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Nibbett -- Walter Nibbett wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Niblett -- Charles William Niblett, manager Bank of Hamilton at Jarvis, married Ella, third daughter of Mrs. J. Moore of Simcoe, 22 Apr 1903 at her mother's home on Norfolk street south in Simcoe [SR19030423]

Niblett -- to wife of Chas. Niblett, manager of Bank of Hamilton, a son [20] Mar [1908] in Port Elgin [SR19080326]

Niblett -- Chuck T. Niblett, 28, born 4 Sep 1872 in Ontario, bank clerk
his single lodger Anson M. Robinson, 25, born 21 Jun 1875 in Ontario, bank clerk
his single lodger Frederick E. Pettinger, 32, born 29 Mar 1869 in Ontario, clerk bank [sic]
[1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Niblock -- to wife of Mr. Niblock, a son, Wed 21 Apr 1915 at Vittoria  [SR19150429p9]

Nicherson -- E. Nicherson and J. Wallace, Lot 3, Concession 1, Windham [1857 Sketch]

Nichol -- also see Nicholl, Nicol

Nichol -- Nichol's planing mill -- see 1877 Waterford and Townsend

Nichol -- Agnes Nichol, 88, died 24 May 1888 [Cultus Cemetery stone]

Nichol -- Albert Nichol was promoted from grade 4 to grade 5 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Nichol -- Bertha Nichol married Russell Wilson, 7 Jan 1920 in Woodhouse -- see wedding review
-- Lillian [sic] Nichol of Simcoe married Russell Wilson of Woodhouse, 7 Jan [1920] at St. John's Church, Woodhouse [SR19200108p7]

Nichol -- Chaeles [sic] Nichol of Walpole married Maggie A., youngest daughter of John Ivey, 
12 Mar 1901 at her parents' home in Jarvis [SR19010321
[Compiler's Comment: this notice published under Deaths]

Nichol -- to wife of Chas. Nichol a daughter 15 Sep 1902 in Walpole [SR19020925]

Nichol -- to wife of Chas. Nichol a daughter 11 Sep 1907 in Sandusky [SR19070927]

Nichol -- to wife of mason Edward Nichol a son 6 Feb 1898 in Simcoe [SR18980210]

Nichol -- 1898 brick mason Edward Nichol -- see Drowned at Simcoe

Nichol -- Edward Nichol -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List

Nichol -- Emma A., eldest daughter of Walter Nichol of London, Ontario, formerly of Simcoe, married Fred W. Bates formerly of Simcoe married 3 Jul 1899 at her father's home [BC18890724

Nichol -- to the wife of George Nichol a daughter 8 Feb [1908] in Simcoe [SR19080213]

Nichol -- George Nichol's widow Jane defended George's will -- see Nichol vs. Nichol

Nichol -- George Nichol, 74, a native of Scotland, died 5 Apr 1908
his wife Jane, 73, a native of Scotland, died 27 Dec 1908 [Cultus Cemetery stone]

Nichol -- Hannah Jane Grieve, 71, widow of Thomas Nichol, M.D., LL.D., D.C.L., died 29 Jun 1909 in York Corner, Maine. Born in Norfolk County, a former resident of Simcoe, she is survived by two sons, a daughter, grandchildren  [SR19090708 and obituary in same issue]

Nichol -- Mrs. Hugh Nichol participated -- see C. J. Palmer's 100th birthday

Nichol -- James Nichol has moved to the store on Robinson Street one door east of Mather's Tailor Shop in Simcoe, where in addition to his knitting he will carry on a general confectionary business [NR18830927]

Nichol -- James Nichol, 70, born 29 Apr 1830 in Scotland, immigrated 186[6], [nitter]
his wife Sarah E., 67, born 7 Oct 1833 in England, immigrated 1859
[1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Nichol -- James Nichol of Buffalo was a brother of George Nichol of South Walsingham 
-- see Nichol vs. Nichol

Nichol -- James C. Nichol of Paris, formerly of Simcoe, married Miss Maggie Daball of Lynedoch, daughter of Jacob Daball, 10 Mar 1903 at her father's home [SR19030319
[Compiler's note: The the groom's surname is listed as both Nichol and Nicholls]

