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Upper -- Mr. Upper had mail waiting at Simcoe on 5 Mar 1841
-- [male] Upper born [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Upper -- Catherine Upper, 78, widow of Wm. Heath formerly of Townsend, died 6 Jul 1914 at the home of her son-in-law, Rev. J. S. Ryerson, in Port Huron, Michigan [SR19140716p7]

Upper -- Catherine Upper 1835-1914 | her husband William Heath 1824-1902
Minnie Tallulah Ryerson 1857-1932 | George Ansley Heath 1835-1914
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Upper -- Charity Ann Upper, 82, died 16 Apr 1916, 
her husband Ira Barber, 66, died 14 Mar 1886
their daughter Ruth Lyons 1866-1921[Greenwood Cemetery stones]
-- Clara Upper, Townsend, passed 1883 Entrance Exams in Simcoe [NR18830111]

Upper -- Clara, daughter of Geo. A. Upper formerly of Simcoe, died 13 Mar 1890 in Seattle, Washington Terr. [BC18900326]

Upper -- George Upper had mail waiting for him 18 Dec 1841 at the post office in Waterford [NO18420101p2]

Upper -- Geo. Upper, 88, an old resident of Townsend, father of Mrs. Wm. Heath of Waterford and Mrs. Ira Barber of Villa Nova, died 17 Jul 1892 at Blenhein, Kent County [NR18920728]

Upper -- Mrs. George A. Upper -- see her obituary

Upper -- Harry Upper got too much of the cup that cheers on Saturday forenoon, and was taken into custody by Chief Canning [SR19150114p10]

Upper -- Maggie Upper born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Upper -- Maggie, youngest and last daughter of George A. Upper formerly of Simcoe, died 16 Feb 1891 at Seattle, Washington. George and his wife have lost all four of their girls to consumption over just more than two years. The first died in Simcoe, the last three in Seattle [BC18910304]

Upper -- Marenia, 36, wife of G. A. Upper, died 1 Dec 1879 in Townsend [BC18791211p3] 

Upper -- Myrtle E., 19, daughter of George A. Upper, died 17 Nov 1888 at Simcoe [BC18881121]

Upper -- Nettie, 19, daughter of Geo. Upper, recently of Simcoe, died 6 Nov 1889 in Seattle, Washington [BC18891127]

Uptdgrave -- see H. Uptegrove

Uptegrave -- Mrs. Lucy L. Uptegrave, 87, died 4 Jan 1895 at home of her sister, Mrs. Purkiss in Simcoe [NR18950110]

Uptegrove -- Miss Emma Uptegrove of Simcoe married Ernest Hackett of Brantford last Friday in Brantford [WS18980825p1]

Uptegrove -- F. Uptegrove -- see Lodge Elections

Uptegrove -- to wife of H. Uptegrove a son 11 Sep 1903 in Simcoe [SR19031002
[Compiler's Comment: surname also spelled Uptdgrove]

Uptegrove -- Waterford Council paid Mrs. H. Upt[o]grove for taking Jas. Slaght to County Home [WS18980707p5]

Uptegrove -- Herbert Roy Uptegrove of Brantford married Miss Grace Winnifred Hotson of Waterford 29 Jan 1901 in Simcoe [SR19010131
[Compiler's Comment: also see Roy Upetgrove, and H. Roy Upthegrove, below]

Uptegrove -- to wife of Herbert R. Uptegrove a daughter 4 Nov 1905 in Simcoe [SR19051110]

Uptegrove -- Herbert Roy Uptegrove of Hamilton died Monday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Fred Sebring in Simcoe. He was born in Waterford, son of Isaac Uptegrove and Henrietta MacDonald. Survived by one sister, wife Winnifred Grace Hobson, sons Hugh of Hamilton and Harold with the army overseas, two daughters Mrs. Joseph O'Grady of Hamilton and Miss Marion Uptegrove of Simcoe, and four grandchildren [SR19420730p3]

Uptegrove -- H. Roy Uptegrove 1878-1942 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Uptegrove -- to wife of Hudson Uptegrove a son 18 Jul 1884 in Waterford [BC18840730]

