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Eacups -- Miss Emily Eacups married Delbert Pursley, son of David Pursley, at the home of Hayes Youmans. Little Miss Aileen Youmans, daughter of Hayes Youmans was ring-bearer [SR19160608p8]

Ead -- Florence, daughter of Charl[es] Ead of Port Stanley, married Thomas Thurston of St. Catharines, 23 Feb 1881 at Port Stanley [NR18810305p3]

Eade -- J. D. Eade of Simcoe, trapper -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Eade -- John D. Eade, 894-1925 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]
Eader -- Ellenor Eader died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]

Eadie -- Miss Hope, daughter of E. Eadie, married Lloyd Wilson of Brantford 4 Dec 1915 in Scotland [SR19151209p12]

Eadie -- A. M. Eadie -- see pupils of F. H. Stringer

Eadie -- Isabel Eadie 1864-1944 | David Swift 1858-1938 | Eleanor Swift 1892-1979
[Wilsonville Cemetery stones]

Eadie -- James Eadie wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Eadie -- James Eadie was 1876 Townsend Official -- see 1876 Waterford Star

Eadie -- Janet Eadie 1853-1928 | her husband David Flanders 1852-1934 
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Eadie -- Lucy Ann Eadie 1869-1952 | her husband John William Hayes 1860-1947 
[Hartford Cemetery stone]
Eadie -- Sarah E. Eadie, 68, widow, born 14 Jul 1832 in Ontario, farmer
[1901 Census of Townsend:3]

Eadle -- Miss Kate Eadle of Burford, Ont. married Herbert Reynolds of Scotland, Ont., 6 Nov 1895 at Simcoe [SR18951114]

Eager -- to wife of E. Eager a daughter 17 Feb 1881 in Delhi [NR18810311p3]

Eager -- Miss Elizabeth J. Eager, 51, born 28 Apr 1849 in Ontario, weaver, residing with her uncle William J. Ward [1901 Census of Delhi]

Eager -- Elizabeth J. Eagar [sic] born 1848 died 1926
William J. Ward 1821-1906 | his wife Salome A. 1825-1886 Louisa Ward 1855-1939; [Delhi Cemetery stone]

Eager -- Ellen Eager wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Eager -- Lizzie E. Eager, housekeeper, Church street, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Eager -- Peter Eager was a 1912 Charlotteville Council Official

Eaggleson -- Rebecca Eggleson, 62 years 10 months [12] days, wife of James H. Taylor, died 10 Feb 1917 in Townsend [SR19170222p7]

Eagle -- also see Eagles

[Compiler's Comment: A descendent emailed us 24 Sep 2008 to say those in Norfolk with the Eagle and Eagles surnames are members of the same extended family.]

Eagle -- Carrie May Eagle, 39, wife of William Phillips, died 18 Jan 1917 -- see her obituary

Eagle -- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Eagle of Talbot Street South, Simcoe, were away from home when the house they were renting burned to the ground about midnight Wednesday, destroying building and contents [WS18990601p8]

Eagle -- Hannah, 6 years 7 months 11 days, daughter of George and Mary Eagle, died 7 Jan 1883 
-- see photo of her cemetery stone [Compiler's comment: also see Eagles, George]

Eagle -- to wife of Jasper Eagle, G.T.R., a daughter 31 Mar 1898 in Port Dover [SR18980414]

Eagle -- to wife of Jasper Eagle, a son, 6 Dec 1899 in Port Dover [SR18991221]

Eagle -- William Eagle born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Eagles -- Carrie, daughter of George Eagles of Woodhouse, married Thomas Phillips of Woodhouse, 26 Dec 1896 in Port Dover [NR18960110
[Compiler's Comment: Bride's surname listed as both "Eagle" and "Eagles."]

Eagles -- the will of Eliza Eagles of Woodhouse was probated in 1877 [Norfolk Wills]

Eagles -- Eliza A. Eagles of Woodhouse married George W. Rynolds of Woodhouse, 13 Oct 1887 in Jarvis [BC18871026]

Eagles -- Miss Erie E. Eagles, daughter of George Eagles of Simcoe, married Wm. H. Harper of Fredonia, N.Y. 18 Jan 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070125]

Eagles -- George Eagles, 65, born 10 Mar 1836 in Ontario;
his wife Mary, 59, born 6 Apr 1841 in Ontario;
his single grandson, Hurly Hawkins, 8, born 22 Jun 1892 in Ontario 
[1901 Census of Woodhouse:1]

Eagles -- George Eagles was promoted from grade 1 to grade 2 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Eagles -- George Eagles of Simcoe, 44, married Methodist carpenter, born 16 Jul 1871 
in Woodhouse Township, wife: Sarah Eagles of Simcoe (796512) enlisted Nov 1915
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.

