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Roach -- Anna B. Roach, 69, widow of Horatio Holden of Port Dover, died suddenly 31 Jan 1906 in London, England [SR19060209] -- Anna B. Roach, 69, born  at Beauharnois, Quebec, died 31 Jan 1906 in London, England, wife of Horatio Holden [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Roach -- Joseph Roach case was prosecuted -- see 1841 Accounts paid -- a boy named Joseph Roach was acquitted of larceny in the Quarter Sessions for this District last Wednesday [NO18410116p2]

Roach -- Mary Rutherford, 81, relict of Rev. George Roach of Beaunarnois [sic] and mother of Mrs. H. Holden of Port Dover, died 20 Feb 1884 in Port Dover [BC18840227]
-- the will of Mary Rutherford Roach of Port Dover was probated in 1884 [Norfolk Wills]

Roach -- Mary,  82, wife of Rev. Walter Roach, died 21 Feb 1884 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Roach -- William Roach -- see Vittoria, circa 1875

Roach -- to the wife of Wm. Roach, formerly Miss Ida Fisette, a son, 29 Nov 1918 in Nanticoke [SR19181212p9]

Roach -- to the wife of William Roach, nee Ida Fisette, a daughter, 5 Aug 1920 at Hope Valley, Alberta [SR19200812p7]

Roak -- Mrs. Chas. Roak died [BC19060328]

Roake -- Robert and Harry Roake have their mother, Mrs. E. Roake of London, England, visiting
[Lynedoch SR19201028p15]

Roantree -- Margaret E. Roantree 1839-1872; her husband Theodore F. Guy 1836-1914
[Old Woodhouse Methodist Cemetery stone]

Roantree -- Wilfred Roantree, 27, died 26 Sep 1913 in Simcoe [SR19131002p7]

Roase -- Herbert Stanton born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Robb -- Rev. and Mrs. Andrew D. Robb of Port Ryerse celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary yesterday [SR19450618p2]

Robb -- Annie R. Robb, 42 years [6] days, wife of Walter McMichael, died 23 Jan 1895 near Waterford [NR18950131]

Robb -- Emma Isabella, 58, wife of James Robb, County Judge of Norfolk, died 2 Jun 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070607] [Compiler's Comment: Emma was daughter of William Salmon 
-- see
Robb profile and photo of her cemetery stone]

Robb -- Mrs. Frank Robb of South River was a daughter of Mark Brown of Walsingham 
-- see Mark's obituary

Robb -- single laborer Geo. D. Robb, 70, born 18 Apr 1830 in Scotland, immigrated 1857, resided in the household of John Botwright [sic, Bothwright] [1901 Census of Charlotteville:5]

Robb -- Geo. D. Robb recorded 1897-1904 Lynedoch Cemetery Caretaker's Log [LCL]

Robb -- Judge James Robb, Q.C. 
-- married Emma Isabella Salmon [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]
-- attended David M. Walker's 1879 banquet
-- was a 1882 officer of Simcoe Mechanics Institute  
-- profiled as prominent citizen [SR18951003]
-- spoke at Presentation to ex-Mayor Campbell [NR18930420]
-- see 1907 Simcoe Voters List
-- see 1909 Simcoe Phone Directory
-- donated to Belgian Relief [SR19141203p1]
-- see Photos & Bios

Robb -- James Robb, 63, born 11 Apr 1838 in Scotland, immigrated 1847, 
county court judge | his wife Emma I., 53, born 7 Sep 1847 in Ontario
his widowed lodger Mary Ermintinger, 76, born 20 Dec 1824 in Scotland
his single servant, Nellie Dorner, 28, born 12 Jan 1873 in Ontario
his single servant, Ethel Osborne, 20, born 5 Mar 1881 in Ontario [1901 Census of Simcoe:1]

Robb -- James Robb -- see 1915 Entrance Exams

Robb -- James Robb, 80, some time Judge of the County of Norfolk, died 14 Feb 1917 in Toronto. Funeral 16 Feb 1916 [SR19170215p5] -- Judge James Robb died 14 Feb 1917 in Toronto 
-- see his obituary

Robb -- James Robb, for 24 years Judge in the County of Norfolk, born 17 Apr 1837, died 14 Feb 1917 | his wife for 32 years, Emma Isabella, elder daughter of William Salmon, born 7 Sep 1848, died 2 Jun 1907 [St. John's Cemetery stones] 

Robb -- Miss Jessie Winnifred Robb of South Middleton married George Bertran Marsland of South Middleton 34 Dec 1906 in Courtland. [SR19070104]

Robb -- Maggie R., 28 years 8 months 16 days, wife of Howard R. Lyon of Hughesville, daughter of Robt. Robb of Mancey, Pa., sister of Mrs. Walter MacMichael of Waterford, died 28 Oct 1884 in Hughesville, Pa. [WS18841104]