Uptegrove -- at home of Hudson Uptegrove in Townsend, Miss Hattie Whitside of Woodhouse married Wm. Matthews of Woodhouse, 7 Dec 1887 [BC18871214]

Uptegrove -- Isaac Uptegrove of Waterford married Miss Henrietta McDonald of Waterford, 17 Jan 1877 at home of Alex McDonald [BC18770124p3] 
-- Isaac B. Uptegrove wed Henrietta McDonald [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Uptegrove -- to wife of Isaac Uptegrove a son 14 Mar 1878 in Waterford [BC18780327p3] 
-- H. Roy Uptegrove 1878-1942 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Uptegrove -- Isaac Uptegrove, 53 years 1 month 8 days, blacksmith, died 8 Dec 1900 in Waterford. Survived by wife, son, two daughters 
[Waterford Personals, B-M-D column SR19001220p1] 
[Compiler's Comment: Personals column has more]

Uptegrove -- Isaac B. Uptegrove 1848-1900 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Uptegrove -- to wife of Irvine Uptegrove of Brantford, a daughter, 4 Oct 1910 in Simcoe [BC19101012]

Uptegrove -- James Herbert Uptegrove died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Uptegrove -- Nancy Uptegrove, 83, widow, born in Ontario, was an inmate of the County Home, superintended by Richard Spencer [1901 Census of Woodhouse:2]

Uptegrove -- [Neurdamale] Uptegrove, 48, born 29 Jan 1852 in Ontario, farmer;
his wife Frances M., 42, born 15 May 1858 in Ontario;
his single daughter Phebe E., 14, born 13 Oct 1886 in Ontario;
his single son John I., 16, born 11 Jul 1884 in Ontario;
his single son William, 11, born 12 Jul 1889 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:1]

Uptegrove -- O. Uptegrove -- see 1879 Firemen's Picnic

Uptegrove -- "Roy Uptegrove has gone to North Bay where he has secured a situation." 
[Waterford SR19000104p1]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Herbert Roy Uptegrove, above]

Uptegrove -- Roy Uptegrove, 23, born 14 Mar 1878 in Ontario, tailor
his wife Grace, 23, born 3 Mar 1878 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Herbert Roy Uptegrove, above]

Uptegrove -- Urban John Uptergrove [sic] of Simcoe married Miss Gertrude Sloat of Simcoe, 9 Jun 1909 at home of Hudson Uptergrove [SR19090610]

Uptegrove -- Mr. and Mrs. Urban Uptergrove [sic] supported: Charles Johnson of Simcoe married Miss Minnie May Sipes of Windham, 13 Jan 1910 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson, Simcoe. Bride's mother, Mrs. Robert Sipes, and grandmother, Mrs. Mattice, attended [Johnson Sipes, SR19100120p7]

Uptegrove -- to the wife of Urban Uptegrove of Brantford, a daughter, 4 Oct 1910 in Simcoe [SR19101013p12]

Uptgrove -- Miss Alice E. Uptgrove of Simcoe married Willis Walker of Townsend 20 Sep 1890 in Waterford [BC18901001]

Uptgrove -- Eugene Uptgrove of Brantford married Miss Mina Ellis, fourth daughter of Wm. Ellis, 30 Dec 1904 in Scotland [SR19040122]

Uptgrove -- to wife of Eugene Uptgrove a daughter 1 Dec 1904 in Port Rowan [SR19041216]

Upthegrove -- Annie Upthegrove, widow, Wellington, Waterford 
Flossie Upthegrove, spinster, Wellington Street, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Upthegrove -- Charlie Upthegrove:
-- see 1901 Waterford public school honor roll
-- see 1908 Waterford students

Upthegrove -- to the wife of Charles F. Uptigrove [sic], a son, 2 May 1917 in Waterford [SR19170607p7]

Upthegrove -- Charlie Upthegrove died of influenza and pneumonia Sunday at his home. Survived by wife, three children, his parents and sister. Hours after his death his wife gave birth to a son. Funeral was Tuesday [WS19181017p1] -- Charles Upthegrove, 2[8], died 13 Oct 1918 in Waterford [SR19181017p7] -- see his obituary

