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Piggott -- Marshall Piggot's body washed ashore at Long Point cut, bound with ropes years ago. Havelock Smith was charged with his murder. Two juries failed to convict. Charges dropped [BC18890320p1]

Pilbeam -- ____, 2 months, infant son of David H. and Mary A. Pilbeam, formerly of Simcoe, died 25 Sep 1878 in Tehama, California [BC18781016p3]

Pilbeam -- David Pilbeam, 6[2], father of W. H. Pilbeam of Waterford, died 17 Oct 1885 in Welland [NR18851105]

Pilbeam -- Miss Eliza Pilbeam -- see 1885 Waterford Star

Pilbeam -- to wife of W. H. Pilbeam:
-- a daughter 4 Dec 1877 in Waterford [BC18771212p3]
-- a daughter 8 Feb 1884 in Waterford [WS18840214] [BC18840220]

Pilbeam -- W. H. Pilbeam re-opened his tinshop -- see 1885 Waterford

Pilbeam -- Walter Pilbeam died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Pilbeam -- Willie Pilbeam born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Pilkey -- W. Pilky [sic], J. Thoroughgood and S. McCall, Lot 15, Concession 7, Charlotteville
[1857 Sketch

Pilkey -- to wife of W. Pilkey a daughter [Hartford WS19151007p5] 

Pilkey -- Wm. Pilkey wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1880]

Pilkey -- William Pilkey's wife, Maryette, 68, died 21 Sep 1890 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Pilkey -- Wm. Pilkey, 82, died 28 Sep 1899 in Woodhouse [SR18991012]
-- the will of William Pilkey of Woodhouse was probated in 1899 [Norfolk Wills]

Pilkie -- Leslie Pilkie wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Pill -- Daniel Pill, 34, born 14 Apr 1866 in England, farmer
his wife Jennie, 35, born 12 Nov 1865 in Ontario
his single daughter Ethel M., 10, born 5 Oct 1890 in Ontario
his father-in-law Samuel Combs, 73, born 10 Oct 1827 in England
his mother-in-law Herrett Combs, 72, born 13 Nov 1828 in England
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:2]

Pill -- Daniel Pill -- see Charlotteville Officers, 1908

Pill -- Daniel Pill, farmer, RR5 Simcoe  
Rachel Pill, Lot 20, Concession 14, Townsend 
Ethel Pill, single, RR5 Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Pill -- Daniel William Pill of Middleton married Rachel Jane Coombs of Charlotteville, 
3 Apr 1889 in Charlotteville [Divisional Register] [
Compiler's Comment: Register has more]

Pill -- Daniel Pill 1866-1939 | his wife Jane 1865-1924 [Walsh United Cemetery stone]

Pill -- Edwin Pill was appointed to 1890 Charlotteville Board of Education

Pill -- Edwin Pill, 60, born 8 Dec 1840 in England, immigrated 1874, farmer
his wife Mary A., 61, born 15 Dec 1839 in England, immigrated 1874
his adopted single daughter Mary M., 8, born 13 Jul 1892 in Ontario 
[1901 Census of Charlotteville:4]

Pill -- Edwin Pil[l] subscribed to Simcoe Pork Packing

Pill -- Edwin Pill, 72, died 1 Aug 1913 in Woodhouse [SR19130821p7] [WS19130818p1] 
-- Edwin Pill 1840-1913 -- see photo of his cemetery stone

Pill -- Mary Ann Pill, 7[5], died 17 Aug 1913 in Townsend [SR19130821p7] 
-- Mary Ann Pill, 77, died 17 Aug 1913 in Townsend [WS19130818p1] 
-- Mary Ann Wright, wife of Edwin Pill 1835-1913 -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Pince -- Mrs. Ann Pince, [67], mother of Mrs. H. D. Bannister, died [28] Dec 1914 in Simcoe. 
Funeral this afternoon to Oakwood cemetery [SR19141231p7]

Pineau -- Miss Rose Marie Pineau of Amberstburg married Frank Henry Leonard of Simcoe, 26 Nov 1917 in Amberstburg [SR19171206p7]

