Etc. -- 1919 Simcoe Business College placements
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An edited and re-sequenced transcription of a page 1 ad in the 21 Aug 1919 Simcoe Reformer.


The following students whose names appear on the register of the Simcoe Business College for the year ending 18 Jul 1919, have secured positions and where their positions have been secured.

Read them over carefully as you will doubtless find the names of many of your friends.

Isobel Charlton -- Hamilton
Audrey Clark -- Tillsonburg
Edith Coggins -- Toronto
Olive Col[e] -- Simcoe
Myrtle Criggins -- Toronto
Fay Dean -- Toronto
Leila Finch -- Simcoe
Grace Foote -- Simcoe
Rhea Franklin -- Toronto
Agnes Gage -- Simcoe
Edith Gay -- Simcoe
Vida Graham -- Port Dover
Margaret Hamilton -- Simcoe
Ruth Hathway -- Toronto
Leota Kitchen -- Simcoe
Ella Knowles -- Toronto
Minerva Mather -- Toronto
Jessie Mitchell -- Toronto
Katie Mitchell -- Simcoe
Harry Peachey -- Simcoe
Ida Ponting -- Simcoe
Meta Simpson -- Simcoe
Pearl Stilwell -- Toronto
Vera Turvey -- Simcoe
Violet Wilkinson -- Toronto

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