Etc. -- Hazen Cemetery, Walsingham Township
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Hazen Cemetery [GPS: 39.648/31.879] at 807 Norfolk County Road 60, Walsingham Township, Norfolk County, not far from the intersection of Highways 24 and 59, on Lot 11, Concession 5, Walsingham Township. 
Daniel Hazen settled nearby and for a while this area was known as Hazen Settlement. In his 1849 will, Daniel donated land for a cemetery. Over 160 names appear on stones in this cemetery, which is no longer in use. 
Photographed 14 Aug 2009 by John Cardiff.
-- see enlargement of above photo.  

Vandals have not been kind to this cemetery over the years. Many stones have been broken and are no longer readable. Weather has also taken a toll on some of these stones and their readability. With the exception of one stone left laying in the ground in front, surviving stones were gathered together and placed in rows of cement years ago.
Photographed 14 Aug 2009 by John Cardiff 
-- see enlargement of above photo.
Camera: HP 717 
Partial index of names on stones photographed in this cemetery:
Ann Maria, wife of D. S. Brown
Mary Ann, daughter of Aaron Farr
Ellen Gilleland wife of the James Lennex
Ellen Gilleland (same stone, another photo)
Jacob and Margaret Hazen
William and Margaret Hepburn 
Felix Light and children
Reubin B. son of Jacob and Mary E. Louks
Mary, wife of Michael Peronto
John Phelan, M.D., and his wife Kate
William H. Phelan
Eunice Ramsdelle
Philip Underhill
Percy Wingrove
Sarah A. Woolley
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