Pinchard -- Mary A. Pinchard of Woodhouse married Wm. E. Atkinson of Woodhouse 29 Mar 1893 at home of John Deal in Woodhouse [NR18930406]

Pinchen -- Albert Thomas Pinchin [sic], 796743, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own]  
-- Albert Thomas Pinchen of Simcoe, 37, married Church of England laborer, 
born 22 Jun 1878 in England, wife Mrs. Pinchen of Simcoe. Enlisted 24 May 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Pinchen -- Alf. Pinchen, laborer, 13 Kent Street North, Simcoe  
Sarah Ann Pinchen, housewife, 13 Kent Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Pinchen -- Albert Thomas Pinchen, 69, of 78 Robinson Street, died Tuesday in Simcoe [SR19480726p3]

Pinchen -- Annie Pinchen -- see Simcoe Public School 1914 Promotions

Pinchen -- Miss Annie Elizabeth Pinchen of Simcoe married Truman McCarey of Waterford, 16 Oct 1920 in Simcoe [SR19201021p7]

Pincher -- A. Pincher's Stanley street home was the scene of a lively blaze Thursday in Simcoe [SR19150204p4]

Pinder -- Mr. and Mrs. John Pinder of Hagersville attended the funeral of Mrs. Phillip Park of Fairground -- see her obituary

Pingley -- Perry Elgin Pingley of Detroit married Miss Eva May Hillis of Simcoe, 25 Aug 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200902p7] -- Perry Edwin Pinglay married Eva May Hillis of Simcoe, 25 Aug 1920 in Simcoe [SR19200826p7] -- Eva May Hillis married Percy Elgin Pingley of Detroit -- see wedding review

Pingle -- John Pingle -- see McAuliffe Hanged

Pink -- to wife of Capt. Wm. Pink, Salvation Army, a daughter 25 Sep 1890 in Simcoe [BC18901001]

Pinney -- Gilbert Pinney, 61, born 24 Sep 1839 in England, immigrated 1859, farmer
his wife Hannah, 51, born 21 Mar 1850 in Ontario
his single son Arthur J., 30, born 16 Apr 1870 in Ontario, labour
his single daughter Emma, 29, born 23 Jun 1871 in Ontario, dress maker
his single daughter Mary J., 24, born 26 Feb 1877 in Ontario
his single daughter Elizabeth, 22, born 18 Dec 1878 in Ontario
his single son Victor, 19, born 20 Mar 1882 in Ontario
his single son Walker B., 13, born 25 Sep 1887 in Ontario
his single son Kenneth, 6, born 8 Feb 1895 in Ontario [1901 Census of Windham:2]

Pinney -- Mrs. Gilbert Pinney of Ranelagh continues very ill [SR19170705p2]

Pinney -- Gilbert Pinney, farmer, Norwich 4 
Victor Pinney, farmer, Lot 22, Concession 2, Windham 
Karl Pinney, farmer, Norwich 4 [1919 Voters List]  

Pinney -- Walter Bruce Pinney (151871), 26, married Church of England baker, born 26 Sep 1888 in Norfolk County, wife: Margaret Pinney of Ninette, Man. Enlisted at Ninette Manitoba
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Pinney -- Private Walter Pinney of Little Lake neighborhood was recently reported uninjured and doing well [SR19170510p5]

Pinnock -- Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pinnock, residents of Simcoe for the past year or two while he was employed at the shoe factory, removed last week to a farm near Mt. Pleasant [SR19181010p12]

Pinson -- Alice Pinson born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Pint -- Betha, only daughter of Ira Bint of Marburg, married Joseph P. Whiting of Cainsville, 
6 Feb 1901 at her parents' home. [SR19010214
[Compiler's Note: Bride's surname spelled both Pint and Bint]

Pipe -- Miss Helen Pipe, daughter of Luke Pipe of Brockville, married A. Howey, formerly of Waterford, son of J. W. Howey of Waterford, 3 Mar 1909 in Brantford [WS19090304]

Pipe -- Rev. Norman W. Pipe conducted the 1943 funeral of Alfred Cade

Piper -- Alfred L. Piper of Charlotteville married Francis [sic] Jones of Charlotteville, 21 inst. in Simcoe [NR18940329]

