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Olive -- [Compiler's Comment: we found no surviving, readable cemetery stones for this surname in Norfolk County in 2012]

Olive -- Miss Erie L. Olive of Waterford married Albert D. Sinclair of Kent County 4 May 1898 in Waterford [SR18980519] -- Erie L. Olive, daughter of Mrs. Wm. Olive of Waterford, married A. D. Sinclair of Kent County, 4 May 1898 at home of bride's mother [WS18980512p1] [WS18980512p5]

Olive -- John Olive, 72, wealthy brother of the late William Olive of Waterford, died recently near San Francisco, after being kicked by a horse. He leaves a wife and two daughters, including Mrs. Rose Eaton of San Francisco [WS18971202p1]

Olive -- William Olives and W. Guyler, Lot 14, Concession 1, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch]

Olive -- William Olive wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Olive -- Wm. Olive, 75 years 11 months, died 29 Nov 1896 in Waterford [SR18961210]

Oliver -- Adam Oliver's daughter Nancy Jane -- see her obituary

Oliver -- Addison Oliver, 33, born 27 Oct 1867 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Mary J., 29, born 11 Mar 1872 in Ontario
his single son Robert W., 11, born 23 Dec 1889 in U.S., immigrated 1892
his single son Edmund, 7, born 15 Jun 1893 in Ontario
his single son Emer, 5, born 19 Nov 1895 in Ontario
his single son Adam, 3, born 13 Nov 1897 in Ontario
his single daughter Mary, 1, born 24 Feb 1900 in Ontario [1901 Census of Middleton:3]

Oliver -- Alberta Oliver attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Oliver -- Miss Annie M. Oliver of St. Thomas married Arthur L. Phelps of Boston, 26 Dec 1883 at St. Thomas [WS18840103] [BC18840109]

Oliver -- Arthur Franklin Oliver born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Oliver -- Frank Oliver of Tillsonburg married Miss Charlotte Yorston, daughter of Rev. John Yorston, 11 Mar [1908] at the home of her parents in Houghton. Married by bride's father [SR19080326]

Oliver -- Rev. G. L. Oliver attended Hartford's 1884 Public School Examination

Oliver -- Rev. G. L. Oliver of Hartford Baptist Church is on a three week vacation granted him by the Church [WS18840821]

Oliver -- J. W. Oliver, Lot 15, Concession 4, Windham [1857 Sketch]

Oliver -- James Oliver, student, Boston school -- see 1877 Waterford and Townsend

Oliver -- James Oliver of Hamilton married Miss Maggie Inman 21 Dec 1887 at her mother's home in Port Dover [BC18871227]

Oliver -- James and John Oliver of Buffalo visited their parents in Boston recently [BC18890102p1]

Oliver -- James T. Oliver was a 1889 Townsend pathmaster [BC18890327p1]

Oliver -- James T. Oliver, 84 years 1 month 18 days, died 6 Mar 1897 at Boston [WS18970311p5]

Oliver -- James Telfer Oliver's relict, Mary McIntrye, of 11 Elizabeth Street, Buffalo, N.Y., died there 13 Sep 1901 [WS19010919p1] -- Mrs. James Oliver died in Buffalo. Her remains were brought to Boston for burial. She lived in Boston for years until they left to make their home in Buffalo. The family has the sympathy of the community [WS19010919p8] -- the late Mrs. James Oliver's memorial services will be preached Sunday at Boston [WS19010926p8]

Oliver -- James Telfer Oliver, 84 years 1 month 18 days, a native of Scotland, died 6 Mar 1897
his wife Mary McIntyre, 68 years 4 months 7 days, died 13 Sep 1901 in Buffalo, N.Y. 
-- see photos of their cemetery stones

Oliver -- John Oliver, student, Boston school -- see 1877 Waterford and Townsend

Oliver -- Josepha Oliver, 88, widow of Edward Hall, died 10 Mar 1910 in Windham [SR19100324p12]

Oliver -- Miss Josepha A. Oliver of Windham married Robert J. Mason of Windham, 6 Aug 1902 at home of bride's cousin, R. W. Hill [SR19020828]

Oliver -- Katie Oliver, student, Boston school -- see 1877 Waterford and Townsend

Oliver -- Kate Oliver, 26 years 11 months 3 days, wife of Milton Hyde, died 8 Mar 1884 at Boston [BC18840319] [WS18840313] -- Katy, 26 years 11 months 3 days, wife of Milton Hyde, died 6 Mar 1884 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Oliver -- Mary Oliver, student, Boston school -- see 1877 Waterford and Townsend

