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Turvey -- also see Tervey

Turvey -- A. E. Turvey -- signed 1914 temperance petition

Turvey -- Alfred Turvey died [Ontario Vital Stats 1871
-- see photo of his cemetery stone

Turvey -- Albert E. Turvey of Charlotteville married Miss Jennie Elliott of Charlotteville, 22 Feb 1888 at her home [BC18880229]

Turvey -- to wife of Albert Turvey a son 13 Jul 1889 in Charlotteville [BC18890724]

Turvey -- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Turvey are moving [Walsh SR18960319p1]

Turvey -- Albert E. Turvey, 37, born 24 Dec 1863 in Ontario, farming
his wife Jennie L., 32, born 25 Jan 1869 in Ontario
his single daughter Ette May, 12, born 13 Jul 1888 in Ontario
his single daughter Jessie, 10, born 22 Mar 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Mable [sic], 8, born 18 Mar 1893 in Ontario [1901 Census of Charlotteville:1]

Turvey -- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Turvey have their daughter, Mrs. Chas. Shields of Duke, Mont., visiting this summer [SR19190724p10]

Turvey -- Albert E. Turvey, clerk, 117 Kent St. North, Simcoe 
Jennie Turvey, housewife, 117 Kent Street North, Simcoe 
Mabel Turvey, single, housekeeper, 117 Kent St. N., Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Turvey -- Albert Turvey, 72, son of Charles Turvey and Eliza Goodson, died Monday in Simcoe -- see his obituary

Turvey -- Albert E. Turvey 1862-1935 | his wife Jennie Elliott 1868-1956
Mabel Turvey 1892-1934 [Oakwood Cemetery stones]

Turvey -- Mrs. C. Turvey was aunt of Miss Ethel Stitt [Silver Hill SR19150211p2]

Turvey -- C. A. Turvey has purchased the grocery business of J. A. Calder at 68 Robinson Street, Simcoe [SR19191204p1] -- see 1929 Monocle ad

Turvey -- at home of Charles Turvey: John Rollings of Charlotteville married Miss Fanny Goodson of Charlotteville, 19 Dec 1876 [BC18770103p3]

Turvey -- Charles Turvey-- see 1879 Charlotteville Ag Prizes

Turvey -- Charles Turvey was a 1890 Charlotteville pathmaster

Turvey -- Mrs. Charles Turvey, nee Eliza Goodson, widow of Charles Turvey of Charlotteville, died Sat 5 Aug 1916 in Woodhouse [SR19160810p5] -- Mrs. Eliza Turvey died Saturday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Etta Stitt at Port Dover. Interred: Walsh Methodist Cemetery [SR19160810p6]

Turvey -- Charles Turvey 1830-1888 | his wife Eliza 1833-1916 | a son Alfred 1857-1871
-- see Walsh cemetery stone -- also see our online Walsh United Cemetery video
-- the will of Charles Turvey of Charlotteville was probated in 1888 [Norfolk Wills]

Turvey -- to wife of Charles A. Turvey, nee Louise Hennrietta Bennett, a daughter, Lena Bell, 17 Aug 1893 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900] -- Lena, 2, only child of Chas. Turvey, died 20 Sep 1895 at Walsh [SR18951003]

Turvey -- to wife of Charles Turvey, nee Louisa Hariett Bennett, a son 26 Oct 1898 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Turvey -- Charles Thurvey [sic], 33, born 27 Mar 1868 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Louisa, 33, born 16 Feb 1868 in Ontario
his single son Ernest [sic] R., 2, born 26 Oct 1888 in Ontario
his married brother Wm. J., 34, born 26 Nov 1866 in Ontario
his sister-in-law Clara E., 32, born5 Jun 1868 in Ontario [1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]

Turvey -- Charles A. and William Turvey has dissolved their business partnership as Turvey Bros., general merchants, at Silver Hill as of 1 Sep 1914. Charles will carry on the business [SR19140910p5]

Turvey -- Chas. Turvey and son visited his sister, Mrs. Stitt near Port Dover recently
[Silver Hill SR19150107p9]