Piper -- David Piper wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Piper -- Francis Piper wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Piper -- James Piper, farmer, RR4 Tillsonburg 
Elizabeth Piper, RR4 Tillsonburg [1919 Voters List]

Pirie -- Geo. Pirie married Miss Ella May Clubine 22 Oct 1888 in Walsingham Centre [BC18881107]

Pirie -- Walsingham Centre merchant George Pirie has established a branch store at DeBlaquiere's Hollow. His brother "Jim" is operating it [BC18890327p1]

Pirie -- to wife of merchant Geo. Pirie a daughter, 31 Aug 1889 in Walsingham Centre [BC18890911]

Pirie -- to wife of Geo. Pirie, formerly of Walsingham Centre, a daughter, 8 Aug 1891 in Belgrave, Huron County [BC18910812] [NR18910813]

Pirie -- to wife of Geo. Pirie a daughter 7 Oct 1895 at Walsingham Centre [SR18951031]

Pirie -- George Pirie Jr. was elected an officer of 1890 South Walsingham Agricultural Society [BC18900122p1]

Pirie -- Miss May Pirie of Walsingham Centre married Wm. Lees of Walsingham Centre, 1 Oct 1889 at Walsingham Centre [BC18891023]

Pirie -- George R. Pirie of Calgary married Margaret Clara Walsh, daughter of W. L. Walsh of Calgary, formerly of Simcoe, 14 Apr 1909 in Calgary [SR19090422]

Pirie -- John Buchanan Pirie, briefly a Fuller brush salesman living on Norfolk Street in Simcoe, was convicted in Ottawa, of murdering his wife and daughters. He will hang 24 Mar 1925 [WS19250129p2]

Pirrie -- to Annie Pirrie, wife of Walsingham farmer Jacob C. Brandow, a daughter: Ida May, 3 Nov 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022411]

Piblado -- Mrs. Florence Pitblado (nee Flo Walker) married W. Douglas Livingstone, 9 Nov 1911 in Minneapolis [WS19111123p1]

Pitblado -- George William Pitblado, son of Rev. C. B. Pitbaldo of Winnipeg, married Florence Maida Walker, daughter of late A. B. Walker, 8 Aug 1899 at Portage LaPrairie, Manitoba [WS18990928p5]

Pitblado -- to wife of G. W. Pitblado, a daughter, 25 Dec 1900 at Dauphin, Man. [WS19010103p1]

Pitblado -- "Mrs. C. Walker and her daughter, Mrs. G. W. Pitblado, arrived home from Dauphin, Man., on Saturday last." [WS19010530p1] -- Mrs. A. B. Walker and daughters leave Waterford this week. Mrs. Walker will stop in Toronto for the winter. Mrs. Pitblado and Miss Walker are going to Winnipeg [WS19011003p1]

Pitblado -- G. W. Pitblado's second daughter, Alice Becker, 16 months 5 days, died 31 Mar 1904 in Portage LaPrairie, Man. [SR19040408]

Pitcher -- Abraham Pitcher wed Mary L. Pitcher [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Pitcher -- A[rt]e May Pitcher of Townsend, daughter of Arch[a]r Pitcher, married John P. Henry of Windham 3 Feb 1897 [SR18970304]

Pitcher -- Baxter Pitcher, 21, died 24 Sep 1877 in Townsend [BC18771010p4]

Pitcher -- Charles Pitcher and bride arrived home Monday night [Wilsonville WS19090429p8] -- Charlies Pitcher and bride returned home Monday of last week [Grove Union WS19090506p8]

Pitcher -- Frank Pitcher, 42, born 27 Jun 1859 in Ontario, farmer;
his wife Naomi, 42, born 2 Mar 1839 [sic] in Ontario;
his single daughter Grace, 20, born 22 Jul 1880 in Ontario;
his single son Charles B., 18, born 19 Jan 1883 in Ontario, student;
his single brother Leverithe, 63, born 8 Jan 1838 in Ontario;
his single servant, Charles Abbott, 17, born 17 Aug 1884 in England, immigrated 1900, laborer 
[1901 Census of Townsend:1]

