Etc. -- 1909 S.S. 10 Charlotteville public school pupils
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An edited compiled transcription of a list of students in a page 9 article in the 13 Jan 1910 issue 
of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

S.S. No. 10 Charlotteville
Teacher: Annie C. Richards. 

December school report 
S. S. 10, Charlotteville.
* = Honour Roll Pupils 

Lloyd Arn
Reeta Arn
Viola Backus
Pearl Burk
Annie Charlton
Gladstone Charlton *
Grace Charlton
Isabella Charlton
Joseph Charlton
Coughlin, Stella
Trina Culver
Leena [sic] Easton
Pearl Easton
Tom Easton
Reta Gibson *

Wray Holtby *
Laura McClain
Burton Mills
Clarence Mills
[Edly] Misner
Myrtle Moulton
Verna Nichols *
Roy North
Erie Parker
Austin Rush
Charlie Shelby
Precilla Sherrard
Flossie Swick
Willie Thatcher
Eddie West

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