Turvey -- Chas. Turvey was brother of  Albert Turvey -- see Albert's obituary

Turvey -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turvey of Silver Hill had Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bennett of Hamilton, visiting [SR19180117p5] -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turvey of Silver Hill visited her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bennett at Brandon, Manitoba  [SR19180228p11]

Turvey -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turvey and son Roy of Silver Hill attended the funeral of Henry Bennett of St. Williams, last week [SR19180404p8]

Turvey -- Charles Turvey has sold the general store at Silver Hill to Wm. Roney [SR19181205p7]

Turvey -- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Turvey and son Roy are moving from Silver Hill to Simcoe. Mr. and Mrs. Turvey were very active church workers and  will be missed in this community [SR19191106p2] -- Mr. C. A. Turvey of Silver Hill has moved into the residence recently purchased from S. Hunter of Colborne St. He will shortly take over the grocery business of J. A. Calder on Robinson Street [SR19191127p12]

Turvey -- Charles A. Turvey died 22 May 1938 while attending church in Simcoe
-- see his obituary and funeral

Turvey -- Charles A. Turvey 1868-1938 | his wife Harriett Louisa Bennett 1869-1943
Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Turvey -- Clarie [sic], 31, wife of William Turvey, daughter of J. B. Hall, died 11 May 1901 in Walsh [SR19010516] [SR19010523]

Turvey -- [E]. Turvey -- see List of 1885 teachers

Turvey -- E. A. Turvey, retired, Silver Hill 
Louise Turvey, retired, Lot 2, Concession 7, Charlotteville 
E. Roy Turvey, clerk, Silver Hill [1919 Voters' List]

Turvey - Etta May Turvey, daughter of Albert Turvey, married C. S. Schilz of the business college, Simcoe, Saturday last at Old Windham Methodist parsonage 
[SR19130925p1] [SR19130925p7]

Turvey -- to Etta M. Turvey, the wife of Chas. Schilz, a daughter: Dorothy Mae, born Wed [22] Jan 1919 at Butte, Montana [SR19190227p7]

Turvey -- G. Turvey donated to Belgium Relief at Vittoria [SR19141210p7]

Turvey -- Gordon Turvey of Ottawa (2160976), 27, single Presbyterian chaufeur [sic], 
born 12 Mar 1890 at Vittoria, son of Mrs. Alice Turvey of Vittoria. Attested: 2 Jun 1917.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper, side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper, side 1.

Turvey -- Gordon Turvey of Toronto visited his mother, Mrs. Alice Turvey at Vittoria before going overseas [SR19170614p2]

Turvey -- Sergt. G. C. Turvey of Vittoria is back on Canadian soil [SR19191002p1] -- Sergt. G. C. Turvey of Vittoria is home from overseas [SR19191009p2]

Turvey -- Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Turvey of Vittoria are moving to Simcoe [SR19191225p8]

Turvey -- H. Turvey donated to Belgium Relief at Vittoria [SR19141210p7]

Turvey -- Howard Turvey, farmer, Vittoria 
Alice Turvey, Lots 17 and 18, Concession 4, Charlotteville 
Gordon Turvey, soldier, Vittoria [1919 Voters List

Turvey -- Miss Ina Turvey of Vittoria has her cousin, Miss Sills of Brantford, visiting [SR19170823p3]

Turvey -- Ina M. Turvey 1893-1981 | her husband Craig F. Aitken 1883-1958 
their daughter Patricia Jean Aitken, 1923 [St. Andrews Cemetery stones]

Turvey -- Isaac Turvey, 67, born 1 Apr 1833 in Ontario, foreman
his single daughter Anna L., 24, born 1 Jan 1877 in Ontario
his single son Archibald E., 22, born 23 Dec 1878 in Ontario, clerk [....] [1901 Census of Simcoe:1]

Turvey -- James Turvey of Hamilton, married Miss Pearl, daughter of Leonard Dean of Waterford, Sat 15 Jan 1916 in Villa Nova [SR19160127p7]