Eagles -- George Eagles, farmer, RR3 Simcoe 
Mary Eagles, Lot 7 Broken Front, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Eagle, Hannah]

Eagles -- Gideon Eagles -- see 1882 Middleton Officers

Eagles -- Gideon J. & Jennet Eagles' sons:
William, 25 years 8 months 21 days, died 3 Nov 1860
Robert, 17 years 9 months 16 days, died 5 Nov 1860 [Delhi Cemetery stones]

Eagles -- Gideon N. Eagles, 75 years 8 months, 1879 [Delhi Cemetery stone]

Eagles -- our brother Gideon N. Eagles, son of N. & J. Eagles, born 1846, died 1885 
[Delhi Cemetery stone] -- the will of Gideon Eagles of Middleton township was probated in 1885 [Norfolk Wills]

Eagles -- Gideon N. Eagles' first wife, Jennet, 51 years 2 months 11 days, died 11 Jun 1863 
[Delhi Cemetery stone]

Eagles -- Henry Eagles -- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Eagles -- Henry W. Eagles married Kate, daughter John C. Lamb, Christmas Day 1879 at her father's home in Delhi [NR18790102p3]

Eagles -- Miss Kate Eagles of Woodhouse married Charles Edward Ryerse of Woodhouse, 18 Jul 1896 in Port Dover [SR18969730]

Eagles -- May Eagles was promoted from grade 3 to grade 4 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Eagles -- Miss May Eagles married John Daniel Coates,  Sun 26 Dec 1915 in Simcoe [SR19151230p5]

Eagles -- Nelson Eagles:
-- and Peter Wyat, Lot 44, Concession 2s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]
-- and John Rider, Lot 45, Concession 2s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]

Eagles -- R. H. Eagles:
-- was a 1889 Middleton pathmaster [BC18890227] 
-- was a 1889 Middleton poundkeeper [BC18890227]

Eagles -- Wellington Eagles:
-- Gilbert family and John Smith, Lot 44, Concession 1s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]
-- and Gilbert family and John Smith, Lot 45, Concession 1s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]

Eaid -- Eaid & Anderson of Simcoe-- see 1909 Phone Directory

Eaid -- Bruce E. Eaid:
-- passed 1910 Junior Matriculation 
-- passed Dental College exams in Toronto [SR19140521p1]
donated to Belgium Relief calf [SR19141126p1]
-- secured his degree in dentistry from Toronto University [SR19160518p1]

Eaid -- Dr. Bruce E. Eaid, son of Dr. C. E. Eaid of Simcoe, will marry Helena Moore, daughter of William Moore of Bookton, this month [SR19160914p1] [Compiler's Comment: also see detailed wedding review Pretty September Wedding, SR19160921p1]
-- Bruce E. Eaid, D.D.S., of London, Ontario, son of Dr. Charles E. Eaid of Simcoe, married Helena, daughter of Wm. E. Moore of Bookton, Tue 19 Sep 1916 in LaSalette [SR19160921p7]

Eaid -- to the wife of Dr. B. E. Eaid, a son, 27 Nov 1917 in London [SR19171129p7]

Eaid -- Dr. Bruce Eaid was honorary bearer of Nina (Ferguson) Wallace

Eaid -- Mrs. C. E. Eaid of Simcoe was a daughter of Mrs. Bridget Graham of Tillsonburg 
-- see Bridget's obituary

Eaid -- Mrs. C. E. Eaid of Simcoe and Miss Graham of Simcoe, have their neice, Miss Florence Graham of Montreal, visiting [SR19190828p1]

Eaid -- Mrs. C. [G]. Eaid donated to Belgium Relief [SR19150304p1]

Eaid -- When visiting Simcoe, put your horses in at Chas. Eaid's new boarding stables. They are warm and comfortable and your horses will be well looked after [WS18990119p1]

Eaid -- to wife of Chas. E. Eaid, V.S., a son 22 Mar 1891 in Simcoe [BC18910408] [TO]

Eaid -- Charles Eaid, 45, born 12 Jul 1855 in Ontario, veterinary
his wife Eliza A., 44, born 9 Nov 1891 in Ontario
his single son Bruce E., 10, born 22 Mar 1891 in Ontario
his single boarder Anna O'Neil, 22, born 16 Jan 1879 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Eaid -- Charles E. Eaid: 
-- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List
-- see 1919 Ag Society