Oliver -- Mary Oliver -- see List of 1885 teachers

Oliver -- Mary Ann Oliver, 84, died 1912 
her husband William Fleming, 86, died 12 Nov 1906 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Oliver -- Minto Oliver of Townsend passed 1882 Entrance Exams

Oliver -- Naney Jane Oliver, 76, widow of Duncan D. Marr, died 4 Dec 1918 in Hamilton
-- see her obituary

Oliver -- to the wife of Samuel Oliver of Delhi, a daughter, 4 Oct 1920 in Tillsonburg [SR19201014p7]

Oliver -- William Oliver's wife Catherine, 56, died 25 Sep 1868
[St. Mary's Cemetery stone]

Oliver -- Wm. H. Oliver founded the Erie News, forerunner of the Simcoe Reformer  
-- see Another Milestone
-- see Early Newspapers

Oliver -- William H. Oliver -- see Photos & Bios

Oliver -- Wm. Henry Oliver of Charlotteville married Margaret Jane Gable of Charlotteville, on Saturday [WS19210505p8]

Oliver -- William Henry Oliver, 74, of RR6 Simcoe, born in Princeton, member of Salvation Army, died Sunday in Simcoe. Survived by widow, daughter, brother George Winegarden and a sister. Predeceased by two sisters [obituary SR19720214p10]
[Compiler's Comment: obituary has more genealogy]

Olives -- William Olives and W. Guyler, Lot 14, Concession 1, Charlotteville [1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- also see Olmsted, Omstead

Olmstead -- Mr. Olmstead -- see Early Education

Olmstead -- Olmstead, W. Sovereen, and J. Tice, Lot 47, Concession 1s, Middleton [1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- Miss Olmstead of Waterford married Earl Messecar of St. Thomas, Sat 13 Nov 1915 [SR19151118p11]

Olmstead -- A. E. Olmstead, carpenter, RR3 Waterford 
Josephine Olmstead, Lot 12, Concession 12, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Olmstead -- Alice Olmstead 1855-1942 | her husband Lawrence Dunn 1847-1941
[LaSalette Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Avaldo Olmstead -- also see Valdo Olmstead

Olmstead -- Avaldo Olmstead and G. Corlis, Lot 11, Concession 4, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- Avaldo Olmstead, 52 years 5 months 6 days, died 30 Nov 1868
[Boston Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Avaldo Olmstead and wife of Villa Nova visited his brother John Olmstead in Boston [WS18990209p8]

Olmstead -- Avaldo C. Olmstead 1880-1958 | his wife Charity Josepha Graves 1883-1952
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Bernard Olmstead, 48, born 20 Jul 1852 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Ellen, 48, born 31 Jan 1862 in Ontario
his single son Thomas U., 12, born 2 Mar 1879 in Ontario
his single son James E., 8, born 11 Oct 1892 in Ontario
his single son Hugh I., 5, born 20 Apr 1895 in Ontario
his single son Eugene B., 3, born 3 May 1897 in Ontario
his single daughter Rose M., 3 months, born 17 Dec 1900 [1901 Census of Windham:3]

Olmstead -- B. Olmstead -- was a 1915 Windham Officer

Olmstead -- Barney [sic] Olmstead, farmer, LaSalette 
Ellen Olmstead, housewife, Lot 23, Concession 6, Windham 
James Olmstead, farmer, LaSalette 
Eugene Olmstead, farmer, Lot 23, Concession 6, Windham [1919 Voters List]

Olmstead -- Bernard Olmstead 1852-1928 | his wife Ellen McGinnis 1862-1927 
[LaSalette Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- C. Olmstead and R. and Elias Robinson, Lot 10, Concession 2, Townsend 
[1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- Carrie Evelina Olmstead married James Herbert Morris, 18 Nov 1919 in Simcoe [SR19191120p7]

Olmstead -- Chas. Olmstead died [BC19060321]

Olmstead -- Chas. Olmstead -- see 1909 Townsend Officers

Olmstead -- Chas. Olmstead helped his brother-in-law, David Ewing, move to Colborne, where he is going into the garden and fruit business [Boston WS19090401p6]

Olmstead -- Mrs. C. Olmstead of Waterford had her sister, Miss Bernie Ewing of Grove Union, visiting [WS19101013p5]

Olmstead -- Charles Olmstead, gent., Waterford 
Gertrude Olmstead, Waterford 
Clarence Olmstead, clerk, Waterford [1919 Voters List]