Robbins -- also see Robins

Robbins -- Albert Robins [sic], 33, born 20 Oct 1867 in Ontario, r[ailway] employee
his wife Jennie, 37, born 14 Sep 1863 in Ontario, canning factory
his single daughter Ethel, 8, born 12 Apr 1893 in Ontario [1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Robbins -- Albert A. Robbins 1867-1938 | his wife Alice J. Lefler 1863-1949
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Robbins -- Mr. & Mrs. A. Robbins of Langton have their daughter, Mrs. Alvin Wilson of Port Colborne visiting [SR19170426p12] -- Mrs. A. Robbins of Langton has returned after visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wilson in Port Colborne, who is seriously ill [WS19190320p11]

Robbins -- to wife of A. J. Robbins, a daughter, 20 Nov 1917 in Langton [SR19171122p7]

Robbins -- Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Robbins of Langton had Mr. and Mrs. H. Robbins of Brantford, visiting [SR19180815p2]

Robbins -- A. J. Robbins has moved onto a farm north of Langton. The blacksmith shop will be run by his son Hector [SR19190410p11]

Robbins -- A. J. Robbins of RR1 Courtland's public notice says his wife, Annie Robbins, is no residing at 333 College Street, Simcoe, and he will no longer be responsible for her debts [SR19201111p9]

Robbins -- Annie Robbins, Langton 
Hector Robbins, farmer, Langton  
Albert Robbins, farmer, Langton [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- Bert Robbins, farmer, RR3 Waterford  
Mabel Robbins, Lot 14, Concession 11, Townsend [1919 Voters List] 
[Compiler's Comment: surname spelled both Robins and Robbins in source document]

Robbins -- Clarke Robbins of Houghton Centre arrived at Catherwood's Hotel in Vittoria last Friday saying he was ill, asking a bystander to tie his horse. He died of chronic indigestion in the bar-room minutes later [Sudden Death, NR18810107p3]

Robbins -- Clayton Albert, 2, son of Abner Robbins, died 13 Sep 1905 in Windham [SR19050922]

Robbins -- Cecil Robbins -- see 1908 Waterford students

Robbins -- Daniel Robbins, 89 year 8 months, died 25 Sep 1891 
his wife Elizabeth, 89, died 4 Aug 1894 [Hemlock Cemetery stone]

Robbins -- E. Robbins' wife: M. Phedora, 48, died 14 Oct 1898 [Hemlock Cemetery stone]

Robbins -- to wife of E. G. Robbins a daughter Monday [28] Feb 1893 in [Trembell, Ohio] [NR18930316] [Compiler's Comment: Surname listed as both Robins and Robbins.
[Compiler's Comment: entire entry very difficult to read]

Robbins -- Miss Edith Roberts died Tuesday at Langton and was buried Friday 5 Feb 1915 at Langton. Survived by parents, four sisters, one brother. Mrs. Alvin Wilson, formerly of Jarvis was one of those sisters [SR19150218p3]

Robbins -- Edward Robbins, farmer, RR2 Clear Creek 
Mary Ann Robbins, RR2 Clear Creek [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- Elias Robbins, 61, widower, born 6 May 1840 in Ontario, farmer
his single son Henry, 29, born 12 Aug 1871 in Ontario
his single daughter Jane M., 23, born 20 Aug 1877 in Ontario
his single son Urford E., 19, born 22 Dec 1881 in Ontario
his single son Harold, 4, born 25 Apr 1896 in Ontario [1901 Census of Houghton:1]

Robbins -- Elias Robbins, farmer, RR1 Kinglake 
Harold Robbins, farmer, RR1 Kinglake 
Sarah Robbins, RR1 Kinglake [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- Eliza Robbins -- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students

Robbins -- Eliza C. Robbins, widow, RR1 Simcoe; Lot 7, Concession 8, Charlotteville 
[1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- Miss Emma T. Robbins of Houghton married W. A. Francis of Houghton, 11 Dec 1889 in Tilsonburg [BC18891218]

Robbins -- Emma Robbins, widow, 274 Robinson Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- Ethel Robbins -- see 1908 Waterford students

Robbins -- Fred Robbins of Hamilton married Miss Catherine Rundle last week in Brantford 
[Tyrrell SR19160511p2]

Robbins -- George Harvey Robbins of Walsingham Centre (797117), 40, 
married Methodist farmer, born 2 Jun 1875 at Gainsborough Welland, 
wife: Margaret Robbins of Walsingham Centre. Enlisted: 19 Feb 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Robbins -- Private Harry Robbins of Camp Borden, has returned to camp after visiting at his home in Walsingham for two weeks [SR19171018p2] 

Robbins -- George Robbins, laborer, Ellaton 
Edna Robbins, single, Lot 13, Concession 10, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- G. M. Robbins -- see 1909 Rural Phone Directory

