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Kaake -- Thomas Kaake wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Kacke -- Esther Kacke wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Kagl -- Annie Kagl -- see 1910 LaSalette promotions

Kahn -- Mr. Charles Kahn offers dental operations without producing coma or insensibility in Simcoe [EN18600419p1]

Kalar -- Anson Kalar 1875-1915 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Kalar -- Charles Kalar -- see 1910 Waterford pupils

Kalar -- Charles Kalar of Waterford -- see Waterford & Townsend Cenotaph
-- Charles Rolph Kalar of Toronto, 19, Methodist, driver, born 21 May 1899 
in Waterford, son of Hattie Kalar of Waterford (2009216)
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Kalar -- Charles R. Kalar of Waterford married Alice Rachael Broadley of Simcoe -- see wedding review

Kalar -- Charles R. G. Kalar 1900-1964 [Woodhouse United Cemetery stone]

Kalar -- Clara Kalar: 
-- see 1901 Waterford public school honor roll
-- see 1908 Waterford students 

Kalar -- Miss Gladys Kalar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Kalar of Waterford, married Frederick Wilkes of Brantford, 13 Sep 1919 in Waterford [SR19190925p7]

Kalar -- Elsie May Kalar born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Kalar -- Gladys Kalar -- see 1910 Waterford pupils

Kalar -- Harold Kalar:
was a 1901 Waterford Public School student
-- see 1901 Waterford public school honor roll
-- see 1908 Waterford students 

Kalar -- Harold Kalar of Buffalo, formerly of Waterford, married Miss Verna D. Peaker of Buffalo, formerly of Townsend, [7] Sep 1914 in Buffalo [SR19140924p5]  
-- Harold Kalar of Buffalo, formerly of Waterford, married Miss Verna D. Peaker of Buffalo, formerly of Townsend, 5 Sep 1914 in Buffalo

Kalar -- to wife of Harold Kalar:
-- a son, 20 Aug 1915 in Waterford [WS19150826p1] [SR19150902p5]
-- a son: Reginald A., 28 Dec 1916 in Waterford [SR19170111p7]

Kalar -- Harvey J. Kalar of Waterford married Miss Mary A Saltzberry of Waterford, 4 Apr 1900 in Waterford [SR19000426] [WS19000412p1]

Kalar -- Harvey Kalar sold his farm to Mr. Hope of Hamilton [WS19100915p1]

Kalar -- Harvey Kalar, gentleman, Church, Waterford 
Mary Kalar, Church, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Kalar -- Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kalar are quietly celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary, 4 Apr 1956. Two days later Mrs. Kalar will celebrate her 79th birthday [SR19560404p12]

Kalar -- James Harvey Kalar -- also see Harvey Kalar, Harvey J. Kalar

Kalar -- James Harvey Kalar, well-known Waterford resident, died 19 Jul 1956 in Simcoe. His wife is the former Mary Saltzberry. Funeral will be 22 Jul 1956 to Greenwood Cemetery [SR195600720p3]

Kalar -- John Kalar of Townsend Centre married Hattie, eldest daughter of W. B. Goodwin, 12th inst. at her parents' home in Waterford [BC18901119]

Kalar -- to wife of John Kalar, a son, 21 May 1900 in Waterford [SR19000531]

Kalar -- John Kalar, fruit grower, Leamon, Waterford 
Charles Kalar, farmer, Leamon, Waterford 
Hattie Kalar, Leamon, Waterford 
Gladys Kalar, spinster, Leamon, Waterford [1919 Voters List] 

Kalar -- John Kalar 1865-1935
Harriett Kalar 1867-1956 [Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Kaley -- Minnie Kaley, 20, wife of Chas. Woodward, died 4 Feb 1902 in St. Williams [SR19020213]

Kallum -- Mary Jane Kallum wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Kanbon -- "Quite a number from this place attended the funeral of Lenden Kanbon Wednesday" [Rhineland SR19151230p9]

Kane -- Mrs. Kane of Buffalo was daughter of Mrs. Byerlay of Walsingham Centre [SR19150325p6]

