Etc. -- Subscribers to 1918 Sailors Fund, version 3.0
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The following is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of citizens who donated, from page 1 articles in the 3 Oct 1918, 10 Oct 1918 and 17 Oct 1918 issues of the Simcoe Reformer

Subscriptions to Sailors Fund

The following voluntary subscriptions to supplement the grants made by the town and county councils have been paid in to the banks and other designated places.

The list will remain open for a few days longer. You can hand or mail your check to Judge Boles, Mayor Sihler or W. C. J. King, treasurer of the fund. Subscriptions may also be left at any local bank or at the H. S. Falls Co.'s store.

H. Abercrombie, Woodhouse
D. F. Aiken
Mrs. J. C. Austin, Simcoe

Miss E. Baker, Woodhouse
Mrs. J. Baker, Woodhouse
W. A. Baldwin, Woodhouse
Baptist Church
Mrs. J. Beaupre, Simcoe
Bloomsburg School 
Judge A. T. Boles
Mrs. (Dr.) Boyd
L. Brady
Mrs. L. Brady
F. Brearley
F. T. Brook, Simcoe
H. J. Brook, Woodhouse 
C. M. Brookfield
Morton Brown

Misses Cattel
Miss Chandler
J. D. Christie
Mrs. H. A. Clark
H. Frank Cook, Simcoe
Miss A. Counter
G. N. Counter
L. C. Cratt, Simcoe
F. E. Curtis

Mrs. M. L. I. Day, Simcoe
Rev. W. J. Dey
H. B. Donly
Mrs. H. B. Donly
Miss M. B. Donly
Mrs. Dugit
Mrs. A. Duprix
W. B. Durward, Simcoe

Geo. E. Eatwell
Mrs. Jas. Edgeworth, Woodhouse
E. Edmonds
Mrs. R. Edmonds

H. S. Falls
Rev. A. B. Farney
C. H. Fitton
Miss M. E. Fitton
Mrs. J. Foote
G. H. Fort
Mrs. Fountain
Miss Fry
Miss N. Fulgona
Miss Fuller

L. C. Gibson
Joseph Gilbertson, Woodhouse
J. Gilkes, Silver Hill
H. H. Groff, Woodhouse
C. S. Gunning
H. M. Gunning

W. E. Hambly, Woodhouse
Geo. Hammond, Woodhouse
Miss M. Harris
Mrs. Susan Hart, Simcoe
Mrs. Agnes C. Hayne, Port Stanley
Miss E. S. Hayne, Port Stanley
Mrs. A. H. Hicks
Miss M. T. Hicks
S. A. Hunn

C. E. Innes
H. P. Innes
W. L. Innes, Simcoe 

J. B. Jackson
Dr. Lily Jackson
W. G. Jackson
Miss Enid Johnson
H. A. Johnson
Henry Johnson
James E. Johnson
Miss J. Jones, Simcoe
Mrs. Joslin and Tom

W. C. J. King
Miss Z. K. King, Simcoe
L. Kirkwood

Miss A. J. Langtry
Miss. S. A. Langtry
Lea Bros.
G. H. Leas, Simcoe
Mrs. Geo. W. Lea, Simcoe
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Leask, Simcoe
Mrs. Longhurst
Lynedoch Public School

Miss M. Madden
Mrs. A. Mansfield
Honorable A. McCall
Mrs. A. McCall
Miss C. A. McCall
A. J. McIntosh, Woodhouse
W. N. McKay
Miss F. K. Misner
E. Morgan, Delhi
T. S. Morgan, Woodhouse
Mrs. Munro, Simcoe

Mrs. T. R. Nelles
Mrs. Newland
Rev. P. Nichol
Geo. Noble

Patriotic Tea Room
Mrs. E. Burt Peters
Mrs. S. E. Peterson
John Porter, Simcoe

Quance Bros., Delhi

C. C. Rapelje
Mrs. Rich. Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Reid
Mrs. S. Richardson
A. G. Rose
Miss Isabelle Rowatt
H. Ryerse

W. M. Seavell
A. T. Sihler
Mrs. R. Simpson. 
T. R. Slaght
Mrs. T. R. Slaght
Hilda C. Smith, Simcoe
R. H. Smith
A. G. Smyth, Charlotteville
F. M. Smyth, Simcoe
Mrs. F. S. Snider
C. B. Spencer, Simcoe

Misses Taylor
Mrs. Andrew Thompson, Simcoe
D. R. Tisdale
Mrs. Tomlinson, Woodhouse
Miss Beatrice Thompson, Simcoe

S. H. Waffle, Woodhouse
W. Y. Wallace
J. S. Walton
West, Peachey & Sons
Mrs. A. West
Miss M. E. West
J. S. Wyckoff 

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