Robbins -- the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert M. Robbins of Sovereign, Sask., formerly of Simcoe, M. Leona, will marry  Almer Head of the Royal Bank staff in Saskatoon, later this month [SR19171115p7] -- Leora Robbins, wife of Almer C. Head of Sovereign, Sask. has given birth to a grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Robbins and great-grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Irwin of John Street, Simcoe [SR19181219p12]

Robbins -- Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert M. Robbins and children have returned to their home in Sovereign, Sask. after visiting with relatives in Ontario [SR19180221p1]

Robbins -- Gladys Robbins -- see 1915 Entrance Exams

Robbins -- Hannah Eliza Robbins wed Levi Allen Shaw [Ontario Vital Stats 1879]

Robbins -- Harold Aubrey Robbins of Houghton, farmer -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf

Robbins -- Harold Aubrey Robbins of RR2 King Lake, 22, (786655), single Methodist farmer, born 25 Apr 1896 in Houghton, son of Sarah Robbins of RR2 King Lake. Conscripted: 17 May 1918
-- see a scan of his Recruitment Particulars.

Robbins -- Pte. Harold Robbins of Houghton is to report for duty 1 Jun 1918 [SR19180530p2]

Robbins -- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robbins of Otter Valley have moved to Clear Creek [SR19181010p2]

Robbins -- Hector L. Robbins of North Walsingham, blacksmith 
-- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Robbins -- Irvine Walter Robbins -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Robbins -- J. B. Robbins returned from South America with John West

Robbins -- Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robbins had their son, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Robbins of Brantford, visiting [Waterford SR19101013p2]

Robbins -- J. Roy Robbins, farmer, Walsingham  
Cora Robbins, Walsingham  
Ella Robbins, widow, housekeeper, Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- Waterford Council paid James Robbins $1.50 for work done [WS18980707p5]

Robbins -- James Robbins, 25, married, born 1 Sep 1875 in Ontario, domestic servant, resided in the household of Walter Gray [1901 Census of Windham:3]

Robbins -- Jas. K. Robins [sic], 41, born 3 Mar 1860 in Ontario, teamster
his wife Emma, 39, born 16 Jan 1862 in Ontario, canning factory
his single son Fred, 19, born 4 Mar 1882 in Ontario
his single son Clifton, 14, born 1 Apr 1887 in Ontario
his single daughter Alma, 10, born 24 Jun 1890 in Ontario
his single son Loyd [sic], 7, born 18 Apr 1894 in Ontario
his single son Lorne, 4, born 8 Jan 1897 in Ontario
his single son Cecil, 1, born 13 Oct 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Waterford:1]

Robbins -- James K. Robbins 1861-1907 | his wife Emma Acomb 1862-1953
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Robbins -- John Robbins, millman, Courtland 
Thelma Robbins, housewife, Courtland [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- John R. Robbins, sawyer, RR1 Courtland  
Erwin Robbins, sawyer, RR1 Courtland  
Isabella Robbins, RR1 Courtland [1919 Voters List]

Robbins -- Katharine Robbins was a 1920 Simcoe First Book student [SR19200708p3]

Robbins -- Leonard Robbins, 71, died 29 Jan 1899; 
his wife Phoeba Furler, 71, died 2 Apr 1922 [Vanessa Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: also see Lenard Robins]

Robbins -- Leeta Robbins -- see 1908 Waterford students

Robbins -- to Leora Robbins, wife of Almer [sic] C. Read, a son, 5 Dec 1918 at Sovereign, Sask. [SR19181219p7]

Robbins -- Miss Leotta May Robbins married Ralph B. Pearce of Tonawanda, N.Y. 25 Jan 1910 at her parents' home in Charlotteville [BC19100202p6] [SR19100127p5]

Robbins -- Lloyd Robbins -- see 1908 Waterford students

Robbins -- Lorne Robbins -- see 1908 Waterford students

Robbins -- Lula May Robbins -- see 1920 South Middleton Junior High results

Robbins -- Norma Robbins:  
-- see
Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- see 1918 High School Honor Roll

Robbins -- Robert/Roberts Robbins: 
-- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- see 1919 Simcoe elementary students
-- was a 1920 Simcoe Senior Third student [SR19200708p3]

Robbins -- Ruby Robbins -- see 1910 Waterford pupils

Robbins -- Sarah A. Robbins wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Robbins -- Urford M. Robbins 1881-1949 | his wife Lacia Long 1890-1973
[Cultus Cemetery stone]

Robbins -- W. E. Robbins of Windham -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Robebach -- George Ro[b]ebach married Miss Mary Radley of Middleton, 1 Jan 1894 at home of Mr. H[ilton] of Middleton [NR18940111[Compiler's comment: entire entry difficult to read]

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