Eaid -- the mother of Mrs. C. E. Eaid of Simcoe, Miss Margaret Graham of Simcoe, and Joseph Graham of Tillsonburg, Mrs. Bridget Graham, 77, of Tillsonburg,  died 5 May 1910. Funeral 7 May 1910 to Catholic cemetery [obituary BC19100518]

Eaid -- Chas. Eaid was an 1913 Woodhouse Council officer

Eaid -- Chas. Eaid -- see Killed at Crossing

Eaid -- Mrs. Chas. Eaid: 
-- donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141119p1]
-- donated to Belgian Relief [SR19150128p1]

Eaid -- Dr. and Mrs. C. Eaid visited their son Dr. Bruce Eaid in London [SR19170315p12]

Eaid -- Dr. and Mrs. Eaid attended his sister's wedding in Jarvis 18 Apr 1917: Mrs. John Stradder of Jarvis married Andrew Rogers of Jarvis [SR19170419p16]

Eaid -- Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Eaid of Peel Street, Simcoe had their son Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Eaid and little son of London, visiting [SR19190703p10] -- Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Eaid visited their son, Dr. Bruce Eaid in London [SR19191127p12]

Eaid -- Charles E. Eaid, vet. surg., 51 Peel Street, Simcoe 
Eliza Eaid, housewife, 51 Peel Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Eaid -- Elizabeth, 6[9], widow of Thomas Eaid, died Mon 25 Sep 1916 in Jarvis [SR19161005p6] 

Eaid -- Elizabeth Mabel Eaid, 3[.], wife of Roger Cropp, died 27 Dec 1913 in Simcoe [SR19140101p7] -- Elizabeth M., 1877-1913, wife of Roger Cropp; Roger Cropp 1878-1952 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Eaid -- John Eaid, laborer, 143 West Steet, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Eaid -- Miss Libbie Eaid, daughter of Mrs. Thos. Eaid, married Robert Cropp of Aylmer 8 Jul 1902 at home of bride's mother in Jarvis [SR190207147]

Eaid -- Miss Minnie Maud Eaid, third daughter of late Thomas Eaid of Jarvis, married Allen C. Fess, of Emerson & Hague Company, Winnipeg, formerly of Selkirk, 4 Sep 1902 in Winnipeg, Manitoba [SR19021009]

Eaid -- Nellie, eldest daughter of Thos. Eaid of Jarvis, married Ivan W. Holmes of Selkirk, 16 Jan 1895 at her father's home [NR18950131]

Eaid -- Miss Nettie Florence Eaid of Jarvis married Robert W. Phillips of Selkirk married 15 Apr 1901 at home of John Graham in Hagersville [SR19010425]

Eaid -- Miss Rebecca A. Eaid of Jarvis married John Stadder of Jarvis, 12 Nov 1895 at Idylwyld, the home of her brother, Chas. E. Eaid, V.S., in Simcoe [SR18951114]

Eaid -- to wife of Thomas Eaid a daughter 18 Mar 1877 at Port Dover [BC18770328p3]

Eaid -- Thomas Eaid, 56, of Jarvis, died 7 Aug 1901 at Hagersville [SR19010815]

Eakins -- Bessie Eakins passed Form II Arithmetic at Port Rowan High School [NR18920407]

Eakins -- teacher Beatrice Eakius -- see 1915 Entrance Exams

Eakins -- Miss Bessie Eakins of Port Rowan married E. Herbert McIntire of Magnolia, North Carolina, 17 Jan 1899 at Bay View, the home of the bride's uncle, Mr. H. C. Ellis, in Port Rowan [SR18990126]

Eakins -- Sarah J. Eakins, 68 years 11 months, died 14 Dec 1900
her husband James Kimball, 71 years 9 months, died 18 Feb 1899
[Delhi Cemetery stone]

Eames -- Eliza Eamesl died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Eames -- H. Walter Eames of Simcoe married Miss Hilda Vera Dorey of Simcoe, 30 Aug 1913 in Simcoe [SR19130904]

Eames -- to wife of Henry Walter Eames, a daughter, 22 Mar 1914 in Simcoe [SR19140326p5]

Eames -- Mr. and Mrs. Eames' daughter Madeline, 4, died suddenly last Thursday [8 Jan 1925] -- see her obituary

Eames -- H. V. and L. W. Eames' daughter Madeline G., 1920-1925
[Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Eames -- Henry W. Eames 1890-1968 | his wife Hilda V. Dorey 1894-1980
[Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Eames -- Russel Eames of Niagara Falls married Miss Ada Beach of Union Street, Port Huron, 5 Nov 1907 in Sarnia [SR19071114]

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