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Edmonds -- Mrs. Edmonds, the former Miss Soper, wife of Walter Edmonds of Detroit, committed suicide Thursday [SR18970610p1] [Compiler's Comment: article has details]

Edmonds -- Miss A. Edmonds sang  -- see 1915 Sons of England Concert

Edmonds -- A. S. Edmonds -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Edmonds -- Amy Elizabeth, 28 days, daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann Edmonds, died 30 Sep 1852 [Zion United Cemetery stone]

Edmonds -- Anthony Stanley Edmonds of Simcoe married Miss Mildred Abbey Perry of Simcoe, 6 Jun 1917 in Simcoe [SR19170607p7]

Edmonds -- Miss Annie Edmonds -- see St. James choir

Edmonds -- Annie Fenton Edmonds 1875-1947 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Edmonds -- Arthur Edmonds: 
-- donated to Belgium Relief at Simcoe [SR19141224p1]
-- sang-- see 1915 Sons of England Concert
-- was 1920 pallbearer for Verna (Walsh) Ward
-- was 1920 president -- see St. James choir

Edmonds -- Arthur Edmonds will marry Mildred, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Perry next month [SR19170510p12]

Edmonds -- Arthur Edmonds was pallbearer of his wife's brother-in-law, J. F. Messmore
-- see Messmore obituary

Edmonds -- Arthur Edmonds, clerk, 94 Lynnwood Ave., Simcoe 
Mildred Edmonds, lady, 94 Lynnwood Avenue, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Edmonds -- to the wife of Arthur Edmonds, a son, 5 Sep 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200909p7]

Edmonds -- Arthur Stanley Edmonds 1887-1951
his wife Mildred A. Perry 1893-1979 [Oakwood Cemetery stones]

Edmonds -- Miss B. Edmonds sang -- see 1915 Sons of England Concert

Edmonds -- Miss C. Edmonds sang -- see 1915 Sons of England Concert

Edmonds -- Charles Edmonds was promoted from Form 3A to Form 3B at Simcoe High [SR19100701p1]

Edmonds -- Charles W. Edmonds, (89100), 21, single Methodist student, 
born 14 Feb 1894 in Simcoe, son of Mr. R. Edmonds of Simcoe
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Edmonds -- Bombardier Charles Edmonds (photo), son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edmonds of Simcoe, is seriously wounded in the arms. His brother Harold died almost a month ago of wounds received in action [SR19170524p1]

Edmonds -- wounded Charles Edmonds' brother-in-law Sergt. Henry McKnight visited him [SR19170614p12]

Edmonds -- Bombardier Charles Edmonds has been home from Toronto for the past week of so [SR19180328p7]

Edmonds -- Charles Edmonds arrived home Saturday from Gowganda, where since April he has superintended as engineer the building of a dam for the production of electric power [SR19200826p1]

Edmonds -- Charlotte Edmonds wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Edmonds -- Clara Edmonds -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Edmonds -- Clara Gertrude Edmonds 1871-1934 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Edmonds -- Clarence O. Edmonds, adopted son of George and Lucy Ann Edmonds, born 1902, died 1922 -- see our online King Lake Cemetery video

Edmonds -- Dorothea/Dorothy Edmonds: 
-- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- was a 1919 Junior High Candidate
-- see 1920 Simcoe High honor roll

Edmonds -- Douglas Edmonds was promoted from grade 4 to grade 5 at Simcoe Public School [SR19100701p1]

Edmonds -- Douglas Edmonds -- see St. James' Men.

Edmonds -- E. Edmonds, Simcoe miller, was a provisional director of the Simcoe Pork Packing Co. Ltd. [WS19000104p4]

Edmonds -- E. Edmonds' feed store, located in the Henry Block, Waterford [WS19010502p5]

Edmonds -- E. Edmonds: 
-- see 1909 Phone Directory
-- see 1915 Simcoe Merchants
-- subscribed to 1918 Sailors Fund

Edmonds -- Ebon Edmonds -- also see Edmunds, Eben

Edmonds -- Ebon Edmonds has been in Canada since 1867 and has entirely converted the Lynn Valley Flour and Gristing Mill into an Oatmeal Mill [NR18850409
[Compiler's Comment: article has more about his business]

Edmonds -- "Oats Wanted. Highest Prices for good oats delivered to Lynn Valley Mills, near Simcoe. [signed] Eben Edmonds" [ad, NR18851119]

Edmonds -- Eben Edmonds subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Edmonds -- Ebon Edmonds of Lynn Valley married Jessie, daughter of Wm. Burt Sr., 16 Dec 1891 in Simcoe [NR18911217] [BC18911223]

Edmonds -- Eben Edmonds of Simcoe's Empire Block flour and feed store has purchased the two vacant stores south of his own from J. L. Campbell and will fit them up as additions to his business [WS18980728p1]