Pitcher -- to wife of H. Pitcher, formerly of Wilsonville, a daughter, 25 Nov 1900 in Napavine, Wash. [SR19001220]

Pitcher -- Hamilton Pitcher wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Pitcher -- Mrs. J. P. Pitcher of Brantford was a daughter of James Kettle and Velzorah McIntosh -- see his mother's obituary

Pitcher -- to wife of John Pitcher a son 13 Feb 1884 in Townsend [WS18840214] [BC18840220]

Pitcher -- Jno. Pitcher was a 1885 Townsend Officer 

Pitcher -- Leveritt Pitcher, 72, died 31 Aug 1910 at the County Home [BC19100807p4] [SR19100901p5]

Pitcher -- Mary Harriet Pitcher, 71, died 1 Mar 1918 
her husband William Gibbs, 69, died 6 Jan 1883 [Wilsonville Cemetery stone]

Pitcher -- Peter T. Pitcher was 1876 Townsend Official -- see 1876 Waterford Star

Pitcher -- P. T. Pitcher, 65 years 7 months 8 days, died 22 Dec 1879
his wife Susannah Petit, born 21 Feb 1818, died 21 Apr 1902
their son Arthur, 24 years 7 months 20 days, died 6 Nov 1877
their son Baxter, 21 years 5 months 26 days, died 24 Sep 1877 [Wilsonville Cemetery stone] 
-- the will of Peter Talmon Pitcher of Townsend was probated in 1880 [Norfolk Wills]

Pitcher -- Stephen Pitcher wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882

Pitman -- Allie, youngest daughter of Henry Pitman, married J. Goodyer of Woodstock 23 May 1894 at Clear Creek [NR18940607]

Pitman -- Austin Pitman, 33, born 3 Aug 1867 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Permilla, 34, born 9 Mar 1866 in United States, immigrated 1892
his single daughter Minnie, 8, born 22 Oct 1892 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Pitman -- Austin Pitman, farmer, Port Rowan; Lot 16, Concession 3, South Walsingham 
[1919 Voters List]

Pitman -- Austin Pitman, farmer, Main Street, Port Rowan 
Emma Pitman, Main Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Pitman -- Austin G. Pitman 1867-1941 | his wife Permilla VanNatta 1865-1944
[Bayview Cemetery stones]

Pitman -- Miss Bell Pitman of Port Rowan, daughter of George Pitman, married Frank Pratt of Madison, Wisconsin, 3 Jan 1900 at her father's home [SR19000111]

Pitman -- Bernice M. Pitman, daughter of Samuel Pitman of Clear Creek, married 
Elmer E. Bain, 22 Dec 1910 at her parents' home [SR19110105p8]

Pitman -- to Ellen Alma Pitman, wife of Walsingham farmer Ira Hunter, a daughter: Alma [Alra], 23 Jun 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022375]

Pitman -- Mrs. Emma Pitman of Port Rowan has her son, Frank Pitman of Madison, Wis., visiting [SR19190904p5]

Pitman -- Ester Pitman wed J. J. Church -- see their 66th anniversary

Pitman -- Flora Pitman 1869-1928 | her husband Francis R. Evans 1886-1939 
[Newkirk Cemetery stones]

Pitman -- Francis Pitman, 79, died 5 Jul 1886 in Port Rowan [NR18860708]

Pitman -- to wife of George Pitman a daughter 8 Apr 1878 in Port Rowan [BC18780417p3]

Pitman -- Geo. Pitman, nominated 1897 Port Rowan Councillor [SR18961231p1]

Pitman -- George Pitman, 69, born 3 Feb 1832 in England, immigrated 1840, farmer
his wife Emma, 61, born 1 Nov 1839 in England, immigrated 1849
his single son Frank, 26, born 12 Jan 1875 in Ontario
his single daughter Jennie, 20, born 1 Jun 1880 in Ontario
his single daughter May, 14, born 17 Nov 1886 in Ontario
his widowed mother-in-law Ann Pitman, 87, born 12 Jul 1813 in England, immigrated 1849
[1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Pitman -- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pitman were parents of Mrs. F. T. Pratt of Madison, Wis. 
[Port Rowan SR19150902p3] -- Mrs. Frank Pratt and daughter Miss Helen of Madison, Wis., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Geo. Pitman of Port Rowan who is in quite poor health [SR19190814p3]