Kane -- Freeman Kane, millright, RR6 Simcoe
Mrs. Freeman Kane, Lot 2, Concession 5, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Kane -- John Kane, 37, single, born 14 Apr 1863 in Ontario, marble cutter, lodged in the hotel of Emerson Ramey [1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Kane -- Mrs. Julia Kane, 80, died 15 Mar 1895 in Simcoe [NR18950321]

Kane -- Mrs. Maggie Kane of Buffalo, N.Y. and Mrs. Harry Fisher of St. Williams, visited their mother, Mrs. Byerley over the weekend [Walsingham SR19160511p2] -- Mrs. Maggie Kane spent Easter Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Harry Fisher, at Port Royal [Walsingham SR19170412p2]

Kane -- Sarah Alva Kane born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Kanline -- Charles Kanline, farmer, Langton -- see 1919 Voters' List

Kanoff -- W. Kanoff, Lot 10, Concession 4, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch]

Kant -- Sarah, 43, wife of lumber merchant Geo. Kant, died 26 Jan 1881 at her home in Middleton [NR18810204p3] [Compiler's Comment: compare with Kent, Geo.]

Kantel -- Emil Rutherford, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kantel of Toronto, died 11 Sep 1909 in Simcoe [SR19090916 page 16]

Kapheim -- to wife of Charles E. Kapheim (nee Elizabeth D. Cornell) a daughter 3 Mar 1898 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Kapheim -- Chas. E. Kapheim, 35, born 22 Sep 1865 in Germany, immigrated 1883, gardener
his wife Elizabeth D. Kapheim, 36, born 12 Feb 1865 in Ontario, domestic
his single daughter Maggie Kapheim, 14, born 6 Sep 1886 in Ontario, domestic
his single son Ron Kapheim, 12, born 13 Jun 1888 in Ontario, laborer
his single daughter Gussie Kapheim, 10, born 14 Oct 1890 in Ontario
his single son Gordon Kapheim, 8, born 16 Jul 1892 in Ontario
his single daughter Dorah Kapheim, 6, born 21 Nov 1894 in Ontario
his single daughter Corn Kapheim, 1, born 21 May 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:2]

Kapheim -- Grace [Vernie], 6 months, infant daughter of Charles E. Hapheim, died 30 Aug 1898 in Simcoe [18980901]

Kapple -- Charles M. Kapple had mail waiting at Simcoe post office [NO18410904p3]

Kar -- Mr. Kar of Ridgetown married Miss Jane McDonald of Lynedoch 2 Sep 1901 at LaSalette [SR19010912]

Karl -- Ralph Stanley Karl of Charlotteville married Miss Maggie May Wilson of Charlotteville 24 Apr 1904 in Delhi [SR19040506]

Karn -- Miss Mary Karn of Forestville married Lewis Pegg of Forestville 20 Oct 1886 at her parents' home [NR18861118]

Karn -- Samuel Karn of Waterford married Mrs. Elizabeth Mealey of Waterford, 24 Aug 1887 at the groom's home [BC18870831]

Karn -- Samuel Karn, 79, [died] 1[5]th inst. in Waterford [NR18931026]

Karn -- Sarah Ann Karn, 86, widow of Elijah Kitchen, died 27 Jul 1913 in Ridgetown. Funeral Tuesday from residence of her son [H]. B. Kitchen, south of Waterford. Interment: Bloomsburg Cemetery [WS19130713p1]

Karnes -- Bella Karnes, mw -- see 1919 Voters omitted

Karnes -- Patrick Karnes and Ann Smith of Nixon were parents of Mrs. Culver G. Kitchen 
-- see her obituary

Karnes -- Margaret J. Karns, widow, 60 Queen Street, Simcoe 
Frank Karnes, laborer, 60 Queen Street, Simcoe 
Margaret Karnes, single, 60 Queen Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Karnes -- Sarah A. Karnes of Buffalo, N.Y. married Culver G. Kitchen of Waterford, 21 Feb 1914 in Buffalo [SR19140312p6] -- also see her obituary