Turvey -- Miss Jessie, daughter of Albert Turvey of Simcoe, married Frank J. Shearer of Vittoria, 21 Jun 1911 in at her father's home [SR19110622p7]

Turvey -- to wife of John Turvey a daughter 13 Mar 1908 in Vittoria [SR19080319]

Turvey -- John Turvey
-- see Charlotteville Officers, 1908
-- also see Tervey, John

Turvey -- John Turvey died 1 Apr 1912. Funeral to Walsh Methodist Cemetery. He leaves a widow, two sons, two daughters, all at home [Vittoria SR19120425p1] [Compiler's Comments: column has more genealogy. His stone is in St. Andrews Cemetery]

Turvey -- Mrs. John Turvey of Vittoria had her sister, Mrs. James McKnight of Simcoe, visit [SR19200212p3]

Turvey -- John J. Turvey of Charlotteville -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf

Turvey -- John T. Turvey, 40, born 5 Jan 1861 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Allice [sic], 34, born 1 Oct 1866 in Ontario
his single son Charles G., 10, born 12 Mar 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Ina M., 7, born 19 Jun 1893 in Ontario
his single son John [.], 4, born 8 Jan 1897 in Ontario [
1901 Census of Charlotteville:1

Turvey -- John T. Turvey, born 5 Jan 1859, died 21 Apr 1912
his wife Alice Walsh, born 1 Oct 1866, died 28 Jul 1912 
their daughter Winona Kathleen Turvey, born 8 Mar 1908, died 18 Jan 1996 
[St. Andrews Cemetery stone]

Turvey -- Martha Turvey wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882-- Martha, eldest daughter of Charles Turvey of Charlotteville, married Walter Rolling of Charlotteville, 25 May 1882 at her father's home [BC18820531] [NR18820601p3]

Turvey -- Martha Turvey 1860-1939
her husband Walter Rollings 1858-1937 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Turvey -- Roy Turvey and his grandmother Mrs. Bennett visited his uncle, Chas. Bennett in Hamilton [Silver Hill  SR19170607p5]

Turvey -- Miss Vera Turvey of Simcoe was a great-great-granddaughter of pioneer settler Isaac Vail, a great-granddaughter of Charles Lewis Vail, and granddaughter of Mrs. John B. Hall  
-- see Mrs. Hall's obituary

Turvey -- Vera Turvey -- see Business College placements

Turvey -- to wife of W. James Turvey, nee Clara Hall, a daughter 12 Apr 1901 in Charlotteville [Charlotteville Births 1876-1900]

Turvey -- Wm. J. Turvey and wife resided in the household of his brother Charles [1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]

Turvey -- William and Charles A. Turvey has dissolved their business partnership as Turvey Bros., general merchants, at Silver Hill as of 1 Sep 1914. Charles will carry on the business [SR19140910p5]

Turvey -- Wm. Turvey-- see 1915 Simcoe Merchants

Turvey -- William James Turvey married Alice Swain, 27 Jan 1915 in Langton [SR19150128p7]

Turvey -- Mrs. William Turvey of the North Ward of Simcoe was sister of Mrs. George Hetherington of Langton [SR19151014p1]

Turvey -- Mrs. William J. Turvey was sister of Mrs. John Stewart
-- see Mrs. Stewart's obituary

Turvey -- William Turvey, merchant, 423 Colborne St. N., Simcoe 
Alice Turvey, 423 Colborne Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List

Turvey -- William Turvey of Charlotteville was a brother of Albert Turvey -- see Albert's obituary

Turvey -- William J. Turvey 1866-1949 | his wife Alice Eva Swain 1871-1951
[Langton Baptist Cemetery stone]

Tutt -- Henry J. Tutt wed Alice Carter [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Tutt -- James Tutt wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Tutt -- Rhoda Louise Tutt 1864-1939 | her husband Jas. Emory Potts 1857-1918 
[Kelvin Cemetery stone]

Tutt -- Mrs. Richard Tutt of Kelvin was daughter of Mrs. William Almas of Kelvin 
-- see Mrs. Almas' obituary