Pitman -- Geo. Pitman's son, Frank Pitman of Madison, Wis., is here visiting 
[Port Rowan SR19160217p3]

Pitman -- Mrs. George Pitman of Port Rowan has her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pratt of Madison, Wis., visiting [SR19190828p3]

Pitman -- George Pitman,[7]6, died Thu 6 Jun 1918 in Port Rowan [SR19180613p7] 
-- see his obituary -- George Pitman's widow Emma, died 15 Jan 1929 -- see her obituary
-- George G. Pitmen 1842-1918 | his wife Emma 1853-1929 [Bayview Cemetery stone]

Pitman -- at H. Pitman's home: Miss Rachel Osterhout's funeral was Saturday last 
[Erie View SR19150415p2]

Pitman -- Mr. and Mrs. H. Pitman celebrated their golden wedding anniversary 30 Sep 1915 
[Clear Creek SR19151007p2]

Pitman -- Harry Willis Pitman, 797226, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own]
-- Harry Willis Pitman (747226) of Paris Ontario, 18, single chauffeur, born 6 Oct 1898 
at Clear Creek, son of Samuel Pitman of RR3 Port Rowan. Enlisted: 12 Oct 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper: side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper: side 2.

Pitman -- Harry Pitman return -- see Return Celebrated

Pitman -- Henry Pitman, 56, born 14 Feb 1845 in England, immigrated 1851, agent
his wife Maryette, 55, born 27 Jul 1845 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Pitman -- Henry Pitman of Clear Creek was called to the death bed of his brother in Port Rowan [SR19180613p2] 

Pitman -- Henry Pitman, 74, died Saturday, leaving a wife, son and two daughters 
[Clear Creek SR19190313p8]

Pitman -- Mrs. Henry Pitman of Clear Creek is visiting her daughter in Tillsonburg [SR19191225p2]

Pitman -- Henry Pitman's widow, Maryetta Overbaugh, 99, formerly of Port Rowan, died 10 May 1944 in Tillsonburg [SR19440515p3] 
[Compiler's Comment: also see her obituary on the same page]

Pitman -- Henry Pitman 1845-1919 | his wife Maryette Overbaugh 1845-1944
[Port Royal Cemetery stones]

Pitman -- Miss Ida Pitman, daughter of Geo. Pitman of Port Rowan, married Robt. Mussel of Port Rowan, 16 Oct 1895 at her father's home [SR18951024
[Compiler's Note: groom's surname listed as both Mussel and Russel.]

Pitman -- Jane Pitman, born 1843, died 1927, wife of Robert Cridland, buried Bayview Cemetery, Port Rowan -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Pitman -- Miss Jennie Pitman, fifth daughter of George Pitman of Port Rowan, married George Clemens, son of John Clemens of Port Rowan, 26 Feb 1902 at her parents' home [SR19020313]

Pitman -- Jessie, only child of Job Pitman, married John Bowyer of Silver Hill, 24 Oct 1894 at her father's home in Port Rowan [NR18941101]

Pitman -- Job Pitman wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Pitman -- Job Pitman, 55, born 24 Mar 1846 in England, immigrated 1856, miller & farmer
his wife Delphine, 50, born 13 May 1850 in Ontario [1901 Census of S.Walsingham:2]

Pitman -- Mr, and Mrs. Job Pitman of Port Rowan were parents of Mrs. John Bowyer of Carholme [SR19171004p8] [SR19180502p4]

Pitman -- Mr. and Mrs. Job Pitman had their grandchildren Miss Mildred Bowyer and brother Howard visiting [SR19170809p2]

Pitman -- Job Pitman, RR2, Port Rowan 
Delphina Pitman, Lot 14 Concession A, South Walsingham [1919 Voters List]

Pitman -- Job Pitman and his sister Miss Emma Pitman of Port Rowan have their sister, Mr. and Mrs. James J. Church of Waterford, visiting [SR19201021p2]