Karns -- Charles Patrick Karns, born 26 Oct 1892 at Nixon, son of Patrick Karns and Ellen Croft, a railway fireman, husband of Mrs. C. Gladys Stewart, died 17 Nov 1930 at his home in St. Thomas, Ontario -- see scan of his death certificate

Karns -- F. Karns of Windham, teamster -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [PDF]

Karns -- J. Karns, laborer, 198 Windham Street, Simcoe 
Josephine Karns, 198 Windham Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Karns -- to wife of James Karns a son 16 Jul 1914 in Simcoe [SR19140723p7]

Karns -- John Karns testified -- see Cave-In

Karns -- to wife of Patrick Karns a son 17 Oct 1901 in Simcoe [SR19011024]

Karns -- Pat Karns -- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List

Karnes -- Peter Karnes, 169 Queen Street North, Simcoe 
Louie Karnes, married woman, 169 Queen St. N., Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Karns -- Peter Karns narrowly missed in accident -- see Cave-In

Karrigan -- Percy Karrigan was a 1919 Junior High Candidate

Kastmay -- [Kither], relict of J. O. Kastmay of Alymer, Ont., and mother of Mrs. P. W. Austin of Lynn Valley, died [23 or 25] Sep 1900 at her residence [SR19001004]

Katchabaw -- Norman Katchabaw of Bayham married Miss Geneiva Stringer of Bayham, 12 Jan 1880 at home of S. Wark in Delhi [BC18800121p3] -- Norman Katchabaw of Elgin County married Miss Geneiva Stringer of Elgin County, 12 Jan 1880 at the home of J. Wark in Delhi [NR18800123p3]

Katen -- Miss Emma A. [Gaten or Katen] of Elgin County married [Anson] Grigg of Elgin County, 11 Nov 1885 at the [home] of John Wark in Simcoe [NR18851119
[Compiler's Comment: Bride's surname listed as both Gaten and Katen]

Katerson -- Mrs. Catherine Katerson, 85, mother of Mrs. A. Petrie of Simcoe, died 13 Feb 1896 at Newcastle, Ont. [SR18960220]

Katerson -- Margaret Katerson, 67, widow of Adam Petrie, died 15 Dec 1913 in Hamilton [SR19131218p8]

Kathchabew -- Norman Kathchabew wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Kaudsen -- Grace Kaudsen, married woman, RR1 Vittoria  
Susan Kaudsen, married woman, Lot 21 Concession 2, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Kauffman -- also see Kaufman, Kaufmann [Compiler's Comment: the spelling Kauffman has not been found on a single Norfolk County cemetery stone]

Kauffman -- Mr. Kauffman [sic] -- was a 1915 Windham Officer

Kauffman -- G. Kauffman was a 1910 Windham Officer [WS19100331p4]

Kauffman -- H. Kauffman [sic] was a 1900 Windham officer

Kauffman -- Phineas Kauffman of Townsend married Miss Effie J. Hayes of Townsend, 25 Dec 1894 in Waterford [NR18950207]

Kauffmann -- John Elsworth Kauffmann -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Kaufman -- Donna Kaufman -- see 1920 Port Dover Promotions

Kaufmann -- Evan Kaufmann -- see 1921 Waterford public school pupils

Kaufman -- Freda Kaufman -- see 1920 Port Dover Promotions

Kaufmann -- Charles W. Kaufmann, son of Henry Kaufmann of Windham, married Alice E. Taylor, youngest daughter of Lewis A. Taylor, 12 Dec 1894 in Bealton -- see their 52nd 
[Compiler's Comment: Alice E. also appears in Norfolk's historical record as Eura Alice

Kaufmann -- to wife of Charles W. Kaufman [sic], nee Eura Alice Taylor, a daughter 24 Oct 1899 [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Kaufmann -- Mrs. W. [sic] Kaufman [sic] of Waterford and Mrs. Ward Foster of Canning, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Taylor of Bealton [WS19010808p8] 

Kaufmann -- to the wife of C. W. Kaufman [sic] a daughter 19 Nov 1901 in Waterford [SR19011205]

Kaufmann -- Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kaufman's [sic] infant son Charles Roy, died 1 May 1905 in Waterford [SR19050512]