Olmstead -- Chas. E. Olmstead of Townsend married Miss Gertrude, eldest daughter of Alex R. Ewing of Townsend, 23 Dec 1896 in Townsend [SR18970107]

Olmstead -- Charles E. Olmstead, 25, born 5 May 1875 in Ontario
his wife Mary G., 23, born 23 Jun 1877 in Ontario
his single son Clarance [sic] W., 3, born 5 Sep 1897 in Ontario
his single lodger David W. Ewing, 19, born 8 Jan 1882 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:2]

Olmstead -- Charles E. Olmstead 1875-1952 | his wife M. Gertrude Ewing 1875-1952 
[Greenwood Cemetery stones]

Olmstead -- Charles W., 2 years 1 month 13 days, son of Avaldo and Maryan Olmstead, died 8 Aug 1851 [Boston Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Clarence Olmstead -- see 1910 Boston school pupils

Olmstead -- Clarence William Olmstead of Waterford, 24, single Baptist bookkeeper and stenographer, born 5 Sep 1893 in Boston, son of Charles Edw. Olmstead of Waterford
-- see a scan of his Recruitment Particulars.
-- see Waterford & Townsend Cenotaph
-- see Waterford's Roll of Honor

Olmstead -- Clarence Olmstead of Detroit is visiting friends in Simcoe [SR19191225p10]

Olmstead -- Clark, 4 years 10 months, son of E. G. and B. J. Olmstead, died 3 Jul 1904 
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Ed Olmstead of Burgessville is moving to LaSalette  [SR19170816p4]

Olmstead -- Edgar Olmstead wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1878]

Olmstead -- to wife of Edgar Olmstead a daughter 18 Sep 1894 at Tyrrell [NR18940927]

Olmstead -- Edgar Olmstead -- see 1900 Townsend Officers

Olmstead -- Edgar G. Omstead [sic], 43, born 20 Mar 1858 in Ontario, farmer
his widowed mother Mary A. Challen, 78, born 14 Mar 1823 in Ontario 
his wife Roxy J., 45, born 16 Sep 1855 in Ontario
his single son Avaldo C., 21, born 24 Mar 1880 in Ontario [farmer's son]
his single son Clendon C., 18, born 8 Jul 1882 in Ontario, teacher
his single daughter Nellie M., 14, born 11 Oct 1886 in Ontario
his single daughter Grace E., 9, born 14 Oct 1891 in Ontario
his single daughter Carrie E., 6, born 18 Sep 1894 in Ontario
his single son Edgar C., 1, born 30 Sep 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:6]

Olmstead -- at home of her son, Edgar Olmstead: Mary Anne Cline, 90, relict of John Challen, 
died 19 Dec 1912 in Waterford [SR19130102p5]

Olmstead -- Edgar G. Olmstead 1858-1916 | his wife Roxey J. Blayney 1855-1908
Carrie E. Olmstead, wife of James Morris, 1894-1975
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Edward Olmstead, laborer, LaSalette 
Emma Olmstead, Lot 23, Concession 8, Windham 
Eliza Olmstead, single, LaSalette [1919 Voters List]

Olmstead -- Edward F. Olmstead of Townsend married Miss Mary A. Lahey of Townsend, 18 Oct 1899 in Waterford [SR18991102] [WS18991019p8]

Olmstead -- Edward [F]. Olmstead, 32, born 7 Aug 1868 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Mary A., 27, born 6 Aug 1873 in Ontario
his single son Rowland E., born 21 Jun 1900 in Ontario
his married mother Martha [Schivalor], 63, born 21 Jun 1837 in Ontario 
[1901 Census of  Townsend:2]

Olmstead -- Eugene Olmstead -- see 1910 LaSalette promotions

Olmstead -- Eugene Olmstead is home in LaSalette from the west [SR19190109p6]

Olmstead -- Frank Olmstead married Miss Alice Lahey last Wednesday. The boys gave them a serenade Friday night [Boston WS18991026p12]

Olmstead -- Frederick Harsell Olmstead of Villa Nova married [Ailda] [E.] Kitchen, 5 Jan 1898 at home of her father [SR18980113]

Olmstead -- George Olmstead 1806-1856 | his wife Sarah 1815-1859
a son Alexander 1841-1856 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: same stone as John H. Olmstead]

Olmstead -- to wife of Windham farmer George Olmstead, nee Lizzie Hammond, a daughter: Minnie Bell Olmstead, 11 Aug 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022902]

