Etc. -- 1917 Muskoka Hospital Donors
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The following is not a transcription. It is an alphabetically sequenced list of contributor listed on page 1 of the 10 Jan 1918 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

Simcoe's Contribution to
Muskoka Free Hospital

The Treasurer of the Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumption wishes to gratefully acknowledge  contributions received in Simcoe from the following 
by the Field Secretary of the National Sanitarium Association.

T. J. Agar
T. R. Atkinson
C. A. Austin
J. E. Austin
B. B. Baillie
Judge Boles
C. Ward Butcher
Brook Woolen Co.
Annie E. Brown
H. A. Carter
Jos. Coates
G. N. Counter
J. D. Christie
Rev. W. J. Dey
H. B. Donly
H. S. Falls
A. B. Farney
H. H. Groff
R, G. Holmes
M. L. House
W. L. Innes & family
J. C. Kayser
G. W. Lea Estate
H. S. Macpherson
H. C. Marlatt
Guy R. Marston
T. W. Martin
Rev. J. H. McBain
Hon. A. McCall
W. C. McCall
P. W. McGachie
W. N. McKay
G. C. Murdoch
Rev. Father Nagle
E. F. Neff
Norfolk Milling Co.
Frank Reid
O. Robertson
Ryerse Bros.
Dr. A. T. Sihler
Simcoe Wool Stock Co.
Mr. & Mrs. T. R. Slaght
Stalker Bros.
F. Stevenson
W. Y. Wallace
S. J. West
Geo. Widner

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