Edmonds -- Eben Edmonds, 51, born 22 Apr 1849 in Wales, immigrated 1866, merchant
his wife Jessie, 48, born 13 Feb 1853 in Ontario
his single daughter Clara G., 29, born 4 Dec 1871 in Ontario
his single daughter Annie F., 25, born 30 Aug 1875 in Ontario
his single daughter Mabel S [sic]., 20, born 30 Apr 1880 in Ontario
his single daughter Edith L., 17, born 24 Aug 1883 in Ontario
his single son Arthur S., 13, born 1 Sep 1887 in Ontario
his widowed mother-in-law Catharine C. Burt, 80, born 24 Jun 1820 in Scotland, immigrated 1840 [1901 Census of Simcoe:3]

Edmonds -- Ebon [sic] Edmonds: 
-- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List
-- signed 1914 temperance petition
-- 38 Norfolk Street, Simcoe [Billet Hosts SR19160601p4]
donated to Ag. Society in 1916.
-- see
Photos & Bios

Edmonds -- Mrs. Ebon [sic] Edmonds donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141119p1]

Edmonds -- Mrs. Ebon [sic] Edmonds -- also see Edmonds, Jessie

Edmonds -- Ebon [sic] Edmonds' brother, J. Edmonds of London, is visiting [SR19170614p12]

Edmonds -- Mrs. Ebon [sic] Edmonds of Norfolk Street North, Simcoe, has her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Will Ferguson of Toronto and their little son Charles, visiting [SR19170809p10]

Edmonds -- E. Edmonds has his sisters, Mrs. Anderson and Miss Edmonds of Fingal, visiting [SR19180613p12]

Edmonds -- Eben Edmonds, who has been so ill for several weeks, has his son, Roy Edmonds of Tantallon, Sask., at his bedside [SR19190327p12]

Edmonds -- Eben Edmonds, 70, died Jun 1919 in Simcoe -- see his obituary

Edmonds -- Eben Edmonds 1849-1919
his wife Mary J. Daniels 1846-1889
his wife Jessie Burt 1853-1936 [Oakwood Cemetery stones]

Edmonds -- Miss Edith Edmonds, one of three Simcoe women who have seen service in France as a nursing sister, has returned home [SR19190522p12]

Edmonds -- Edith Edmonds, single, nurse, 38 Norfolk Street North, Simcoe 
[1919 Voters List]

Edmonds -- to wife of Geo. Edmonds a son 10 Nov 1878 in Glen Meyer  [BC18781294p3]

Edmonds -- the will of George Washington Edmonds of Windham Township was probated in 1895 [Norfolk Wills]

Edmonds -- Mrs. George Edmonds hosted her sister, Mrs. J. H. Wheeler, her husband, and Grace of Lynedoch for Easter [Glen Meyer SR19150408p9]

Edmonds -- Mrs. Geo. Edmonds' surprise birthday party was Monday [Glen Meyer SR19170208p2]

Edmonds -- Geo. Edmonds celebrated his 69th birthday last Tuesday [Renton SR19160330p3]

Edmonds -- George Edmonds, farmer, Kinglake 
Orloff Edmonds, farmer, Kinglake 
Allie Edmonds, farmer, Kinglake 
Lucie Edmonds, Kinglake [1919 Voters List]

Edmonds -- H. S. Edmonds -- see 1913 Matriculation Results

Edmonds -- Harold Edmonds:
-- promoted from Form 1 to Form 2 at Simcoe High [SR19100701p1]
-- see 1910 Simcoe High honor roll 
-- see 1911 Simcoe High honor roll

Edmonds -- Lieut. Harold Edmonds, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edmonds, has been wounded in action slightly. The wound is to one of his thighs. Lieut. Edmonds went over with a Canadian University Corps. and qualified for a commission after getting to England [SR19170419p16]

Edmonds -- Second Lieut. Harold Edmonds of Simcoe, died of wounds [SR19170426p1]
-- see Carillon Tower's WWI plaque
-- his sister Beatrice is now Mrs. H. McKnight of Waterford [SR19170426p2]
-- see 1929 Monocle's In Memoriam

Edmonds -- James Edmonds wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Edmonds -- Jane Edmonds wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Edmonds -- Jessie Edmonds, widow, housekeeper, Norfolk, Simcoe 
Clara Edmonds, single, clerk, 38 Norfolk Street North, Simcoe 
Mabel Edmonds, single, clerk, 38 Norfolk Street North, Simcoe 
Annie Edmonds, single, 38 Norfolk Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Edmonds -- Lovejoy Edmonds wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Edmonds -- Mabel E. Edmonds 1880-1941 {Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Edmonds -- Margaret Edmonds wed Henry W. Hansted [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Edmonds -- Margret [sic] Edmonds, 80, widow, born 1 May 1820 in Ireland, immigrated 1821 [1901 Census of Windham:4]