Nichol -- to wife of J. C. Nichol, formerly of Simcoe, a son, 30 Aug 1906 in [Sourie], Manitoba [SR19060914] [BC19060919]

Nichol -- Mrs. J. C. Nichol of Saskatchewan was daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Daboll

Nichol -- James C. Nichol, who conducts a general store in Radison, Sask., is in town. He is a son of the late James Nichol, who used to conduct a knitting business here a couple of decades ago. He is accompanied by his daughter and they have been guests of Mr. Kinsley Shaw [SR19170621p12]

Nichol -- Mrs. James C. Nichol, nee Maggie Daboll, died 2 Jul 1920 in Saskatoon -- see her obituary

Nichol -- Mrs. John Nichol, a native of Scotland,  died 17 Mar 1910 in Walpole 
[obituary BC19100330p1] -- see her obituary

Nichol -- Miss Margaret Nichol married Allan O. Matthews of Woodhouse, 22 Dec 1909 at her parents' home in Simcoe [SR19091230p10]

Nichol -- Marvin William Nichol, 796734, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own
-- Marvin William Nichol of Forestville, 22, Methodist, asylum attendant, 
born 5 Oct 1895 in Palmerton Ontario, son of W. H. Nichol of Palmerton
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Nichol -- M. W. Nichol's (photo) 11 Nov 1918 letter home from France [SR19181226p5]

Nichol -- Rev. P. Nichol:
-- of Unionville was brother-in-law of W. R. McKnight of Windham
-- subscribed to 1918 Sailors Fund

Nichol -- Peter Nichol wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Nichol -- Peter Nichol -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Nichol -- Mrs. Peter Nichol -- see 1937 Deaths

Nichol -- Mrs. S. E. Nicol, 73, widow of James Nichol, formerly of Simcoe, died 1[9] Mar 1907 at home of son-in-law John James, in Highgate, Ont. [SR19070322]

Nichol -- Sarah, 48, wife if George Nichol, died 28 Jul 1911 in Simcoe [SR19110720p6]

Nichol -- Miss Susie L. Nichol of Simcoe married John James of One[dia] , 1 Jan 1895 at her father's home [NR18950103]

Nichol -- to wife of T. Nichol, M.D., Jan 1862, a daughter -- see 1862 Reformer

Nichol -- to wife of Dr. Thomas Nichol a daughter 29 Jan 1880 in Montreal [BC18800204p3]

Nichol -- the will of Dr. Thomas Nichol of Montreal, Quebec was probated in 1890 
[Norfolk Wills]

Nichol -- W. Nichol donated to Belgium Relief at Vittoria [SR19141210p7]

Nichol -- the planing mill of Walter Nichol of Waterford is where G. F. Sterling cut the fingers off his right hand Friday while using the circular saw [NR18790828p3]

Nicholas -- Mrs. Almiria Spencer Nicholas, 7[8], formerly of Walsh, died 14 May [1908] in Lockport, N.[Y]. [SR19080521]

Nicholas -- Amelia Jane Nicholas of Charlotteville Centre, married John W. Kniffen of Selkirk, 
4 Jan 1888 in Port Dover [BC18880111]

Nicholas -- Edith Nicholas -- see 1919 S.S.4 Windham

Nicholas -- Edna Nicholas: 
-- see 1920 S.S. 14 Woodhouse promotions
-- was sister of Verna Jane Nicholas -- see Verna's 1920 wedding

Nicholas -- George Nicholas, farmer, Simcoe; Lot 23, Concession 6, Charlotteville 
[1919 Voters List]

Nicholas -- Miranda Nicholas married Levi B. Shaw, 20 Sep 1836. 
Witnesses: John Shaw; Peter Brown [GJR-SR19010307]

Nicholas -- Oscar Nicholas of Charlotteville married Miss Mary Jane Bates of Woodhouse 17 Feb 1892 in Simcoe [NR18920218]

Nicholas -- to wife of Oscar Nichols (nee Mary Jane Bates) a son 23 Feb 1898 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Nicholas -- to wife of Oscar Nichols (nee Mary Jane Bates) a son 26 Feb 1899 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Nicholas -- Miss Sarah E. Nicholas of Charlotteville married Rupert G. Jarvis of Staples, Essex County, 3 Nov 1891 in Simcoe 
[BC18911111] [NR18911105]

