Etc. -- some pupils of F. H. Stringer
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The following is based on part of the Port Dover column on page 16 
of the 3 May 1917 Simcoe Reformer, but is not a transcription. 
The source provided two lists of names, which we merged, then 
re-sequenced alphabetically. Other liberties were taken.

An Honor Roll of former pupils of F. H. Stringer now serving overseas, which was designed and lettered by 
A. M. Eadie, was hung in the Third Book room of 
Port Dover public school Wednesday 25 Apr 1917.
* name to be added to the Honor Roll.

Barrett, Quinton
Beecraft, Robert
Blight, Arthur*
Boughner, Leo*
Brierly, Edwin
Brock, Ernest
Bush, George*
Cooper, James
Dell, Roy
Dennison, Earle -- Killed in Action
Dillon, Murray
Franks, Charles -- Killed in Action
Franks, Edgar
Gordon, Harvey
Gordon, Russell
Johnson, Somers
Kindree, Harvey
Krell, Earl -- Killed in Action
Law, James
Leask, Floyd 
Leask, Lloyd
Liscumb, Tilman
Long, Walter
MacDonald, Hugh
McDonald, William*
Misner, Laurel (Nurse)
Monroe, Arthur
Moore, Hilton
Parish, Leslie
Rankin, Carson
Ryerse, Boyd
Smith, Arthur
Spain, George
Spain, John
Steele, Harry
Tibbetts, Alan
Waddle, Fred
Wynn, John

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