Tuttle -- J. Tuttle, Miss Jennings, J. C. Hall and J. Butler, Lot 4, Concession 5, Charlotteville 
[1857 Sketch]

Tuttle -- Joseph Tuttle died [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Tuttle -- Joseph Tuttle -- see 1883 Tavern and Shop Licenses

Tuttle -- Margaret Tuttle wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Tuttle -- Mrs. Maria Tuttle, 79, died 13 Mar 1880 in Simcoe [BC18800317p3]
-- Maria Tuttle 1800-1890 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Tuttle -- Mrs. Mary Tuttle, mother of Clara and E. A. Tuttle, died 12 Nov 1917 in Chicago. Funeral 15 Nov 1917 from the residence, [6320] Dorchester Ave. Interment at Fairmount [SR19171122p7]

Tuttle -- Wm. Tuttle was involved with 1884 Waterford baseball 
-- also see Sports: 1884-1889 Articles

Tutton -- Frank Tutton wed Rachael Livsey [Ontario Vital Stats 1879] -- Frank Tutton of St. George married Rachel, daughter of James Livsey, 31 Dec 1879 near Waterford [BC18800114p3]

Tutty -- Charles Lorne Tutty of Grand View Manitoba, 26, married Presbyterian gas & steam engineer, born 11 Aug 1891 in Simcoe, wife: Mrs. Harriet Tutty of Grand View. Enlisted: 12 May 1917.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2

Tutty -- Private Chas. Tutty, who enlisted in Manitoba after farming for several years in the west and is now stationed at St. John, Quebec, visited his mother, Mrs. Ellwood at Langton [SR19180103p6]

Tutty -- David Tutty wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Tutty -- David Tutty, 36, died 29 Oct 1893 | his wife Sarah E., 29, died 6 Feb 1894 
-- see photo and transcription of their cemetery stone  
-- the will of David Tutty of Houghton was probated in 1893 [Norfolk Wills]

Tutty -- Lucy Tutty wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Tweedale -- Tweedale and Chadwick, Lot 21, Concession 1, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch]

Tweedale -- Dr. Tweedale -- see 1893 South Walsingham Council

Tweedale -- Mrs. (Dr.) Tweedale of Port Burwell was sister of Thomas H. McCord 
-- see his obituary

Tweedale -- Eliza Tweedale 1863-1934 [Hemlock Cemetery stone]

Tweedale -- to wife of Dr. J. M. Tweedale a daughter 16 Nov 1878 at Langton [BC18781204p3]

Tweedale -- to wife of J. M. Tweedale, M.D., a daughter 4 Aug 1881 at Langton [TO]

Tweedale -- J. M. Tweedale was elected to 1897 Norfolk County Council [SR18970204p1] [Compiler's Comment: also see Tweedwell, below]

Tweedale -- John B. Tweedale, M.D., 68, born England, formerly of Walsingham, brother of Dr. Jos. Tweedale of Langton and sisters, died in St. Thomas [obituary BC18891127
[Compiler's Comment: obit includes biography, genealogy]

Tweedale -- Joseph Tweedale and Joseph Chadwick, Lot 21, Concession BFne, Charlotteville 
[1857 Sketch]

Tweedale -- Joseph M. Tweedale, M.D., of Lobo in Middlesex County, married Maria C. Stevenson, daughter of W. H. Stevenson, Esq., of Port Rowan, 24 Oct 1861 in Port Rowan [NR18611031p3]

Tweedale -- Joseph M. Tweedale, 52, widower, born 23 Jan 1839 in England, immigrated 1845, physican
his widowed domestic servant Bridget Craig, 60, born 13 Jun 1840 in Ireland, immigrated 1854
his single daughter Ethel, 18, born 5 Aug 1882 in Ontario [1901 Census of N.Walsingham:3]

Tweedale -- Dr. Joseph M. Tweedale died 24 Jun 1910 in Port Burwell -- see his obituary

Tweedale -- Dr. J. M. Tweedale 1835-1912 | his wife Maria C. M., 55, died 16 Jan 1895
their daughter Maggie S. L., 4, died 11 Jan 1883 [Langton Baptist Cemetery stone]

Tweedale -- Josephine Amma Tweedale born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Tweedale -- Margaret Erline Tweedale died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]

Tweedale -- Maria, 54, wife of Jos. M. Tweedale, M.D., died 16 Jan 1895 in Langton [NR18950124] [Compiler's Comment: also see Tweedwell, below.]