Upthegrove -- The members of L.O.L. 1383, Waterford, record with the deepest regret the death of Brother Charlie Upthegrove, 25, on 13 [sic] Oct 1918. He was a zealous member of the Lodge and had occupied the office of master with distinction in 1917. His cheery character and unfailing good nature made his friendship a real pleasure [WS19181226p1]

Upthegrove -- Charlie Upthegrove 1893-1918 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Upthegrove -- to the widow of Charlie Upthegrove, a son: Edward Carson, Sun 19 Oct 1918 in Waterford [WS19181024p1] [SR19181024p8]

Upthegrove -- Flossie Upthegrove -- see 1901 Waterford public school honor roll

Upthegrove -- Miss Flossie M. Upthegrove of Waterford married George E. Smiley of Waterford, 30 Nov 1919 in Waterford [SR19191218p7]

Upthegrove -- Hudson A. Upthegrove of Townsend married Miss Frances Whitesides of Simcoe, 21 Feb 1883 [NR18830315]

Upthegrove -- Mrs. Johnson of Round Plains died Thursday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. Upthegrove in Waterford [Round Plains SR19160420p2]

Upthegrove -- John Upthegrove of Simcoe died 30 May 1918 at the home of his brother, M. A. Upthegrove, Waterford. Buried Sunday in Greenwood Cemetery [WS19180606p5] -- John Upthegrove, 59, of Simcoe died Sunday at the home of his brother, Marshall Upthegrove of Waterford [SR19180606p2]

Upthegrove -- Marshall Upthegrove of Waterford married Miss Annie Charters of Townsend, 
4 May 1891 in Waterford [BC18910513]

Upthegrove -- at the home of Marshall Upthegrove in Waterford: Aggie Miller of Simcoe married Stephen Chambers of Windham, 30 Oct 1899 [WS18991109p5]

Upthegrove -- Marshall Uptergrove [sic], 39, born 30 Jun 1861 in Ontario, laborer
his wife Annie, 35, born 24 Jul 1865 in Ontario, canning factory
his single daughter Flossie, 9, born 15 Mar 1892 in Ontario
his single son Charlie, 7, born 20 Aug 1893 in Ontario [
1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Upthegrove -- Marshall A. Upthegrove, 56, died 16 Jan 1919 in Waterford [SR19190230p9] [WS19190123p1] -- see his obituaries
-- Marshall Upthegrove died 16 Jan 1919. Missed by his wife and daughter [WS19210113p1]

Upthegrove -- Marshall A. Upthegrove 1861-1919 | his wife Annie M. Charters 1865-1937
Charlie Upthegrove 1893-1918 [OGS/Norfolk transcription of Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Upthegrove -- Maude Upthegrove, daughter of Isaac Upthegrove, married James Donnelly 
-- see her obituary
-- Maud Upthegrove, wife of James Donelly of Syracuse, N.Y., died 1[9] Oct 191[9]. Remembered by husband, brother, sister [SR19201014p7]

Upthegrove -- Roy Upthegrove married -- see 20 years Ago

Upthegrove -- Roy Upthegrove, who had a tailor shop in Port Rowan from just a few months, has moved his tailor shop to Delhi, where it will be amalgamated with another business he has purchased there [WS19010606p8]

Urie -- [Compiler's Comment: We found no surviving readable cemetery stones for Urie in Norfolk County in 2014]

Urie -- Frank Urie -- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Urie -- James Urie:  
-- see
Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- see 1919 Simcoe elementary students

Urie -- to wife of James E. Urie a son 21 May 1910 in Simcoe [BC19100525] [SR19100526p7]

Urie -- to wife of James S. Urie a son 23 May 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070531]

Urie -- Jas. S. Urie -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Urie -- to wife of James Samuel Urie a son 22 Jan 1912 in Simcoe [SR19120125]

Urie -- James Samuel Urie, 796101, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own]
-- James Samuel Urie of Simcoe, 33, Church of England, miller, born 22 May 1882 in London England, wife: Isabella Urie
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Urie -- Private James Urie of Simcoe (photo) of Simcoe wrote the accompanying letter from France to his former employer, N. J. H. Green [SR19170614p7]

