Etc. -- Madeline Eames' 1925 obituary
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A transcription of a page 5 article in the 15 Jan 1925 Waterford Star.

A Double Sorrow

A sad death occurred last Thursday when Madeline, 
the bonny little four-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eames of 63 King Street, Simcoe, passed away suddenly.

About 11 o'clock Wednesday night she was taken suddenly 
ill and grew steadily worse til the following noon, when a doctor was called. Before his arrival the little girl had died. 
It is thought that death was due to pneumonia,

The funeral was held on Friday at 2.30 p.m. to Oakwood Cemetery. The Rev. H. C. Newcombe officiated and held 
a service at the house. Four little girls, playmates of the deceased, acted as pall bearers.

On the day of the funeral the morning papers published the sad news of a frightful accident at Hamilton in which Mrs. Eames' brother, James Dorey, son of Mr. Fred Dorey of Simcoe, was seriously injured.

He was driving a motor truck, on which Frank and Edward Colborne were riding on their way to the east end,, in search of employment, when the truck was struck by a T. H. & B. locomotive on the Depew street level crossing. 

Both Colborne boys were killed -- one instantly. The other had both legs severed and his side punctured for inches 
by a brake rod of the engine which pinned him to the track. When released he was taken to the General Hospital but died at 2.30 p.m.

James Dorey was seriously injured but latest advices state that he is recovering.

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