Killmer to Kindy
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Killmer -- see Kilmer

Killmer -- Mary Ann Killmer died [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Killnor -- Paul [Killnor or Kilinor] had mail waiting at Simcoe on 5 Mar 1841

Killum -- [Lebius] [Killum or Kellum] wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1869]  
[Compiler's Comment: Norfolk researcher Robert Mutrie reported in a 19 Nov 2003 email: this was Lebeus Kellum]

Killy -- Miss Agnes S. Killy, 16, born 16 Jan 1885 in Ontario;
Miss Mable [sic] Killy, 14, born 3 May 1886 in Ontario;
Miss Gertitrude [sic] Killy, 13, born 5 Aug 1884 in Ontario, residing in the household of their father Robert I. Anger [1901 Census of Simcoe:1]

Kilmer -- Miss Rocksena Kilmer of Charlotteville married Joseph Birdsell of Charlotteville, 11 Dec 1881 at her sister's home [NR18811229p3] -- Miss Rocksena Killmer of Charlotteville married Joseph Birdsell of Charlotteville 21 Dec 1881 at her sister's home [BC18811228

Kilpatrick -- G. C. Kilpatrick -- see 1892 ad

Kilpatrick -- to wife of G. C. Kilpatrick:
-- a son, 2 Jun 1895 in Simcoe [NR18950606]
-- a son, 15 Jun 1897 in Simcoe [SR18980617] [WS18970701p5]
-- a daughter, 23 Dec 1899 at 170 Aberdeen Avenue in Hamilton [SR19000104]

Kilpatrick -- James Killpatrick's [sic] wife, Elizabeth, 59, died 1 Jun 1877 in Woodhouse [BC18770606p3]

Kilpatrick -- James Kilpatrick, 69, died 5 May 1896
his wife Elizabeth, 59, died 6 Jun 1877 [St. John's Cemetery stones]

Kilpatrick -- Mary Killpatrick [sic] died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883] -- Mary Kilpatrick, 80, died 15 Oct 1883 at home of Samuel North in Woodhouse [BC18831017] -- Mrs. Mary Kilpatrick, 8[2], died 16 Oct 1883 at home of Samuel North in Woodhouse [NR18831018] -- Mary, wife of late John Kilpatrick -- see photo of her cemetery stone

Kilsey -- to wife of Norman Kilsey of Toronto, a son 13 Sep 1885 in Port Royal [NR18850924]

Kilso -- also see Kelso

Kilso -- Jas. Kilso was an officer of 1887 Windham Council 

Kilty -- George McIntyre Kilty, 41, born 7 Aug `859 in Ontario, clergyman;
his wife Margaret, 39, born 21 Apr 1861 in Ontario;
his single son Joseph E., 11, born 13 Sep 1889 in Ontario;
his single son Clearence G., 7, born 8 Aug 1893 in Ontario;
his single son Harold R., 3, born 18 Aug 1897 in Ontario;
his single daughter Minnie E., 14, born 22 Aug 1886 in Ontario;
his single daughter Ruby Irene, 10, born 26 Feb 1891 in Ontario [1901 Census of Delhi]

Kilty -- Rev. G. M. Kilty died [BC19060606]

Kilty -- John Kilty died 1881 [Ontario Vital Stats 1881] -- John Kilty, 86, a native of Ireland, died 26 Jan 1881  in Woodhouse [BC18810202] [Compiler's Comment: notice has more]

Kilty -- John Kilty was an officer of 1887 Woodhouse Council

Kilty -- Margaret Kilty, 82, widow of Patrick Hare, died 24 May 1910 in Windham [SR19100526p7] [WS19100602p1]

Kiltz -- Clarence G. Kiltz has earned his interim high school assistant's teaching certificate [SR19150603p1]

Kim -- John Jacob Kim died [Ontario Vital Stats 1883]

Kimball -- Blanche Amory Kimball wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1876]

Kimball -- Celia Ann Kimball, 61 years 2 months, died 19 May 1890 in Waterford [BC18900528]

Kimball -- Elizabeth Kimball, 80, died 23 Jan 1912 at Boston [SR19120215p6]

Kimball -- Erie Olivia Kimball born [Ontario Vital Stats 1870]

Kimball -- Eire Kimball of Delhi married Thos. Beck of Windham, 12 Feb 1896 in Delhi [SR18960220]

Kimball -- Freeman Kimball died [Ontario Vital Stats 1875]