Urie -- Corp. James Urie's (photo) 14 Nov 1918 letter from Belgium [SR19181226p5]
-- also see 24 Soldiers return
-- arrived home last week [SR19190529p1]

Urie -- Mrs. James S. Urie was sister of Private John Westgarth 
-- see Carillon Tower's WWI plaque

Urie -- Jemmie Urie donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141203p1]

Urie -- Peter Urie -- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Urquhart -- Godon [sic] Urquhart (late 38th Royal Ottawa Battalion), son of Mr. W. T. Urquhart, Department of Customs, Ottawa,  will quietly marry Margaret Adelaide, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Melvin Stalker of Simcoe, 25 Oct 1919 in Simcoe [SR19191023p12]

Urquhart -- Bruce Gordon Urquhart of Ottawa married Margaret Stalker of Simcoe, 25 Oct 1919 in Simcoe [SR19191030p7] -- Gordon Urquhart of Ottawa married Miss Margaret A. Stalker of Simcoe last Saturday -- see wedding review -- also see Porter-Evans wedding

Urquhart -- to wife of Thomas Urquhart of Brantford a son 20 Oct 1891 at home of her parents at Delhi [BC18911028] [NR18911029]

Urquhart -- Mrs. W. T. Urquhart, formerly Miss Jessie [sic] Kemp of Delhi, has died. Funeral was in Delhi on Wednesday [SR19110907p1] -- Jessie [sic] V. Kemp, wife of W. T. Urquhart formerly of Brantford, died 4 Sep 1911 at Ottawa [SR19110907p7]

Urquhart -- Mrs. W. T. Urquhart's father: Andrew H. Kemp, [..], died 6 Jan 1915 in Delhi. Deceased was a well-known long-time resident of Delhi and vacinity having come her when a young man. He conducted a hotel in Delhi for many years, then farmed, then retired. A daughter, Mrs. Thomas Urquhart of Ottawa predeceased him. Survived by two grandsons [SR19150121p5]

Urquhart -- William Andrew, 1 year 5 months, son of W. T. and Jennie Kemp Urquhart of Brantford, died 19 Mar 1893 in Brantford [NR18930323]

Urquhart -- Mrs. W. T. Urquhart, formerly Miss Jessie Kemp of Delhi, has died. Funeral was in Delhi on Wednesday [SR19110907p1]

Urquhart -- Jennet V., 42, wife of Wm. T. Urquhart, died 4 Sep 1911
their son, Wm. Andrew, 1 year 5 months, died 19 Mar 1893 
Andrew H. Kemp, born 6 Nov 1839, died 6 Jul 1915
his wife Elizabeth, born 8 Oct 1844, died 20 Jul 1905
their son William Nelson, 1 year 4 months, died 22 Aug 1872
their twin daughter Hettie R., 2 years 1 month, 2 years, died 27 Jun 1871 [Delhi Cemetery stones]

Urquhart -- the late Jennie (Kemp) Urquhart's son Gordon has returned home from the war 
-- see Urquhart returns

Urqunart -- Wm. S. Urqunart married Lavinia McSwain of Charlotteville, 27 Jan 1833.
Witnesses: Abram Van Norman; Wadley Favor [GJR-SR19010307]

Usher -- J. and C. Usher, Lot 10, Concession 3, Windham [1857 Sketch]

Usher -- J. [.] C. Usher, Lot 7, Concession 5, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch
Usher -- Lydia Catharine Usher wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Usher -- M. J. Usher, Lot 9, Concession 10, Windham [1857 Sketch]

Usher -- S. Usher and S. Jones Lot 7, Concession 8, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch]

Utter -- David E. Utter wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Utter -- David Utter's wife, Hulda A. Mingle, 1842-1929 [Bookton Cemetery stone]

Utter -- Roy Utter visited relatives in Harley [SR19190109p6]

Utter -- to the wife of Roy Utter, a son, 18 Aug 1919 [Ranelagh SR19190828p8] 

Utter -- Roy Utter, farmer, Norwich 4  
Mary E. Utter, Lot 20, Concession 4, Windham [1919 Voters List]

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