Tweedale -- T. S. Tweedale, 67, brother of Dr. J. M. Tweedale of Langton, died [29] Nov 1891 in San Francisco [NR18911217] -- T. S. Tweedale, 67, brother of Dr. J. M. Tweedale of Langton, died 29 Nov 1891 in San Francisco [BC18911216]

Tweedale -- to the wife of Wm. Tweedale of Kansas City, Mo., a daughter 16 Sep 1886 at Wyecombe [NR18860923]

Tweedale -- Norfolk native Wm. Tweedale died in Kansas City -- see his obituary

Tweedwell -- Dr. J. M. Tweedwell of Windsor, formerly of Langton, married Miss Eliza McCord, second daughter of John McCord of Houghton, 9 Jul 1901 in Port Burwell [SR19010718] [also see Tweedale, above] -- Miss McCord was a daughter of Mrs. John McCord, who is buried in Hemlock cemetery [SR19150627p9]

Tweft -- James Tweft, farmer, RR6 Simcoe 
Emma Tweft, farm owner, Lot 5, Concession 7, Charlotteville [1919 Voters List]

Twiss -- Albert F. Twiss, 39, single, born 14 Dec 1861 in Ontario, farmer
[1901 Census of Middleton:3]

Twiss -- Albert [F]. Twiss of Courtland married Miss Frances B. Hampton, daughter of James Hampton, 23 Apr 1902 at Courtland [WS19020508p1] -- see scan of announcement

Twiss -- to wife of A. Twiss a son 25 Apr 1903 in Courtland [SR19030508]

Twiss -- to wife of Albert Twiss a daughter 21 Apr 1909 in Courtland [SR19090429]

Twiss -- A. Twiss and E. B. Herron of Courtland attended the funeral of Edward Herron at Port Burwell of Saturday [SR19171108p10] 

Twiss -- Albert Twiss, farmer, Courtland 
Fannie Twiss, housewife, Courtland [1919 Voters List]

Twiss -- Albert Twiss of Middleton died 23 Nov 1929 in Brantford -- see his obituary

Twiss -- Albert F. Twiss 1860-1929 | his wife Frances B. Hampton 1877-1943
[Courtland Baptist Cemetery stone]

Twiss -- Francis Twiss and R. Manary, Lot 23, Concession 1s, Middleton [1857 Sketch

Twiss -- Frank Twiss -- see Early Courtland 

Twiss -- Francis Emanuel Twiss, 56 years 4 months 12 days, A native of London, England, died 19 May 1884 | his wife Sarah Ann, 48 years 12 days, a native f Armagh, Ireland, died 5 Aug 1885 [Courtland Methodist Cemetery stone] -- the will of Francis Emanuel Twiss of Middleton was probated in 1884 [Norfolk Wills] -- the wills of Francis Emanuel and Sarah Ann Twiss of Middleton Township were probated in 1885 [Norfolk Wills]

Twiss -- Francis and Sarah Twiss were parents of Albert Twiss, O. F. Twiss of Tillsonburg, George W. Twiss of Windsor and Mary Simmons -- see son Albert's obituary

Twiss -- Mary Helena Twiss 1866-1940 | her husband John T. Simmons 1861-1941
son Wilfred L. Simmons 1895-1918 Buried in Rouen, France [Courtland Baptist Cemetery stones]

Twiss -- Oswald E. Twiss married Miss Sarah M., daughter of John Ostrander, reeve of Middleton, 25 Dec 1884 at her father's home at Courtland [BC18841231] [NR18850101p2] -- O. E. Twiss was a 1914 pallbearer of Benjamin Birdsill -- see Benjamin's obituary -- Mrs. George Graves of Washington was half-sister of D. M. Ostrander -- see his obituary

