Etc. -- 1920 Windham Township Officers
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The following is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of those appointed, according to a page 10 article in the 29 Apr 1920 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Windham Council

Council met 17 Apr 1920, all members present.
A bylaw was passed appointing the following officers:

Welby Attelbury

E. Bannister
Geo. Barber
Jos. Bates
[D.] A. Beecraft
J. C. Boll
L. Boughner
Daniel Brooks
J. G. Broughton

Eli Chambers
F. Chanda
Roy Cooper
A. M. Culver
F. Cunningham

T. Dal[by] 
Jas. Davis
W. C. Day
B. Dertinger
R. Donahue
James Donnelly
H. Downing
Del Dredge
Geo. Dredge
Joseph Duncan
L. Dunn
J. V. Durham

Amos Elliott
Wallace Elliott

Alonzo Fields
H. Fields
Chas. Finch
L. Foley
J. Franklin
D. Fraser

Jas. Goodlet
W. L. Green
David Groover

John Hall
Samuel Heal
L. Herron

J. Jackson
J. Jamieson
P. W. Johnson
Thos. Jordan
A. J. Jull
A. S. Jull
F. Jull
John Jull

E. Knight
L. Krammer

A. Lawrence
[J]. Leask
G. Lorimer

[B]. M. Mahon
B. Malcolm
Leamon Malcolm
S. N. Malcolm
Fred Manuel
Harold Marlatt
Joe McCauley
W. McConachie
Jas. McCoy
P. [.]. McCready
T. McDonald
Hugh McGinnis
H. McKnight
Joe McSloy

Geo. Mercel
Chas. Miller
Earl Miller
Graham Misner
R. Mitchell
Wm. Moore
O. Murray
P. Murray

Ellery Neal

G. Parker
S. Pearce
M. Proper
Jas. Purtill

G. Racher

Albert Schott
Ira Shaw
J. Shepherd
Ed. Silverthorn
John Silverthorn
G. Slaght
Martin Smith

Joe Taylor
Wm. Turnbull

J. A. Wallace
K. Wardell
J. E. [Watson]
W. Wedgefield
J. G. [Weeks]
Chas. Welch
D. [White]
James Willetts
J. E. Wilson
W. Winskell
J. G. Wood

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