Nicholas -- Thos. Nicholas was an officer of 1887 Charlotteville Council 

Nicholas -- Thomas Nicholas, 67, born 10 Feb 1834 in England, farmer
his wife Almira Nicholas, 62, born 14 Apr 1838 in Ontario
his married son William R. Nicholas, 35, born 13 Oct 1865 in Ontario
his married daughter-in-law Linnia Nicholas, 26, born 23 Aug 1874 in Ontario
his single granddaughter Ivy A. Nicholas, 5, born 4 Jun 1895 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:2]

Nicholas -- Private Thomas Nicholas of Simcoe (photo), who enlisted with the 37th Battalion and has been in the trenches nine months, was wounded 15 Apr 1917, gunshot in eye [SR19170510p12]

Nicholas -- Miss Verna Jane Nicholas of Simcoe married Leo Harold McDonald of Simcoe, 25 Aug 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200902p7] -- Miss Verna Jane Nicholas of Simcoe married Leo Harold McDonald of Simcoe, 25 Aug 1920 in Simcoe -- see wedding review

Nicholas -- William Nicholas, farmer, RR6 Simcoe 
Mrs. William Nicholas, Lot 24, Concession 8, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Nicholl -- also see Nichol

Nicholl -- Mrs. Nicholl donated to the Belgian Relief [SR19150128p1]

Nicholl -- Edward Nicholl's infant son, Alfred, 8 months, died 14 Jun 1888 in Simcoe [BC18880620]

Nicholl -- Edward Nicholl of Bertha Street, Simcoe, has his daughter, Mrs. Gardner and children of Toronto, visiting  [SR19200722p12]

Nicholls -- Alfred Ralph Nicholls, [17], died 8 Nov 1915 in Simcoe [SR19151111p7] -- A. Ralph Nicholls died 8 Nov 1915 [In Memoriam SR19161109p7] [Compiler's Comment: there appears to be no surviving readable stone for this name in Norfolk County]

Nicholls -- Alvin Nicholls -- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions

Nichols -- David Nichols was promoted from grade 3 to grade 4 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Nicholls -- David Nicholls -- see 1914 Elementary School Grads

Nicholls -- E. L. Nicholls of Simcoe married Miss Alice F. LaFortune of Simcoe, 11 Apr 1910 at the home of Ira Whitehead in Simcoe [SR19100414p6] [BC19100420] -- see wedding review

Nicholls -- Edward M. Nicholls, 55, born 29 Aug  1845 in Ontario, bricklayer
his wife Harriet, 44, born 20 Feb 1854 in Ontario
his single son Manfield S., 21, born 8 Mar 1880 in Ontario, bricklayer
his single son Edward L., 19, born 14 Oct 1881 in Ontario, painter
his single daughter Carluda E., 16, born 19 Nov 1884 in Ontario, millner
his single son Albert R., 2, born 6 Feb 1899 in Ontario
his single lodger, William W. Nicholls, 66, born 14 Apr 1834 in Jamiaca, immigrated 1836, carpenter [1901 Census of Simcoe:1]

Nicholls -- E. M. Nicholls' wife, Harriet Nelson, 60, died 16 Apr 1917 in Simcoe [SR19170419p9] -- Harriet Nelson, the wife of E. M. Nicholls, died 16 Apr 1917 at her home, corner of Bertha and McCall streets. Born in Scarboro, she had lived in Simcoe for 30 years. Survived by husband, son E. L. of Port Dover, son Allen of Tonawanda NY, and daughter Mrs. P. S. Gardiner of Orillia. Predeceased by a son [SR19170419p9]

Nicholls -- Edward Nicholls, mason, McCall Street, Simcoe  
Wm. Nicholls, carpenter, McCall Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Nicholls -- Edward M. Nicholls 1842-1938 | his wife Harriett Nelson 1857-1917
their son A. Rolph 1898-1915 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Nicholls -- E. M. Nicholls, gentleman, Port Dover  
A. F. Nicholls, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Nicholls -- Miss Elizabeth Adele Nicholls of Simcoe married Hartley [sic] Cleveland Pierce Leaman [sic] of Toronto, in Simcoe [SR19191002p7] -- Elizabeth, daughter of George Nicholls of Simcoe, married Harold [sic] Leamon [sic] of Toronto, formerly of Simcoe, 29 Sep 1919 in Simcoe -- see wedding review