Olmstead -- Mrs. Geo. Olmstead was daughter of Edgar Hammond of Townsend

Olmstead -- G. A. Olmstead of Villa Nova and Miss Sensabaugh of Windham married last Wednesday in Simcoe [WS18980804p8]

Olmstead -- George Olmstead, 48, born 25 Apr 1852 in Ontario, farmer
his wife Carrie, 40, born 10 Apr 1860 in Ontario
his daughter Ella M., 18, born 31 Aug 1882 in Ontario
his daughter Clarie [sic] L. , 1, born 11 Dec 1899 in Ontario [1901 Census of Townsend:4]

Olmstead -- to wife of George Olmstead a son 24 Jan 1906 in Windham 
[SR19060209] [BC19060207]

Olmstead -- George A. Olmstead: 
-- was a 1889 Townsend pathmaster [BC18890327p1] 
-- see 1895 Townsend Officers
-- see 1913 Townsend Officers 

Olmstead -- G. A. Olmstead was a 1915 Townsend Township Officer [SR19150304p14]

Olmstead -- George A. Olmstead, farmer, RR5 Waterford 
Carrie Olmstead, Lot 20, Concession 8, Townsend [1919 Voters List]

Olmstead -- Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Olmstead of Villa Nova have Herb Olmstead and two children of Tonawanda, visiting [SR19201104p2]

Olmstead -- George A. Olmstead died Feb 1924 in Townsend -- see his obituary

Olmstead -- Geo. A. Olmstead 1852-1924 | his wife Roxaline 1852-1887
his wife Carrie 1860-1923 | John L. 1885-1901 | Willby M. 1903-1922 
[Greenwood Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Gurty Olmstead died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]

Olmstead -- H. Olmstead:
-- and David Phelps, Lot 17, Concession 4, Townsend [1857 Sketch]
-- and R. Barber, J. H. Churchill & S. W. Phelps, Lot 14, Concession 5, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- to wife of H. Olmstead of Nober a son 19 Nov 1898 [WS18981124p5]

Olmstead -- [Haidah] Olmstead died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Olmstead -- Hannah, daughter of the late Steven Olmstead married Abram Snively -- see her obituary

Olmstead -- Harvey Olmstead's Boston residence was destroyed by fire -- see 1885 Waterford

Olmstead -- Hugh Olmstead:
-- passed 1910 Simcoe High Entrance Exam
-- see Carillon Tower's WWI Plaque

Olmstead -- Miss Ida E. Olmstead married C. John Crooker at the home of her uncle, John Olmstead near Boston [WS18991207p1] 

Olmstead -- J. Olmstead, E. Barber, H. Barber and J. Cline, Lot 12, Concession 4, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- J. Olmstead and William Crandell, Lot 8, Concession 1n, Middleton [1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- J. and S. Olmstead and W. McMichael, Lot 11, Concession 5, Townsend 
[1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- James Alan Olmstead, 4, son of Geo. Olmstead of Windham, died Sunday last week. His sudden death came with great shock. Funeral  Tuesday to Delhi Cemetery [SR19050922p2]

Olmstead -- James H. Olmstead, 58 years 2 months 11 days, died 1 Mar 1878
his wife Priscilla, 75 years 7 months 6 days, died 3 Jun 1894 [Delhi Cemetery stone] 
-- the will of James H. Olmstead of Middleton was probated in 1878 [Norfolk Wills]
-- the will of Priscilla Olmstead of North Walsingham was probated in 1894 [Norfolk Wills]

Olmstead -- John Olmstead was 1876 Townsend Official -- see 1876 Waterford Star

Olmstead -- John Olmstead of Hawtrey married Margaret Billo of LaSalette, 25 Nov 1913 in LaSalette [WS19131211p1] [SR19131203p5]

Olmstead -- John Olmstead was son-in-law of Mrs. Susan C. Kitchen

Olmstead -- Mr. and Mrs. John Olmstead were invited to the 27th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Woodley, 18 Oct 1898  -- see Woodley Anniversary

Olmstead -- Mr. and Mrs. John Olmstead of Bloomsburg celebrated the 15th anniversary of their marriage Monday last.  Mr. and Mrs. H. Kitchen and Miss Tate visited [WS1900022p8]

Olmstead -- John Olmstead of Boston has his daughter, Mrs. Emma Bowman of Wisconsin visiting [WS19010523p5]