Kaufmann -- C. W. Kaufman [sic] has purchased a six-cylinder Tudhope touring car, joining the ranks of the motorists [Hagersville SR19141008p2]

Kaufman -- C. W. Kaufman contributed to the G.W.V.A. Fund

Kaufmann -- Charles W. Kaufmann 1870-1947 | his wife Alice E. Taylor 1874-1958 
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Kaufmann -- Fred Kaufmann -- see 1921 Waterford High pupils

Kaufmann -- Geo. Kauffman [sic] of Windham married Miss Rose Price of Delhi, 8 Dec 1891 at her parents' home in Delhi [NR18911217] [BC18911216]

Kaufmann -- to wife of Geo. Kauffman [sic], twin sons, 25 May 1897 in Middleton [SR18970603]

Kaufman -- also Kauffman, Kauffmann

Kaufmann -- Geo. Kaufman [sic] donated to Belgian Relief (Delhi car) [SR19141203p4]

Kaufman -- George Kaufman, farmer, Delhi 
Ray Kaufman, farmer, Lot 21, Concession 12, Windham 
Erland Kaufman, farmer, Delhi 
Ellsworth Kaufman, farmer, Lot 21, Concession 12, Windham 
Henry Kaufman, farmer, Delhi 
Vera Kaufmana, single, farmer, Lot 21, Concession 12, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Kaufmann -- Geo. Kaufman [sic] Sr. [sic], 84, died 4 Feb 1924 at the home of his son George Kaufman [sic]. Funeral was Wednesday [Delhi Reporter SR19240207p11]

Kaufman -- Isaac N. Kaufman, merchant, St. George, Port Dover  
Ida Kaufman, St. George, Port Dover [1919 Voters List]

Kaufman -- Miss Kittie [Haufman or Kaufman] of Windham married John Smithson of Windham, 17 Oct 1894 in Delhi [NR18941101
[Compiler's Comment: Bride's surname listed as both Haufman and Kaufman]

Kaufmann -- G. E. Kaufmann of Delhi, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Kaufmann -- Geo. A. Kaufmann 1863-1930 | his wife Rosanna Price 1868-1917
Geo. H. Kaufmann 1840-1924 | his wife Agusta Drake 1845--1918
[Delhi Cemetery stone]

Kaufmann -- R. G. Kaufmann of Delhi, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Kaufmann -- Pte. Ray Kaufman [sic] has returned home [Delhi SR19190403p8] -- Pte. Ray Kaufman [sic] and Pte. Kenneth Wardell have returned home to Delhi [SR19190403p8]

Kay -- to wife of Rev. J. R. Kay a son 28 Nov 1877 at Killbride [BC18771212p3] 
[Compiler's Comment: there is a community called Kilbride in Halton County, Ontario]

Kay -- to wife of Rev. J. R. Kay a son 9 Feb 1882 at New Haven, Michigan [BC18820222] [NR18820216p3]

Kay -- Mary Kay, stenographer, Delhi [1919 Voters List]

Kay -- Samuel, 8, son of Rev. John Kay died 2 Apr 1882 in Waterford [BC18820412]

Kay -- Mrs. Will Kay of Paris was daughter of Wesley and Mary Post of Normandale

Kaye -- Benjamin Kaye wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Kayser -- Kayser & Rutherford sell farmers' supplies on Robinson Street in Simcoe [SR19140708p2] -- see 1915 Simcoe Merchants

Kayser -- J. C. Kayser donated to Muskoka Hospital in 1917.
-- see 1919 Ag Society

Kayser -- J. C. Kayser of Simcoe visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Kayser at Hagersville [SR19180328p5]

Kayser -- J. C. Kayser of Simcoe attended the Dominion Day races in Tillsonburg [SR19190703p10]

Kayser -- J. C. Kayser was a pallbearer -- see Thomas Miller's obituary

Kayser -- John C. Kayser, merchant, 106 Stanley Street, Simcoe 
Nellie Kayser, 106 Stanley Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Kayser -- Lewis Wm. Kayser wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Kayser -- Lucille Kayser: 
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
was a 1919 Junior High Candidate
-- see 1920 Simcoe High honor roll

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