Nicholls -- Emma Cornella Nicholls of Simcoe married P. B. Gardiner of Toronto, 2[5] Jan [1911] in Toronto [Wedding Bells SR19110302p6]

Nicholls -- Geo. Nichols [sic] -- signed 1914 temperance petition  

Nicholls -- George Nicholls, laborer, 32 King Street, Simcoe 
Albert Nicholls, laborer, 32 King Street, Simcoe 
Elizabeth Nicholls, single, 32 King Street, Simcoe 
Bertha Nicholls, single, 32 King Street, Simcoe 
Lillian Nichollls, single, 32 King Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Nicholls -- George Nicholls' daughter:
-- Elizabeth married George Leamen -- see wedding review
-- Lillian married Norman Palmerton -- see wedding review

Nicholls -- George Henry Nicholls 1851-1939 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Nicholls -- Gladys Nicholls: 
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- see 1919 Simcoe elementary students
-- was a 1920 Simcoe Senior Third student [SR19200708p3]

Nicholls -- Hugh James Nicholls of Simcoe married Miss Della Elanora Osborne of Simcoe, 9 Apr 1917 in Simcoe [SR19170412p7] [SR19170412p12]

Nicholls -- Hugh J. Nicholls, machinist, 252 Main Street, Simcoe  
Bella [sic] Nicholls, 252 Main Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Nicholls -- Hugh J. Nicholls of Simcoe, mail driver, lost a horse in collision with a G.T.R. train recently [SR19191218p7]

Nicholls -- Showers for Miss Lillian Nicholls who is to marry Norman Palmerton were held at the residence of Mrs. George Lea, Norfolk Street north and the residence of Miss Nicholls' sister, Mrs. Russell Wilson of Woodhouse [SR19201125p1]

Nicholls -- Miss Lillie Mary Nicholls of Simcoe married Norman Palmerton of Simcoe, 29 Nov 1920 in Simcoe [SR19201202p9] -- Lillian Nicholls married Norman Palmerton, 20 Nov 1920 in Simcoe -- see wedding review

Nicholls -- Ralph Nicholls was promoted from grade 4 to grade 5 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Nicholls -- Sarah Emeline McGee, wife of Geo. Nicholls, 1864-1911 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Nicholls -- Susie Nicholls:  
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- sister of Lillian Nicholls wife of Norm Palmerton -- see wedding review

Nicholls -- Thomas Nicholls, 24 East Street, Simcoe  
Jean Nicholls, 23 East Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Nicholls -- William L. Nicholls, 26, single, born 4 Oct 1874 in England, immigrated 1899, farm laborer, resided in the household of his sister Annie J. [ Morkern]
[1901 Census of Woodhouse:2
[Compiler's Comment: her entry appears on our Unreadable page]
-- see scan of handwritten surname from microfilm

Nicholls -- William Nicholls 1834-1931 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: same stone as Edward M. Nicholls]

Nichols -- Miss Emeline Nichols, recently arrived from Australia, married Wm. Henry Philips of Bonny Heath Farm, 8 Jul 1917 in Waterford [SR19170719p6]

Nichols -- Lucinda Nichols 1819-1890 | her husband David S. Robinson 1811-1895 
-- see Glen Meyer Cemetery video

Nichols -- Susie Nichols was a 1919 Junior High Candidate

Nichols -- Mr. T. Nichols was uncle of Miss Florence Abbott of Port Rowan -- see her wedding review

Nichols -- Thomas Henry Nichols married Miss Jean Brogan 20 Oct 1915 in Simcoe [SR19151104p10]

Nichols -- to the wife of Thomas Henry Nichols, a son, 7 Jan 1919 in Simcoe [SR19190109p5]

Nichols -- Verna Nichols -- see 1910 S.S. 10 Charlotteville pupils

Nichols -- Wm. Nichols of Charlotteville married Miss Lillian A Patient of Middleton
3 Jan 1894 [
no place listed] [NR18940118]

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