Kimball -- Harry Kimball was a carriage and waggon [sic] maker on Norfolk Street in Simcoe who advertised in the very first issue if the Norfolk Observer newspaper, 22 Oct 1840 
[NO18401022p1] -- Harry Kimball operated the Commercial Hotel in 1840 Simcoe [NO18401022p1] [NO18410220p4] -- see 1841 Licenses

Kimball -- J. F. Kimball of Waterford married Mrs. Elizabeth Kern of Waterford, 16 May 1894 [NR18940524]

Kimball -- J. F. Kimball was 1900 Waterford Councillor [WS19000104p1] 
-- see 20 Years Ago

Kimball -- J. F. Kimball's neice, Edith McDonnell of Waterford, married Herbert Slaght of Villa Nova, 29 Aug 1900 in Simcoe [WS19010110p5] [Compiler's Comment: marriage reported months after wedding date]

Kimball -- J. M. Kimball-- see 1891 Middleton Officers

Kimball -- J. M. Kimball, 72, died 18 Feb 1899 in Delhi [SR18990223p1] -- the will of James Milmine Kimball of Delhi was probated in 1899 [Norfolk Wills]

Kimball -- Mrs. James M. Kimball, 68 years 11 months, formerly of Delhi, died 14 Dec 1900 in St. Thomas [SR19001227]

Kimball -- James Kimball, 71 years 9 months, died 18 Feb 1899
his wife Sarah J. Eakins, 68 years 11 months, died 14 Dec 1900
[Delhi Cemetery stone]

Kimball -- John Freeman Kimball, 81, died 19 Jan 1911 in Townsend [SR19110202p7]

Kimball -- the will of Thomas Kimball of Houghton was probated in 1893 [Norfolk Wills]

Mason -- Emma Mason wed Ward Kimball, 30 Jun 1920 -- see Mason-Kimball

Kimball -- Mrs. Ward Kimball of Hyde Park was daughter of Walter E. Mason

Kimble -- Adelia Kimble of Woodhouse married Robert Johnson, 28 Nov 1847. 
Witnesses: Henry Brown; John Kimble [GJR-SR19010314]

Kimble -- J. Kimble was a 1897 Waterford Councillor [SR18961231p1]

Kimble -- John F. K[i]mble married Ceclia Ann McDonald of Charlotteville, 26 Dec 1850. 
Witnesses: Jos. Oakes; Wm. Oakes [GJR-SR19010321]

Kimpton -- "H. Kimpton from near Tilsonburg will soon occupy the blacksmith shop recently vacated by Mr. Patient." [St. Williams BC18890213]

Kinaly -- Mr. Kinaly had mail waiting at Simcoe in Dec 1840

Kincade -- Miss Ida Kincade of Walsingham Centre married Charles Monson Hazon of Walsingham Centre, 6 Aug 1902 [no place provided] [SR19020814]

Kincaid -- Miss Nellie Kincaid of South Walsingham married David J. Rohrer of North Walsingham 24 Aug 1898 at Lynedoch [SR18980908]

Kincaid -- Phebe Kincaid died [Ontario Vital Stats 1881]

Kinch -- William Kinch of the 13th Concession of Windham Township, found a stray steer and offered its return [NO18410102p3]

Kinch -- Mrs. Lewis Kinch of Cultus has her sister, Mrs. King of Detroit, visiting [SR19190807p2]

Kinchsular -- also see Kinchular, Kinschular

Kinchsular -- at home of her daughter, Mrs. C. F. Kinch[s]ular: Mary, 91, widow of Michael Pool, died 24 Jul 1912 in Woodhouse. Interred St. Mary's Cemetery, Simcoe [SR19120801p7]

Kinchsular -- to wife of Chas. Kinchular [sic] a daughter 18 Apr 1895 in Woodhouse [NR18950509]

Kinchsular -- Chas. Kinchular [sic]: 
-- was an officer of 1910 Woodhouse Council
-- was an officer of 1915 Woodhouse Council
-- was an officer of 1918 Woodhouse Council

Kinchsular -- Chas. Kinchsular:
-- was an officer of 1913 Woodhouse Council
-- was an officer of 1914 Woodhouse Council
-- see 1920 Woodhouse Officers

Kinchsular -- Charles E. Kinchsuler 1861-1940 | his wife Annie E. Poole 1869-1954
their son Charles Edward, 3 years 6 months, died 13 Jan 1905
[St. Mary's Cemetery stone]

Kinchsular -- to wife of James Kinchular [sic] a daughter 23 Jul 1889 in Windham [BC18890731]

Kinchsular -- John Kinchsular, farmer, Nixon 
Maggie Kinchsular, Lot 16, Concession 13, Windham [1919 Voters List

