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A partial transcription of a page 2 article from the 7 Aug 1879 Norfolk Reformer

Complimentary Banquet

"On Thursday evening last, the 31st ult., the Hon. David M. Walker, Attorney General for Manitoba was entertained at a banquet at the Norfolk House, Simcoe, tendered him by the people of Simcoe.

"The Honorable gentleman arrived here a short time ago on a visit to his relations and a number of the leading citizens of Simcoe took advantage of the occasion to mark their approval of his career in his new home, and to congratulate him on the honors he has attained in Manitoba."

Approximately 50 attended, including:
John B. Freeman, M.P.P.
H. A. Hardy, County Crown Attorney
G. B. Jackson
R. T. Livingstone, Esq.
Peter Mabee, Esq.
Captain Matteson
Thomas B. McMahon, County Judge
James Robb
T. R. Slaght, Esq.
Col. Tisdale
William Wallace, M.P.
A. Walsh, Esq., Ex-M.P.
G. W. Wells

[Compiler's Comment: David Marr Walker was born 1835; went to Winnipeg in 1871; was elected to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly Dec 1878, re-elected Dec 1879. Was Manitoba's Attorney-General from 16 Oct 1878 to 5 Jul 1882. Subsequently appointed a county judge in 1882. In 1915 at age 80, he was appointed head of Manitoba's new liquor licensing board.]
Source: The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba's biographies of members.
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