Olmstead -- John H. Olmstead, 57, married, born 25 Jan 1844 in Ontario, farmer
Florence M. Olmstead, 45, married, born 12 Jul 1855 in Ontario
George W. Howey, 17, single, born 16 Apr 1883 in Ontario, labourer [sic]
Arthur Howey, 15, single, born 13 Aug 1885 in Ontario, laborer [sic
[1901 Census of Townsend:2

Olmstead -- John Olmstead, farmer, RR1 Scotland 
Florence Olmstead, housewife, Lot 10 Concession 2, Townsend [1919 Voters' List]

Olmstead -- John Olmstead, 73, died 23 Nov 1919 in Townsend [SR19191204p7] -- All Villa Nova was sorry to hear John Olmstead of Boston has died [SR19191211p4] -- quite a number from here attended the funeral of John Olmstead at Boston on Wednesday last [Atherton SR19191211p4]

Olmstead -- John H. Olmstead 1844-1919 | his wife Florence Kitchen 1854-1932
their daughter Emma May Bowman 1873-1938 [Greenwood Cemetery stone]
[Compiler's Comment: same stone as George and Sarah Olmstead]

Olmstead -- John Olmstead of Simcoe -- see 1917 Norfolk Exemptions [pdf]

Olmstead -- John Olmstead, cleaner, 26 Peel Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters' List]

Olmstead -- John H. Olmstead wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Olmstead -- John H. Olmstead of Townsend married Florence M., daughter of Moses Kitchen of Townsend, 18 Feb 1885 at her father's home [NR18850226]

Olmstead -- Jonas Olmstead was an officer of 1887 Windham Council 

Olmstead -- Jonas Olmstead, 61, died 30 Jun 1898 in Windham [SR18980714
-- Jones Omstead, 61, died 30 Jun 1898 in Windham [WS18980707p5]

Olmstead -- Jones [sic] Olmstead was a 1889 Windham poundkeeper [BC18890403p1]

Olmstead -- Joseph Daniel Olmstead died [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Olmstead -- L. Olmstead, student, Boston school -- see 1877 Waterford and Townsend

Olmstead -- Lafyette Olmstead wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Olmstead -- Lewis Elmer Olmstead died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Olmstead -- Lucinda Jane Olmstead died [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Olmstead -- M. Olmstead, J. McLean and R. Purtell, Lot 23, Concession 6, Windham 
1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- Madeleine Olmstead -- see 1920 LaSalette Junior High results

Olmstead -- Mary Ann Olmstead born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Olmstead -- Mary Ann Olmstead wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1873]

Oldstead -- Mary Florence Olmstead, 51, wife of John Stewart Almas, died 8 Nov 1919 at her residence, 191 Head Street [SR19191113p7] 

Olmstead -- Mary R. Olmstead wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Olmstead -- Mary S. Olmstead wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]

Omstead -- Moses Omstead, 80 years 6 months 16 days, born [sic] 20 Dec 1894
his wife Alice, 73 years 3 months, died 29 Feb 1892 [LaSalette Cemetery stones]
-- the will of Moses Omstead of Windham was probated in 1895 [Norfolk Wills]

Olmstead -- Muriel Olmstead -- see 1910 Boston school pupils

Olmstead -- Youngsters gave Nellie Olmstead a surprise Wednesday, it being her birthday [WS19000524p8]

Olmstead -- the will of Oliver Olmstead of Townsend was probated in 1896 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Oliver Olmstead, 79 years 6 months 5 days, died 2 Jun 1896 [Rockford Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Prudence Olmstead, 23, born in Townsend, resident of Boston, daughter of Henry Olmstead and Mary Secord, married Sidney Swanton, 25, farmer, born in Windham, resident of Windham, son of Benjamin and Sarah, 17 Feb 1800 in Townsend 
[Ontario Vital Stats 007262]

Olmstead -- R. Olmstead was a 1910 Windham Officer [WS19100331p4]

Olmstead -- Roland Olmstead -- see 1910 Boston school pupils

Olmstead -- Rose M. Olmstead: 
-- see 1910 LaSalette promotions
-- see 1915 Entrance Exams

Olmstead -- the will of Roxalanna Olmstead of Townsend was probated in 1888 [Norfolk Wills] [Compiler's Comment: see cemetery stone of Geo. A. Olmstead, above]

Olmstead -- Roxie Jane Olmstead was daughter of Richard H. Blayney of Townsend 

Olmstead -- S. and J. Olmstead and W. McMichael, Lot 11, Concession 5, Townsend 
[1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- S. Olmstead and G. Woodley, Lot 11, Concession 6, Townsend [1857 Sketch]

