist [1901 Census of Delhi]
[Compiler's Comment: If Clarence was born in 1889 he would be 11, not 21. Since he is described as a druggist, we assume 1889 is likely an error in the source document]

Jamieson -- William Jamieson and his wife Emma Trembley -- stones in Delhi Cemetery

Jamieson -- Wm. Jamieson passed 1882 Entrance Exams

Jamieson -- William Jamieson was an officer of 1887 Woodhouse

Jamieson -- William Jamieson of Charlotteville married Miss Lena Roys of Windham 29 Jan 1891 in Delhi [BC18910304]

Jamieson -- Wm. Jamieson, 73, died 18 May 1906 in Woodhouse [SR19060525]

Jamieson -- Wm. Jamieson died [BC19060523]

Jamieson -- Wm. Jamieson, 53, died 9 Jun 1907 in Delhi [SR19070614]

Jamieson -- Mrs. William Jamieson of Delhi married William Almas of Kelvin, 19 Feb 1918 [SR19180228p7]

Jamieson -- Winnifred Jamieson, widow, 100 Elmhurst Ave., Simcoe 
Margaret Jamieson, spinster, 100 Elmhurst Avenue, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

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