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The following article was transcribed from page 1 of the 30 Aug 1917 Simcoe Reformer newspaper.

A Time Stained Simcoe Paper

Mr. Henry Johnson of Lynnwood Avenue, has brought into the editor a paper published in Simcoe 24 Jan 1854. It is a copy of the 17th issue of the Long Point Reformer, and is the second number of that publication we remember seeing. 

It contains a notice to the public to the effect that Jonathan Gundry has purchased from R. M. House, all the type and presses  used in the publication of the Long Point Advocate and that the subscribers to the latter journal would be supplied with copies of the new publication. Gundry, we believe, continued to issue the Long Point Reformer for two or three years, until his death, which took place about 1857.

His paper had no connection with the present Reformer, which was established in 1838. by Dr. Wm. Oliver as The Erie News. In the number of Mr. Gundry's paper, which, by the way is a large and well printed newspaper, now before us, there are many interesting advertisements, here is a sample:

"Application to Parliament -- Notice is herby given that the undersigned will apply to Parliament at its next session for an act to incorporate a company with the authority to construct a railway from Simcoe, in the County of Norfolk to St. Thomas, in the County of Elgin.

Thomas W. Walsh
J. G. Wilson
N. C. Ford
Duncan Clark
J. A. Lyons
Wm. Salmon
T. J. Mulkins
Duncan Campbell
John B. Crouse
H. V. A. Rapelje
L. H. Hunt
D. D. VanNorman
J. W. Ritchie."

Only 63 years ago these men were the most prominent citizens of this community. Almost very name is familiar to older residents. Yet how completely has they and their descendants vanished. If we are correct, the whole 13 are today represented in Norfolk by three people -- Mr. C. C. Rapelje, Mr. H. Mulkins and Mrs. T. R. Slaght.


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