Pitman -- Mariette Pitman, widow, Clear Creek [1919 Voters List]

Pitman -- May, youngest daughter George Pitman of Port Rowan, married Mack S. Clemens, 
son of John Clemens of Port Rowan, 2 Mar 1910 in Port Rowan [BC19100309
-- see wedding review

Pitman -- Mildred Pitman -- see 1910 S.S. 4 Houghton pupils

Pitman -- Mildred Alice Pitman married Harry Millard, Tue [.] Apr 1916 at Clear Creek [SR19160413p7]

Pitman -- Permilla Pitman, single, Main Street, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Pitman -- Rosa Ann Pitman died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Pitman -- to wife of S. Pitman, a son, 6 Nov 1899 near Clear Creek [SR18991116]

Pitman -- Mrs. S. Pitman of Erie View was daughter of Mrs. Egerton Wellis of Invermay, Sask. [SR19150415p2]

Pitman -- Mrs. S. Pitman visited her daughter, Mrs. Harry Millard [Clear Creek SR19180919p6]

Pitman -- Samuel Pitman, 60, died 22 Nov 1877 in Walsingham [BC18771205p3]

Pitman -- Sam Pitman, 31, born 16 Aug 1869 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Jennie, 30, born 9 Apr 1870 in Ontario;
single daughter Bernice, 9, born 17 Sep 1891 in Ontario:
single daughter Mildred, 4, born 22 Jun 1896 in Onario;
single son Harry, 1, born 6 Nov 1899 in Ontario;
single domestic Rachel Osterhaut, 68, born 26 Jun 1832 in Ontario
single domestic Lottie Cadagan, 33, born 26 Aug 1867 in Ontario
single laborer William Fry, 33, born 4 Aug 1867 in Ontario [1901 Census of S.Walsingham:1]

Pitman -- Mrs. Sam Pitman has her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley Willis and little son visiting 
[Clear Creek SR19180207p2]

Pitman -- Samuel Pitman, farmer, Port Rowan 
Jennie Pitman, farmer's wife, Port Rowan
Henry Pitman, soldier, Port Rowan [1919 Voters List]

Pitman -- Samuel A. Pitman, farmer, RR3 Port Rowan 
Jennie Pitman, A, gore, South Walsingham (poll 1) [1919 Voters List]

Pitman -- Mr. and Mrs. S. Pitman of Clear Creek have their daughters Mrs. Elmer Bain and Mrs. Harry Millard, visiting [SR19191225p2] -- Mrs. Elmer Bain and two children, and Mrs. Harry Millard and little son, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pitman [Clear Creek SR19200610p2]

Pitman -- Sarah Pitman died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Pitman -- Sarah, 8, daughter of [.] G. Pitman, died [..] Jan 1884 in Port Rowan [NR18840131p3]

Pitman -- Miss Sarah Pitman of Walsingham, youngest daughter of Henry Pitman, married Frank B. Franklin of Houghton 13 Apr 1892 at her father's home 
[NR18920421 and Personals column]

Pitt -- Joseph N. Pitt, manager, Norfolk Woollen Mill Co., Port Dover
 -- see Norfolk County in 1865

Pitt -- Miss Nellie Pitt of Hamilton -- see Pow-Cunningham wedding

Pitt -- Miss Tena Pitt of Hamilton -- see Pow-Cunningham wedding

Pitt -- William Pitt of Winchester, England married Miss Kate Taplin of Gloucestershire, England, 15 Oct 1887 in Simcoe [BC18871019]

Pitters -- Jas. Pitters donated to Belgium Relief at Vittoria [SR19141210p7]

Pitters -- James Thomas Pitters, 796515, Private [1916 Norfolk's Own
-- James Thomas Pitters of Simcoe, 25, married Baptist farmer, born 14 Jan 1880 
at Bishops Stoke Hampshire England, wife: Ellen Pitters of Simcoe
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.

Pitters -- J. T. Pitters, delivery, 273 Talbot St. North, Simcoe 
Ellen Pitters, 273 Talbot Street North, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Pittman -- Samuel Isaac Pittman born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

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