Twist -- A. Twist donated to Belgium Relief at Courtland [SR19150211p5]

Tye -- George L. Tye, 54, R.C.A. Gunner, died 6 Dec 1959 [Oakwood Cemetery stone]

Tye -- Leonard Tye -- see McAuliffe Hanged

Tyre -- to satisfy the suit of James Tyre, James Scott the elder, and James Scott the younger, Charlotteville Township property belonging to the late Lewis Clement has been seized from his estate, and will be auctioned off 13 Feb 1841 at Simcoe [Sheriff's Sale ad, NO18401205p4]

Tyler -- [E]lizabeth Tyler of Hagersville married Ralph Lorimer of Villa Nova, 1 Nov 1909 at Colborne [SR19091004p12]

Tyler -- Miss Florence J. Tyler of Springvale in Haldimand County, married John E. Kindree of Springvale in Haldimand County, 24 Jun 1903 in Villa Nova [SR19030710]

Tyler -- George Tyler, farmer, RR1 Port Dover 
Maude E. Tyler, Lot 14, Concession 5, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Tyrell -- J. A. Tyrell of Norfolk County married Lizzie, daughter of Geo. Cole of Eastwood, 
16 Nov 189[5] at home of her father [SR18951128]

Tyrell -- Mary Amelia Tyrell wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Tyrell -- William Tyrell wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Tyrrell -- Annie Tyrrell, teacher, LaSalette  
Mary Tyrrell, teacher, Lot 23, Concession 8, Windham [1919 Voters List

Tyrrell -- C. Tyrrell was pallbearer of Roy Coates

Tyrrell -- Charlotte Catharine, daughter of late John S. Tyrrell of Port Rowan, 
married C. T. Campbell, M.D., of London, 15 Jun 1901 in Toronto [SR19010627]

Tyrrell -- Edward Tyrrell, 85 years 8 months 16 days, died 7 Dec 1899 in Walpole [SR18991221]

Tyrrell -- the will of John Burwell Tyrrell of Houghton was probated in 1874 [Norfolk Wills]

Tyrrell -- Letitia, eldest daughter of late Edward Tyrrell of Walpole, married Edgar Wells of Charlotteville 14 Oct 1885 at the home of her grandfather, W. L. Smith, in Simcoe [NR18851022]

Tyrrell -- Louise Tyrrell, 17, single, born 5 Aug 1883 in Ontario, servant, resided in the household of Arnold Rodgers [1901 Census of Middleton:1]

Tyrrell -- Marion A. Tyrrell was a 1919 elementary school teacher

Tyrrell -- at home of Michael Tyrrell: Miss Roxey Woolman of Eddy's Mills in Lambton County, married Franklin E. Spavin of Hagersville 13 Jan 1909 [SR19090121]

Tyrrell -- R. S. Tyrrell, M.D. of Toronto married Grace, eldest daughter of Dr. N. O. Walker of Port Dover, 23 Feb 1882 at Brampton [BC18820301]

Tyrrell -- Richard Tyrrell was a 1920 Simcoe Senior Third student [SR19200708p3]

Tyrrell -- Thomas Tyrrell was a pallbearer -- see Alfred Cade's funeral

Tyrrell -- to wife of Mrs. [sic] W. S. Tyrrell, a daughter, 17 Jul 1896 in Campbellford, Ont. [SR18960730]

Tyso -- to wife of George Tyso a daughter 10 Jun 1895 in Port Dover [NR18950620]

Tysoe -- George Tysoe of Port Dover married Lizzie Wright, daughter of James Wright of County Antrim, Ireland, 17 May 1887 in Port Dover [BC18870526] [NR18870528p4]

Tyson -- Henry Tyson of North Brant married Miss Lizzie Rutherford of Charlotteville 29 May 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070531 and SR19070607

Tyson -- Henry Tyson 1872-1951 | his wife Elizabeth Rutherford 1861-1952
[Walsh United Cemetery stone]

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