Edmonds -- Margaret J. Hesson, 81, widow of J. G. Edmonds, died 30 Sep 1902 in Windham Centre [SR19021016]

Edmonds -- Marion Beatrice, daughter of Richard Edmonds will marry James Henry McKnight, son of Andrew McKnight, later this month [SR19151202p12] -- Miss Marion Beatrice Edmonds, daughter of R. Edmonds, married James Henry McKnight, C. E., of Ottawa Wed 29 Dec 1915 at her parents' home, 207 Norfolk Street, Simcoe [SR19151230p5]

Edmonds -- Mary Lucinda Edmonds, 40, spinster of Houghton, born in Houghton, daughter of James Nelson Edmonds and Mary Hyman, married Benjamin Isaac Purdy, 45, widower laborer of Houghton, born in Houghton, son of Nehemiah Purdy and Elizabeth Ellsworth, 4 Feb 1903 in Houghton [Ontario Vital Stats 013551]

Edmonds -- Norman Frank Edmonds of Simcoe, eldest son of Eben Edmonds of Simcoe, married Miss Minnie C. Olds of Simcoe, daughter of Mrs. Bessie Olds and the late Walter Olds of Simcoe, 29 Jun 1904 at home of bride's uncle, W. A. Harris, Norfolk Street South, Simcoe. They will reside at Lynn Valley [article, B-M-D column SR19040701p1]

Edmonds -- N. F. Edmonds of Lynn Valley -- see 1909 Rural Phone Directory

Edmonds -- Norman Francis Edmonds, 37, eldest son of Eb[e]n Edmonds of Simcoe, died 17 Jan 1914 at Lynn Valley, the result of an accident in his mill [SR19140122p6] -- Norman Francis Edmonds 1878-1914 | his wife Minnie C. Olds 1881-1929 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Edmonds -- Oliver Edmonds of Townsend witnessed the Jan 1882 wedding of George E. Hickman to Rhoda Henderson 

Edmonds -- R. Edmonds:
-- to wife of [R]. Edmonds a son 24 Feb 1894 in Simcoe [NR18940308]
-- to wife of R. Edmonds, grocer, a son, 20 Oct 1895 in Simcoe [SR18951024]
-- to wife of R. Edmonds, grocer, a son, 7 May 1900 in Simcoe [SR19000510]
-- to wife of [R]. Edmonds, grocer, a daughter 19 Aug 1905 [SR19050825]
-- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List
-- grocer -- see 1909 Phone Directory
-- was a member of 1913 Simcoe Board of Trade
-- signed 1914 temperance petition
-- donated to Belgium Relief [SR19141126p1]
-- see History of Wallace store
-- see Charles McGilvery's 1920 obituaries

Edmonds -- Mrs. R. Edmonds 
-- donated to Belgium Relief [SR19141126p1]
-- donated to Belgium Relief [SR19141203p4]
-- donated to Belgium Relief [SR19150304p1]
-- subscribed to 1918 Sailors Fund

Edmonds -- Mr. and Mrs. R. Edmonds' daughter, Mrs. Henry McKnight, who has been visiting, has left to meet her husband in Ottawa [SR19161123p1]

Edmonds -- Richard Edmonds was nominated to 1897 Simcoe Council by Thos. Townley and 
E. E. Ford [SR18961231p1]

Edmonds -- Mrs. Richard Edmonds: 
-- was sister of W. T. Williams
-- donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141119p1]

Edmonds -- Mrs. Richard E. Edmonds of Simcoe was a daughter of Sylvester and Eliza Williams [Mrs. Eliza Williams' obituary in SR19140305p1]

Edmonds -- Richard Edmonds: 
-- see 1915 Simcoe Merchants
-- dry goods business, Norfolk street, Simcoe [SR19150401p10]
-- chairman, Simcoe Board of Education, 1915
-- 207 Norfolk Street, Simcoe [Billet Hosts SR19160601p4]
donated to Ag. Society in 1916.
-- pallbearer for Mary A. (Smith) Woolley -- see her obituary
-- see Photos & Bios

Edmonds -- Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds' daughter, Mrs. McKnight of Ottawa is visiting [SR19170419p16]

Edmonds -- Richard Edmonds of Simcoe's mother, Mary, wife of the late Charles Edmonds, died Saturday at Fingal. Two other sons and four daughters survive [SR19171213p16]

Edmonds -- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edmonds' son, Charles Edmonds of Haileybury visited his parents [SR19181107p7]

Edmonds -- Richard Edmonds, license inspector, Simcoe 
Laura Edmonds, 207 Norfolk Street South, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Edmonds -- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edmonds have returned from Shedden, where they attended the funeral of the former's sister, Mrs. Barrd [sic] [SR19201111p9]

Edmonds -- Richard Orlow Edmonds -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

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