Etc. -- 1916 North Walsingham Council
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A re-writng of a page 9 article from 6 Apr 1916 Simcoe Reformer.
[The original lists those present and those appointed Pathmasters, Poundkeepers, Fenceviewers and Sheep Inspectors in separate lists, which were merged into a single list and alphabetically sequenced by the Compiler.]

North Walsingham

Council met at the town hall at one o'clock. Those present, referred, to or appointed are listed below. 

Alexander, George
Anger, W. B.
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, M.
Arn, Geo.
Atkinson, J. C.
Balcombe, Wm.
Bint, John
Booth, J. G.
Boughner, Lewis
Bowers, C.
Brearley, Henry
Bridgeman, H.
Brownlees, Benj.
Burgar, Stephen
Busker, Robt.
Cameron, Hugh
Carr, L., Sr.
Carroll, W. W.
Chambers, Elias
Chivers, Philip
Collings, Jos.
Conklin, J. P.
Conklin, James M.
Corman, Earl
Corman, Robt.
Craig, Robt.
Crandall, Hampton
Curtis, Bert
Curtis, Chas.
Davis, Henry
Dedg, Geo.
Denny, Robt.*
Doan, Frank
Drake, Frank
Drinkwater, James
Ecker, Frank
Gee, Peter
Gilbert, Stanley
Hagan, Jas.
Hall, Uriah
Hepburn, James
Heslop, Geo. E.
Hodson, C. R., Assistant Clerk
Hosner, Jas.
House, Fred
Howick, Albert
Hunter, James
Hutchinson, E. H.
Hutchinson, Jas. L.
Jackson, Thomas
Jamieson, W. H.
Johnson, Sidney
Kelly, J. E.
Kelly, Salem
Lake, Wm.
Marshall, Thos.
McDowell, A. T.
McGregor, A.
McIntosh, Wm.
McKim, Robt.
McKim, Thos.
McMaster, Joel
Misner, Dan
Mitchell, C.
Moore, C. H.
Mudford, Ed.
Murphy, Edwin
Murtland, Robt.
Price, Philo
Reid, Hugh
Rogers, Albert
Rohrer, W. H.
Scott, Calvin
Scott, Robert
Sinden, Wallace
Sinden, Wm.
Staley, Peter
Swain, Lorne
Tait, Malcolm
Terry, Alex.
Wadham, Chas.
Zimmer, John
* offered $2/day to operate the road grader this season

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