Olmstead -- S. V. R. Olmstead, 67 years 8 months 16 days, died 16 Dec 1854
his relict Mary, 77 years 2 months 10 days, died 26 Mar 1863 [Delhi Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Sarah Ann Olmstead wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1874]

Olmstead -- Simon Olmstead, 71, died 1 Oct 1894 in Boston [NR18941011]
-- the will of Simon Olmstead of Townsend was probated in 1895 [Norfolk Wills]

Olmstead -- Simon M. Olmstead, 70, died 1 Oct 1894
his sister Maria Olmstead, 66, died 27 Mar 1885
his wife Lucinda J., 47, died 6 Feb 1872
his wife Hulda, 23, died 23 May 1875 [Boston Cemetery stone]

Olmstead -- Simon Olmstead, 29, born 5 Feb 1872 in Ontario, f[arm] laborer
his wife Adda [sic] A., 29, born 8 Apr 1871 in Ontario
his widowed mother-in-law Elizabeth Rouse, 73, born 1 Mar 1828 in Ontario
his single brother-in-law Isaac Nelles Rouse, 50, born 11 Feb 1851 in Ontario
[1901 Census of Townsend:2]

Olmstead -- to Susan Alice Olmstead, wife of Woodhouse minister Sewell Foster Grady, a daughter: Emma Alberta Grady, 23 Jul 1884 [Ontario Vital Stats 022493]

Olmstead -- Valdo Olmstead of Villa Nova's son John died Wednesday 3 Jul 1901 in Niagara Falls, where he had been working at the paper mills, after failing to rally following an operation on Sunday for appendicitis [WS19010711p1] [WS19010711p8]

Olmstead -- Mr. and Mrs. V. Olmstead's daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson of Bancroft are visiting [Villa Nova WS19150716p1]

Olmstead -- the little son of Valdo Olmstead of Villa Nova was rushed to New York

Olmstead -- Wilmer Olmstead -- see 1910 Boston school pupils

Olmsted -- J. D. Olmsted of Waterford sells groceries, paints, oils, glass, putty, &c. 

Olney -- Ann, 90, relict of Rev. Olney, died 29 Nov 1880 at the home of her son P. G. Bagley, in Port Dover, leaving five sons and two daughters [BC18801208p3] -- Anna Edwards, a native of New York state, relict of Rev. S. J. Olney and mother of P. G. Bagley, born 13 Apr 1790, died 29 Nov 1880 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Olney -- Sally Ann Olney of Charlotteville married James Finch, 2 Dec 1846. 
Witnesses: Phelander Bagley; Duncan Walsh [GJR-SR19010314

Oltz --  Mary A. Oltz, 54, married born 22 Feb 1844 in Ontario, resided in the household of her father James Peach Sr. [1901 Census of Port Rowan]

Olson -- Mr. A. Olsen and family of Otter Creek are moving to Shedden [SR19180321p7]

Oltz -- Miss Nellie Oltz of South Walsingham married Arnold Rudolf Newman of South Walsingham 11 Jul 1889 at Port Rowan [BC18890717]

Oltz -- Mrs. William H. Oltz, nee Helen M. Argyle, 26 years 10 months 24 days, died 24 Jun 1871 
-- see photo of her cemetery stone  
-- Helen Marr Oltz died [Ontario Vital Stats 1871]

Oltz -- William Henry Oltz wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1872]

Ombrust -- Y. Ombrust, Cornelius Orn and Wm. Emmons, Lot 35, Concession 2s, Middleton 
[1857 Sketch]

Omstead -- also see Olmstead

Omstead -- Geo. Omstead of Windham married Miss Lizzie Hammond of Townsend 10 Oct 1883 at home of officiating minister [WS18831115] [BC18831121]

Omstead -- to wife of Geo. Omstead a daughter 12 Dec 1889 in Windham [BC18891225]

Omstead -- Gertrude Omstead 1879-1882 -- see St. Anthony's Monument

Omstead -- Harvey and Mary Omstead's daughter, Almira, 8 years 2 months 14 days, died 
26 Jun 1857 [Boston Cemetery stone]

Omsted --Mary Ellen Omsted born [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Omstead -- the will of Alice Omstead of Windham was probated in 1892 [Norfolk Wills]
-- Moses Omstead's wife Alice, 73 years 3 months, died 29 Feb 1892 [LaSalette Cemetery stone]  

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