Etc. -- 1919 Voters Omitted: Simcoe
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The following is not a transcription. Rather it is a reorganized compilation based on a 
page 1 article in the 4 Sep 1919 issue of the Simcoe Reformer newspaper.


A court of revision on the 1919 Voters List for the town of Simcoe was held in the town hall on Tuesday by his honor Judge Arthur T. Boles. The following people, wrongly omitted from the list, were added.

mw indicates Married Woman.

Allen, Lenora, teacher

Barber, Charles, gentleman
Barber, Effie N., mw
Barber, Herbert, laborer
Barber, Roy, laborer
Beaupre, M. M., housewife
Beecraft, Henry L., laborer
Bickford, James, gentleman
Bickford, Minnie, housewife
Blume, Albert A., laborer
Blume, Eva May, mw
Bolton, Harry D., soldier
Brandow, Ina, clerk

Carvill, Harry, salesman
Challen, Edward, printer
Christie, Catherine, mw
Cocking, Gladys, spinster
Cook, Henry W., farmer
Cotton, Arthur, carpenter
Crites, Claud, soldier

Denny, Floyd, laborer
Denny, Mrs. Floyd, housewife

Foster, D. E., clergyman
Foster, Jean, housewife

Garland, Lorne
Grant, Charles, inspector
Greenland, Jessie, clerk

Hall, Angus M., printer
Hall, D. W., optician
Hampton, Ashton, soldier
Hayne, Elizabeth, lady
Holmes, Austin, clerk
Holmes, Winnifred, mw

Jones, Luella, mw
Jull, Sarah P., widow

Karnes, Bella, mw

Manning, Ernest, teacher
Manning, Nellie Madeline, housewife
Marsters, James E., clerk 
Martin, Annie G., housewife
Martin, Thomas W., teacher
McBride, Alex., laborer
McCall, Mary A., spinster
McDougall, Estelle, teacher
McIntosh, Donald, soldier
McIntosh, Duncan Neal, student
Miller, Martha, W.

Overbaugh, Oswald, mechanic
Overbaugh, Vera, housewife
Owen, Vera, tel. operator

Pamplin, Arthur, soldier
Parmer, Julia, W.
Pearson, Sophia, W.
Pettit, Grace, mw
Pettit, Murray, laborer
Piette, Florette, mw
Piette, Webber, electrician
Polley, Ada, spinster
Polley, Bella, spinster
Polley, Keith, laborer
Potts, Oliver, laborer
Prentice, Annie, mw
Prentice, John, laborer
Prentice, Martha, spinster

Reid, Clara G., teacher
Reid, Gerald, harnessmaker
Reid, John, clerk
Rice Catherine, mw
Rice, Ira Lorne, laborer
Richardson, Maggie, housewife
Ross, James, laborer
Russell. Ethel L., widow

Schoff, George Washington, lab.
Stone, George, carpenter
Sutton, Harry W., osteopath

Thompson, Winnifred, mw

Walsh, John, gentleman
Wilkinson, Wm., pool room
Winfield, Viola, housewife
Winfield, Wilfred, soldier
Winter, Ashton A., soldier

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