Kinchsular -- Kathleen Kinchsular passed 1910 Port Dover Entrance Exam

Kinchsular -- Mrs. M. Kinchular [sic] of Simcoe was sister of Miss A. Hughes 
[Brandy Creek SR19150304p7]

Kinchsular -- Margaret Kinchsular -- see 1919 S.S. 7 Windham Promotions

Kinchsular -- Martin Kinchsular of Woodhouse donated to Belgium Relief at Simcoe [SR19141210p7]

Kinchsular -- Martin Kinchsular, farmer, RR5 Simcoe 
Mary J. Kinchsular, Lot 9, Concession 6, Woodhouse [1919 Voters List]

Kinchsular -- Martin Kinchsular, born 18 Aug 1822, died 9 Mar 1900
his wife Mary, born 12 Mar 1824, died 9 [May] 1906 [St. Mary's Cemetery stone] 

Kinchsular -- Mary, 80, widow of Martin Kinchsular, died 9 Nov 1906 in Windham [SR19061116] [also see Mary Kinchular in BC19061114]

Kinchsular -- Miss Mary E. Kinchsular of Woodhouse married John R. Smith of Windham, 22 Jan 1889 in Simcoe [BC18890227]

Kinchsular -- Redmond Kinchsular (739693) of Port Dover, 22, single Roman Catholic teacher, born 4 Sep 1893 in Nanticoke Ont., son of Charles Kinchsular of Port Dover. Enlisted 19 Feb 1916
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.  
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.  

Kinchsular -- Pte. R. Kinschular's [sic] 5 Nov 1918 letter home to his sister, Mamie [SR19181205p11]

Kinchsular -- R. Kinschular, teacher -- see 1920 S.S. 1 & 2 Townsend Entrance

Kinchsular -- Tom Kinchsular -- see 1920 S.S. 6 Windham promotions

Kinchular -- also see Kinchsular, Kinschuler

Kinchsular -- [unnamed], 5 months, the infant son of Patrick Kinschular [sic], died 14 Feb 1903 in Woodhouse [SR19030226]

Kinde -- Mary Barbara Kinde wed George Harry Smith [Ontario Vital Stats 1877]

Kinder --Rev. B. A. Kinder of Gorrie married Mildred Allena, daughter of John Baker of Woodhouse, 31 Aug 1911 in Woodhouse [SR19110907p7]

Kinder -- to wife of Rev. Allan Kinder, M.A. of Leamington, a daughter, 14 Sep 1913 in Woodhouse [SR19130925p7]

Kinder -- Mrs. James Kinder and son Verne of Port Dover spent Christmas with her sister, Mrs. J. W. Young [SR19160106p4]

Kindre -- J. Kindre and W. P. Pettit, Lot 4, Concession 14, Windham [1857 Sketch
[Compiler's Comment: 1856 Map lists J. Kindre; 1857 Sketch lists Wm. Kindre]

Kindree -- Miss [Cara] Kindree married John Parker of Buffalo 17 Apr 1906 at her parents' home in Port Dover [SR19060427] [also see Clara Kindress in BC19060425]

Kindree -- Miss Daisy A. Kindree, youngest daughter of James Kindree of Port Dover, married Edmond R. Waddle of Port Dover, 3 May 1910 at her parents' home [SR19100512p12] [BC19100511]

Kindree -- Donald Kindree attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Kindree -- Flora Gertrude Kindree, 2[8] years 1[3] days, died 25 Oct 1908 in Buffalo. Interred: Port Dover cemetery [SR19081105] -- Flora Gertrude Kindree, 28 years 13 days, daughter of James Kindree and Martha Hoover, died 25 Oct 1908 [Port Dover Cemetery stone]

Kindree -- Harvey Kindree -- see pupils of F. H. Stringer

Kindree -- Harvey Wilfred Kindree (435107), 25, single married Presbyterian farmer, born 3 Aug 1889 at Jarvis Ont., next-of-kin: James Kindree of Port Dover wife: Mary Kindree of Notting Hill London W. Enlisted 15 Apr 1915
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 1.  
-- see a scan of his Attestation Paper side 2.  

