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The following is an edited transcription of a page 5 article of the 8 Apr 1897 Waterford Star. It summarizes the content of the 30 Mar 1877 issue of the same newspaper.

Twenty Years Ago

Thinking it might be of interest to our readers, especially to the older residents, we have taken a copy of the Star printed on March 30, 1877, and herewith give account of those in business at that time which will show almost a complete change.

The following men were in business:
> Major B. Hague, boots and shoes;
> M. L. Harp, shoemaker;
> J. J. Church, harness-maker;
> James H. Honey, boots and shoes, store two doors west of E. E. Slaght's shoe, on Mechanic street, sign of the large boot;
> D. Epps, practical watchmaker and jeweler, located in E. Matthew's drug stone;
> Edward Matthews, druggist, conveyancer and commissioner, deeds, mortgages and bonds executed, clerk of the division clerk;
> Nichol's planing mill near C.S.R. depot;
> Edward Grace, issuer of marriage licenses, bailiff 2nd division court;
> Thomas Henry, new livery, also proprietor of Canada Southern hotel (temperance house);
> U. J. Chambers, practical watchmaker and jeweler;
> J. L. Barber, furniture dealer, nearly opposite the Baptist church;
> L. H. Slaght, issuer of marriage licenses and agent for North British Canadian Investment Co., offices at E. E. Slaght's store;
> T. Hague, general groceries, crockery, fruits, toys, etc.;
> E. Glover, furniture shop on Mechanic street:
> Mrs. J. O'Heron, millinery and mantles;
> L. Becker, general store;
> D. Purvis, new grocery store, two doors south of post office;
> James Joyce, boots and shoes;
> G. F. Marter, general store;
> A. & J. Little, general store;
> Green Bros., makers of Royce reapers;
> L. P. Pursel, furniture;
> J. P. Pedker, tailor;
> L. H. Lundy.

The Norfolk Spring Fair was at this time being held at Simcoe.

A local in this issue says "the old Baptist church has been successfully removed to its new location just west of its former site."

The names of several prominent places in Norfolk County are given, viz: Teeterville, Lake Hunger, Woodpecker Point, Rattlesnake Harbor, Nickaville, Brandy Creek, Dog's Nest, Suckerville, Pumkintown, etc.

Dr. Clark, M.PP., was at this time canvassing North Norfolk. The Waterford meeting was held in the temperance hall and the chair was occupied by John Lemon, Esq., at the Bealton meeting Gilbert Taylor, Esq., J.P., occupied the chair and at the Windham Centre meeting Juit Baker Esq., occupied the chair.

Below we give the names of a number of pupils of the Boston school -- W. G. Jessop, teacher -- who were successful at the February examination of '77: 
Rowena Churchill
Hugh Haviland
Martha Haviland
Triphena Haviland
A. Johnson
C. Johnson
N. Leach
L. Norton
James Oliver
John Oliver
Katie Oliver
Mary Oliver
L. Olmstead
Marshall Robinson
Flora Rouse
Fred Smith
E. Tobin
Willie Turner
John Woodley
The obituary appears in this issue of John Wark Collver, aged 74 years. The deceased was one of the oldest settlers in this community. His parents, John and Miriam Collver, came to Townsend over 80 years ago, which time would be 1797, settling on what is now known as the "Hart Farm" near Bloomsburg. He married Sara Carnes.
The following are the names of the 28th municipal council of the Township of Townsend for 1877: 
Henry J. Barber, Reeve;
Levi Lewis, 1st deputy Reeve;
Isaac G. Wyckoff, 2nd deputy Reeve;
James Anderson, and Joseph H. Wooley, coucillors.
Lyman N. Collver, clerk.
A. B. Walker and Nelson Clark, auditors.

Dr. John Wilson of Simcoe was elected Warden.

The Round Plains school was built about this time at a cost of $2,000. The trustees were Moses Serles, Hiram Beemer and Oscar McMichael. The brick work was done by J. B. Clifford and J. L. Jones was the architect.

In this issue appears an editorial on the question of war in the east.
[Compiler's Comment: Summary of editorial omitted.]

There was talk of putting a railroad from Simcoe to Port Rowan.

At a meeting of Wilson Lodge the following officers were installed by Bro. C. Bennett, D.D.G.M.:
L. Becker, W.M.;
A. B. Walker, S.W.;
Rev. H. Cocks, J. W.,
D. R. Foster, Tres.,
D. Epps, Sec.,
Rev. J. Burke, Chap.,
J. P. Pearce, J. D.,
Lewis Beem, D. of C.,
Robt. Irwin, I.G.,
Alex. McDonald Tyler.

A new post office was established in Windham, viz: Vanessa.

The following names appeared in the Waterford Public School report:
Div. VI--
___ Delevin
___ Messecar
Fred Messcar
Ida Perney
Rosa Scoville
Hattie Skelley
Wm. Terry
Div. V --
Theo. Beam
John Cammell
Kate Clark
Jennie Culver
Barton Foster
Glenn Green
Minnie Green
Bertha Leach
Ed. Marter
Maggie Story
John Terry

Div. IV --
Thomas Duncombe
Carrie Cammell
Chas. Cammell
Howard Collver
Minnie Glover
Ed. Goodwin
Frank Green
James Green
Willie Lundy
Jeff. Slaght
Roxa Slaght
Annie Terry
Minnie Wallace

The Oratorio of Esther the Beautiful Queen was given in the Town Hall under the direction of J. McGlashan.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. S. Lewis of Townsend Centre celebrated the 62nd anniversary of their wedding day on 19 Feb '77.

The contract for building the Baptist Church was let to Wm. Watt, Brantford, for $10,015.

George H. McMichael graduated from the Philadelphia Dental College.

[List of farm produce prices omitted.]

Among the buildings erected during that year were: 
Green Bros. large foundry, corner St. James and Nichol streets, 
frame house on corner of Washington and Nichol streets, erected by Mr. Nelson Green, 
cottage on south side of Temperance street, erected by Mr. Landon Boughner,
two-storey brick house on south side of East Temperance street, erected by Dr. McGuire,
frame building on St. James street opposite new foundry, erected by Mr. L. D. Grover,
brick house on corner of Temperence and Wellington streets, erected by Mr. Albert Ammerman,
frame building south of W. O. R. Shrigley's, erected by Mr. Martin Tobin,
Baptist Church.

This is the year employees of Green Bros. had the renowned shooting match and oyster supper.

It was in [1877] that the Village of Waterford was incorporated and the following composed the Village council for the ensuing year: 
Reeve Mr. Nelson Green, Councillors Messrs. L. Becker, John L. Barber, G. F. Marter and Walter Nichol.

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