Kindree -- Private H. W. Kindree of Port Dover is reported wounded [SR19181017p1] -- Corporal Harvey Kindree was wounded 28 Sep 1918, gunshot wounds in left thigh and knee [SR19181017p5]

Kindree -- Hattie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Kindree of Decewsville, married Jas. Harold Dockstader of Jarvis, 1 Jan 1901 at home of bride's parents. Miss Clara Sanderson of Delhi and Mr. Stacey Kindree attended. ["Wedding Bells" SR19010110]

Kindree -- Jas. Kindree, 47, born 14 Nov 1853 in Ontario, gen'l. laborer
his wife Martha, 44, born 23 Jan 1857 in Ontario
his single daughter Clara B., 19, born 22 Feb 1882 in Ontario
his single son Emerson A., 17, born 27 Aug 1883 in Ontario
his single daughter Flora G., 15, born 12 Oct 1885 in Ontario
his single daughter Daisy A., 14, born 30 Dec 1886 in Ontario
his single son Wilfred H., 11, born 3 Aug 1889 in Ontario
his single son Percy L., 10, born 1 Jan 1891 in Ontario [1901 Census of Port Dover:1]

Kindree -- James Kindree, 61, died Fri [28] May 1915 in Port Dover [SR19150603p7]

Kindree -- Mrs. James Kindree of Port Dover is mother of Private Harvey Wilfred Kindree, a farmer born at Jarvis, enlisted at Calgary, and is now recovering in France [SR19170315p6] 

Kindree -- Mrs. James Kindree of Port Dover was a daughter of Philip Hoover

Kindree -- James Kindree, 62, died 28 May 1913
his wife Martha Hoover 1857-1948
their daughter Flora Gertrude, 28 years 13 days, died 25 Oct 1908
C. Verne Kindree, 60, Gunner R.C.A., died 2 Jan 1962 [Port Dover Cemetery stones]

Kindree -- John E. Kindree of Springvale in Haldimand County, married Miss Florence J. Tyler of Springvale in Haldimand County, 24 Jun 1903 in Villa Nova [SR19030710]

Kindree -- to wife of John E. Kindree a daughter 24 Jan 1907 at Villa Nova [SR19070201]

Kindree -- Judson Kindree of Erie married Miss Marce Easton of Erie 17 Nov 1910 in Jarvis [BC19101130] [SR19101201p7]

Kindree -- Margaret Forbes, 74, widow of Asa Kindree, mother of Mrs. Geo. O. Werrett of Simcoe, died 24 Feb 1899 in Walpole [SR18990302]

Kindree -- Margaret Kindree attended Simcoe High -- see 1929 Monocle

Kindree -- Mrs. Nellie M. Kindree of Fairbault, Minn. was daughter of Charles W. Sanderson 
-- see C. W. Sanderson's obituary  
-- see Sanderson's Heirs

Kindree -- Percy Kindress, fisherman, St. Andrews, Port Dover  
Jane Kindree, St. Andrews, Port Dover  
M. Kindress, St. Andrews, Port Dover [1919 Voters' List]

Kindree -- William Kindree wed [Ontario Vital Stats 1882] -- William Kindree of Walpole married Lavina Hotson of Walpole 15 Aug 1882 [NR18820824p2] [BC18820823]

Kindy -- Kindy the Furrier, above Carter Bros.' shoe store, Norfolk St., Simcoe 
[ad SR19100106p3]

Kindy -- Eli L. Kindy of Rainham Township married Miss Jennie Dick of Simcoe, 1 Sep 1909 in Simcoe [SR19090902p7]

Kindy -- Hugh Kindy: 
-- see 1918 Simcoe Public School students
-- see 1919 Simcoe elementary students
-- was a 1920 Simcoe Senior Third student [SR19200708p3]

Kindy -- W. Kindy:
-- donated to Belgium Relief [SR19141210p1]
-- donated to Ag. Society in 1916.

Kindy -- to wife of W. E. Kindy a son 6 Sep 1907 in Simcoe [SR19070913]

Kindy -- Mrs. Willis Kindy's niece: Miss Vera Francis [sic] Hoover, daughter of Saunders Hoover of Dunnville, married Clarence Waterburg of [Ve...gin]. Sask., Wed 9 Feb 1916 at the Willis home, 246 West Street, Simcoe. Bride's brother Malchus Hoover and groom's sister Miss Nellie Waterbury attended [Waterbury-Hoover, SR19160210p5]

Kindy -- Willis Kindy, furrier, 248 West Street, Simcoe 
Alice Kindy, 248 West Street, Simcoe [1919 Voters List]

Kindy -- Mr. and Mrs. Willis Kindy were in Selkirk this week attending the funeral of his father, who suffered a stroke of paralysis on Saturday from which he failed to rally [SR19201111p9]

Kindy -- Willis Kindy -- see Photos & Bios

Kindy -- W. Kindy furs -- see 1929 Monocle ad

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